Task 1 Column B

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Task 1 Column B

Religion affected the lives of the rabbits a lot throughout their journey. Whenever the rabbits needed something to happen or needed a miracle, they relied on Frith or El-ahrairah, and that miracle or needing of something came true.

There are many examples of when the rabbits needed their faith to guide them through rough times. For example, at first when the rabbits left their home warren, they needed El-ahrairah and Frith’s help to guide them to a safe place free of man and other harmful creatures. Another example was when the rabbits encountered Cowslip for the first time. They had a choice put before them, to go to Cowslip’s warren or to stay put. They used their faith and decided to go to Cowslip’s warren.

Religion had an extraordinary impact on the rabbits’ lives and they depended on it to help them with the choices they had to make.


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