Telling my 4-h story

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(A reflection on your 4-H year)

The goal of the 4-H Story is to reflect on your 4-H experience this year and to identify ways in which it has affected your life.
Write a story that explains what you gained this past year in 4-H. Use specific examples that are unique to you whenever possible. Feel free to relate what you learned in 4-H to school, family, or other activities in your life. Use extra pages if needed. You should include things like:

  • Life skills you learned from 4-H this year

  • How you will use what you have learned in 4-H this year


: files -> 2010
2010 -> Conflict Start with a situation: a person walking along the sidewalk finds a roll of film. Or start with a character
2010 -> Formal Essay Two: Reading a Great Book; Seeing a Strong Play: George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Jon Tracy’s The Farm Students are asked to write an essay explaining their experiences with reading the novel, as well as seeing the adaptation-play The
2010 -> Program Notes Henry Purcell – Fairest Isle, from King Arthur
2010 -> Part One Dreams In Absentia (but) ‘All the yard-arms were tipped with a pallid fire; and touched at each tri-pointed lightning-rod-end with three tapering white flames, each of the three tall masts was silently burning in that sulphurous
2010 -> 'Theater of War' Seeks to Heal Soldiers: Ancient Greek warrior plays promote frank discussion of post-traumatic stress
2010 -> Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers
2010 -> Prerequisite: Grade 11 Music, Teacher: Mr. G. Smink
2010 -> Setting: Time Place

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