Тематичен работен план английски език за учебната година клас


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за учебната …………………. година
....... клас

Преподавател: име и фамилия

I срок – 18 седмици x 13 часа = 234 часа

II срок – 18 седмици x 13 часа = 234 часа

Учебник: ENGLISH IN MIND 1-2


Директор: ...........................

/ име и фамилия /













1st week

Talking about summer emotions.
Revision:( Yellow pages from English in mind 1 )Nice to meet you, verb BE, Personal information,numbers,titles,

Times and dates, Colours,rooms and furniture,plurals, there is/there are

To revise the basic knowledge of the new students

Talking and writing exarcises

Verb BE, a/an/the articles,
there is/there are,, plurals


2dn week

In town-shops & business,family & friends,activities, shopping for clothes,money & prices

To revise and check the basic knowledge of the new students

Writing, talking

Possessive's, HAVE/HAS GOT, verb HAVE,can/can't for ability and permission,demonstrative pronouns














1st week

Unit 1 -Things we like doing.
An unusual hobby.
Different - so what? - dialogue.

Skills to use Present Simple talking about hobbies and interests.
Using Everyday English

Reading,listening, writing,speaking

Present simple(positive&negative)
like+ -ing

For your portfolio:
Write a letter in
reply with some personal information

2nd week

Unit 2 - School life: At home-at school
Culture in mind - A school in Britain

Quickly reading and understanding. To introduce the vocabulary of school subjects &adverbs of frequency

Reading,listening&answering questions,completing a schooltimetable,speaking

Present simple(questions&short answers), object pronouns

Write a description
of your usual
school day

3rd week

Unit 3 - A helping hand: Hard work and no money
Where's Amy going?- a dialogue.Test

To improve the vocabulary on housework, use of Everyday English expressions, to practice writing emails

Listening activities-true/false statements,writing,speaking - work in group

Present continuous for activities happening now,Pr.simple vs.Pr.continuous

Write an email to a
friend about sth happening now

4th week

Unit 4 - A healthy life: Getting fat or keeping fit, What is British food?
Eating out. Test - Module check 1

Skills to talk about food and drinks,about healthy life,eating habits

Health Quiz, speaking, listening, partner work on some questions with noting down her/his answers

Countable and uncountable nouns,

Write a paragraph
about your partner













1st week

Unit 5 - My hero!: The woman who lived in a tree, Who's your hero?- photo story Project work, presentations

Skills to use phrasal verbs

Reading and Listening.

Past simple: the verb BE & regular verbs

Write a paragraph
about your hero

2nd week

Unit 6 - Good friends:The start of a great friendship
Using mobile phones. Test

Skills to to talk about past activities,using past time expressions

To improve the vocabulary of sports

Pair work on written and
listening exercises,
Reading for details.
Translating a text

Past simple:regular&irregular

Write an email about
a weekend or a day
you enjoyed

3rd week

Unit 7 - The secrets of success: Why are they so successful?
The 1900 House, It's my dream - photo
story, Test

Skills to discuss own ideas with a partner, to talk about jobs, to use teenagers' slang expressions

Listening,writing and speaking exercises on Jobs,

have to / don't have to

Write about the job of a friend or family member

4th week

Unit 8 - New ideas: 4Tune new music
The song What Makes You Think They're Happy?
Dreaming up new ideas - reading
Pop idols, Test - Module check 2

Review of some/any,the vocabulary of sleeping and walking,
To find information in a text after quickly reading

Work with a partner:comparing pictures,
true/false statements

some&any, possessive pronouns

In class:write a paragraph about
what you'saw' while listening the recording













1st week

Unit 9 - The languages we speak: More than one language,
Advice for language learners
I have to bounce!-photo story. Test

Skills to work with a partner
Improve the Everyday English with words for good

Listening for details, speaking, written exercises

Comparative adjectives,
Superlative adjectives


2nd week

Unit 10 - We're going on holiday
Welcome to Ireland - the perfect place for a holiday
Adventure holiday in paradise. Test

Skill to plan a holiday, looking at a web page - use of future time expressions

Listening,reading, exercises
on holiday activities

Present continuous for future

Write an article for
your school magazin about your arrangements for a school trip

3rd week

Unit 11 - What will happen?
Space Oddity - a song by David Bowie

How embarrassing! - a photo story.Test

Christmas cards.How people all over the world celebrate Christmas.

Skills to talk about the future.
Skills to use Everyday English expressions
Intercultural understanding

Listening, speaking,singing
a song

will / won't

Materials from
'The Book of Days'
Write a Chr.card













1st week

Unit 12 - Never give up! - We can't give up! New Americans.
Grammar exercises - preparation for the Final test 1
Final test 1 for the First term - on module 3

Skills to talk about the weather

Reading and listening,
arranging sentences

too + adjective
be going to: intentions, predictions
modal verbs: must / mustn't


2nd week

Unit 13 - Good intentions - New Year's resolutions

Unit 14 - You shouldn't do that! - a quiz:What do you know about other cultures?
Tips for the tourist in Britain. Test

Improve the use of phrasal verbs
Skills to fill a quiz, to use modal verbs should / shouldn't and Personality adjectives

Make a quiz, reading with matching paragraphs to pictures

Modal verbs: should / shouldn't,
What's it like?

