Team Managers Manual

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Team Managers Manual

The Sport NGIN website is a content management system, designed to help managers communicate and share information with their team. As a manager, you can decide what and how much information you want to share with your team. The tools have been built into the system and the TST Support team is here to assist you.

7 Topics

  • Adding Content

  • Adding Articles and Events

  • Creating and Managing your Roster

  • Managing Team Statistics

  • Managing Seasons

  • Granting Permissions to others

  • Sending Messages to your team

Adding Content Team Home Page has been set up by your organization’s webmaster. It's now your opportunity to add content. Clicking on ‘Add Page Element’ can access all the page builder elements in the center content panel. Add text, photos, galleries, tables, and more. You'll notice that when you click into each page element there is a brief description about the element and it's functionality. However, if you have any questions, please come back to the knowledgebase or contact our support team ( for additional help. Once you have added content, you can drag and drop the elements to rearrange the layout. If your site has the Fluid Layout Design option available, you can use the "Layout Containers" to create columns to vary the layout of your page elements.

Adding Articles and Events

News articles are a great way to enhance your webpage and highlight "time sensitive" information. When you add an article for your team, it is displayed in an "aggregator", always displaying the newest story first. Add news articles about a big win, an upcoming team party, or important parent meeting. To create a new article, click on Add Article on the yellow bar above Recent Team news. If you include a photo with your article, consider adding a News Slideshow Page Element to your page to enhance the presentation. The optimal aspect ratio for the News Slideshow Element is 600 x 370.

As a manager you can add two types of events: Non-Games and Games. Please note that the calendar and game schedule will NOT recognize duplicate events. If your organization has a scheduler that uses our Schedule Upload tool, please check to see if they have loaded any of your events.

Practices, Fundraisers, Team Parties, Meetings, etc. can be added directly into your team calendar and displayed within the "event aggregator" on your webpage. Simply click on "Add Event" and insert all the important details, including date, time, and location.

All aggregators are set to default into a FIVE day view. You can always "edit" the actual aggregator to display information in a list view. This is a great way to display location and notes about each event within the calendar.


All games should be added through your team Game Schedule; the games will be displayed within this game schedule page, along with your master team calendar. To add a game, simply click on Add Game, found within the schedule page.

When adding a game, you can enter in all game details including: Opponent, Home/Away, location, location URL, game time, status and referees. All socres and stats will be updated through this same section (see Managing Team Stats below).

Creating and Managing your Roster

You can add players to your Roster using 2 methods:

  1. Add player from member directory

  2. Add brand new player from "scratch"

You will only be able to use method 1 if you have required your parents to create accounts on the website. If you are creating a player from "scratch" you will need to enter their name, jersey number and position. Please note that you can also enter in a parent email address; which you will be able to utilize for future team messaging.

Please note that every time you add a player, a player profile page is created.You will be able to add content, picture, etc. to these pages as well.

Team Logos

Team logos can be added by someone with Page Owner permissions for their specific team page ONLY IF YOUR TEAM IS NOT BELOW A LEAGUE.  If you see a Standings tab to the right of the Statistics button on your team page, then you are using the league management package which requires Logos to be added by the League Administrator only.  Please contact your league administrator to upload the logo for your team (you will receive an 'invalid access' error if this applies).

If your team page is not within a league and you do not see a Standings button on your team page, then you will be able to add a logo with Page Owner permissions by clicking the Options tab, edit page details, and then click the Sport Management Section link.  Once in Sport Management, click Edit Team and here you can upload or change a logo.

Managing your Team Statistics

Every team manager is in charge of setting their team and player statistics for the season. Once statistics preferences are set, you'll be able to enter and manage stats as you update your game schedule.

Note: Under this Seasons tab, you will also have the option to Disable the display of your team's Roster, Game Schedule and Statistics if you prefer not to use these features.


Once you have selected your stats, go back into the Game Schedule and begin updating your game. Click on the status to enter into the game page and then update Team Stats and Game Details.

If you have elected to track individual player stats, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of game page and edit player stats. These are an intuitive way to organize and archive content, permissions, stats, game results. Please note that these player’s stats will automatically update the profile pages within the Roster.

Once you have marked a game complete and updated all of the game statistics, your totals will be calculated and posted into the Statistics section within your team page.

Managing Seasons

When your webmaster hands over permission to your team page, they have created the initial Regular Season for your team. As a manager, you have the ability to add additional Sub Seasons for your team (pre-season, tournaments, playoffs). You can add Sub Seasons within the Season Tab, found on the Team Home page.

Granting Permission to Others

As a team manager, you can now hand out editing or private view access to players or coaches. If you create a private "Contacts" page with your team calling tree, you can grant viewing permission to the parents and players without anyone else knowing the page exists. You can also create an additional public page or simply grant editing permission to your team page. This will allow the user to help manage your team page content. You can grant permission to others within the Permissions Tab found on the team home page.

Sending Messages to your Team

When you initially created your Roster, you may have added in the parent email addresses OR pulled players directly from the member directory; this process automatically created a Roster Group within your team page. Roster players that are successfully attached to a valid NGIN account will receive messages you send.  You can message your entire roster or select individuals to send direct messages through, by clicking the Groups tab while in edit mode on your team page, and then click the Messages tab.  You will then see a 'Send Message to Group' link as shown below:

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