Task-Based Activity: Write a personal letter

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Task-Based Activity: Write a personal letter

Laubach Connection:Laubach Way to Reading (LWR) Book 4, Lesson 2


Relevant Goal Paths


Rationale: Learners on the Independence Path may want to write personal letters for a variety of different reasons.

Task-Based Activity Description: The learner will read a brief text (a personal letter) and write a response to the letter.

Competency, Task Group and Level Indicators

(See Assessment page for performance descriptors)

A: Find and Use Information

A1: Read continuous text

  • A1.2: Read texts to locate and connect ideas and information

B: Communicate Ideas and Information

B2: Write continuous text

Materials Required

  • Pen or pencil and eraser

  • Question sheets

  • More Stories 4


Activity Introduction

In this task the learner will write a personal letter.

In lesson two, a family reunion is described. The corresponding story found in More Stories 4 is from one of the reunion participants. Describe with the learner if they have ever written a personal letter before. Discuss the importance of understanding how to write a letter.
New words

Determine any new words that you think are being introduced in the activity and review those words with the learner.


Have the learner fill in their name and the date. Have the learner complete the pre self-assessment. Have the learner read the story and compose the letter. When they have completed the activity, have the learner complete the post self-assessment.After the learner has completed the task-based activity,complete the assessment section and review the results with the learner.

Extension activities

Task-Based Activity: Write a personal letter

Learner Name: _____________________________ Date: ____________________________
Pre self-assessment
I need to improve my skills at reading and writing letters:

  • Yes

  • No


  1. Read the letter “Hugh Writes to his Sister” found on p.12 in “More Stories 4”. On a separate sheet of paper, write a 3-5 paragraph personal letter back to Hugh from Ann.

Post self-assessment
I think my skills have improved as a result of completing this activity.

  • Yes

  • No

Learner comments:





Task-Based Activity: Write a personal letter

Learner Name: _____________________________ Date: ____________________________

Practitioner Name: _______________________________________

Performance Descriptors

Needs Work



A1.2: Read texts to locate and connect ideas and information

  • scans text to locate information

  • locates multiple pieces of information in simple texts

  • makes low-level inferences

  • makes connections between sentences and between paragraphs in a single text

  • follows the main events of descriptive, narrative and informational texts

  • obtains information from detailed reading

  • begins to identify sources and evaluate information

B2.2: Write texts to explain and describe information and ideas

  • writes texts to explain and describe

  • conveys intended meaning on familiar topics for a limited range of purposes and audiences

  • begins to sequence writing with some attention to organizing principles (e.g. time, importance)

  • connects ideas using paragraph structure

  • uses limited range of vocabulary and punctuation appropriate to the task

  • begins to select words and tone appropriate to the task
  • begins to organize writing to communicate effectively

The learner needs to work on the following:

This task was successfully completed ______ This task needs to be tried again ______

Practitioner Comments:

Learner Comments:

Laubach Literacy Ontario 2014 Task-Based Activities for LWR Book #4

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