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ECO 155: Extra Credit Lesson:
Lesson Title: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You Any Goods ?

Grade level: Kindergarten, 1, 2

Teacher: Ms. Nancy Gose

School: Disney Elementary

Presenters: Tippie Tonyan

Description: Sheep in a shop is a story run into a series of calamities at the shop when they discover that they lack sufficient funds to buy their items. Students will relate to their consternation. The story provides an excellent introduction to goods and services.
Time Limit: (45 minutes)
Origin of Lesson: This lesson is based on one of the Ask Eric lesson plans. www.askeric.org
Key Concepts:

1.Identity examples of goods and services

2. The use of money as a medium of exchange

3.Production, Distribution, and consumption


The book, Sheep in a Shop, by Nancy Shaw , ISBN 0-395-53681-2 Copyright 1991,

Blank pages headed by the word SERVICES,

Blank pages headed by the word GOODS,

Magazine clippings of pictures indicating various goods and services that we buy,

Glue or paste for each student


  • I will read the book Sheep in a Shop,
  • The class will then discuss what the story was about and the problem the sheep had, and their scheme for earning money.

  • We will define the concepts of goods and services.

  • We will then discuss whether or not the sheep purchased a good or a service; what services they could have bought, and why people purchase goods and services.

  • To reinforce the concepts, the students will work in pairs to make a collage of goods and services. Each pair of students will be given a Services page, and a Goods page. They will also be provided with clippings of goods and services from magazines, and newspapers.

  • One will paste examples of goods on the Goods page, and the other will paste services on the Services page. After they are finished each pair will be asked to share their pages with the class.

  • This last activity will recap what they learned.

Edited by Dr. Hoftyzer

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