Write a letter to a

3rd week

Unit 15 - How brave! - Face to face with
a gorilla
Dave's risk - a photo story. Test

To improve the ability to use
adjectives of feeling,skills to use
First conditional

Grammar and vocabulary
exercises: written, listening,

First conditional,
when and if

Write about a book
or film -in a dange-
rous situation













1st week

It's a mad world: Have you ever seen
anything like it?

John Evans, the Headbalancer

Elvis lives. Module check 4

Improving the students' vocabulary.
Skills to discuss on given questions

Speaking exercises,
reading for details

Present perfect + ever/never

Write an email:I'm having a fantastic
time here...

2nd week

Unit 1 - Explorers: At the bottom of the sea
The Oregon trail
Here's my phone number. Test

To build the ability to guess meaning from context and to fill in forms

Reading and listening, writing

Present simple & present continuous review, Past simple regular & irregular verbs

Filling in forms


Unit 2 - That's an idea!
Young girl gets prize
Culture in mind - Jeans. Test

To improve the use
of the verb GET in 3 dif.meanings

Written grammar exercises.
Matching words with pictures

Past continuous vs. past simple


4th week

Unit 3 - She jumped well

Tara's Last Minute Win

Was she pritty?- a dialogue. Test

To use antonyms and intensifiers with comperative adjectives,
to speak about sports

Listening and writing

Comperative and superlative adjectives
Adverbs,comperative adverbs

Write a report
about a sport event













1st week

Unit 4 - Our world: Our fragile planet

Vocabulary development: Global problems and environment

Reading, listening, writing


Additional exercises on the topic - vocabulary

2nd week

Energy around the world: renewable & non-renewable energy

Test on module 1

Skills to talk and write about the environment

Reading comprehension

will/won't/might/may(not) for prediction,first conditional review,

Write:'A better town
for teenagers'

3rd week

Unit 5 - Canada and the USA
A poem - Whale song
A dialogue - You said 6.30,didn't you?.

Differences between British&North American English

Pronounciation - intonation in question tags

Question tags,
resent perfect simple, already&yet,

Write an email from a big city

4th week

Unit 6 - Growing up: From teenager
to adult,
Call yourself an adult?- a quiz
Coming of Age in Japan. Test

Skills to describe person's age, to use the Passive voice

Reading and discussing,

Present simple passive
let / be allowed to

Write a magazine article about how
you celebrate a
special day

5th week

Unit 7 - Have a laugh! - Interview with a Clown Doctor
Are you fun to be with?-questionnaire
A song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Who's going to sing?-a dialogue. Test

Skills to work with a partner on a
To improve the Everyday English

Writing and speaking-pair work
Listening, singing

Present perfect simple

Write a replay email to Brad













1st week

Unit 8 - A great film! : It was really
Culture in mind - dreams of being a film star. Module check 2

Improving the Everyday English
To talk about films, to write a review of a film

Listening and reading
Talking - pair work

Verbs + -ing/ verbs + infinitive

Write a short review
of a film

2nd week

Unit 9 - Disaster!
Tsunami - the giant wave
Let's talk about it later - dialogue.Test

Skills to give extra information after
listening, to work with a partner on

Reading, listening and writing
Matching words with photos
Pronunciation: 'Silent'letters

Past simple passive
a, an, the

Write a newspaper
story about the
forest fire

3rd week

Unit 10 - A place to stay
Life 'Down under'. Test

To improve the vocabulary on homes

Reading, listening&speaking
about Australia an China

too much/many + not enough
will vs. be going to

Write an email-what
you're going to do
on holiday













1st week

Unit 11 - Your mind: How to improve your memory
An interview with a psychologist
The winners are… Test

Skills to use determiners.To enrich the vocabulary:

Reading and Listening
Listening to an interview
Speaking about your strongest intelligence

Determiners(everyone,no one etc.)
must/mustn't vs. don't have to

Write your answer
to the competition

2nd week

Unit 12 - Music makers: A Young Winner

Pop music in Britain and the USA

Module check 3

To improve the vocabulary on music

Reading and Listening,

Present perfect continuous

Write a letter about
your favourite tipe
of music

3rd week

Unit 13 - Doctor's orders: Medicine in the past - treating headaches
I used to like Joanne-dialogue. Test

New knowledgs about the medicine

Work in pairs: speaking,
Listening for details

Defining relative clauses
used to


4th week

Unit 14 - If I had…: Computers - good for learning,or just for fun?
The Goose Head guide to life
Just how great are computers. Test

Skills to read and speak about information technology&computers

Listening, writing,reading
Discussion about computers

Second conditional

Write an entry to a
competition - computers













1st week

Unit 15 - Lost worlds: The discovery of
Machu Picchu
The army of Xi'an
I don't think so - dialogue

Skills to make a story from pictures

Reading,listening and telling
a story

Past perfect

Write a short story

2nd week

Unit 16 - Good or bad luck?: A lucky break for the shoeshine boy
Final test 2
for the Second term

Accent on noun suffixes, -ation&-ment

Exercises on reporting statements&questions

Reported statements
Reported questions


3rd week

Unit 16 - Where do Superstitions come
Preparation for the External examination on additional tests

To improve the students'grammar
Skills to apologise

Reading and listening,

Third conditional

Write a letter
to apologise

4th week

Homework: Readers

To build skills for long-life learning





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