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Hello friends, This is Divya from GANDHI INSTITUTE FOR TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT.infy had come to our college on 17th march 2008.around 500 students satisfied the eligibility criteria.

the written round had:
:40 minutes..friends this paper was very easy..the puzzles were damn easy.. there were 2 puzzles with 10 questions..one on seating arrangement and one on languages spoken by people.five non verbal reasoning questions..very easy..the data interpreatation was a bit tough..and syllogisms were a cakewalk.the data sufficiency questions were easy.

2.verbal ability:
35 minutes..friends this paper was actually tough..though iam from an english medium school...the sentences were very lenghty and it takes lot of time to read them and then interpret them.it is always recommended to attempt as many questions as u can..thats the written
test. the results were declared after about 3 hours and only 42 students were selected from 500 students..i thanked god and then got ready for the interview there was hardly any time between the announcement of results and the interview.

Interview experience:
me: may i come in sir
he: sure please come in and have your seat.he gave me my written test answer sheet and asked me to put a signature on the marks.
he: tell me what do u like to do the most?
me: blah blah.
he: what does father do?
me: blah blah.. the person must have been a finance person becuse he then took the interview to a debate between finance and engineering..he asked me why engg?why not banking?(my dad is in a bank) i told...he said outrightly iam not convinced!!

me: yes sir i will convince u...n then again blah blah...

he: ok again tell me what do u like most...
me: sir i like being a team leader...
he: Divya..dont tell me those answers which u saw in the net...tell me answers which come
from the core of ur heart..
me: yes sir iam ateam palyer..i was teh school captain..head girl..blah blah and i explainend my achievements during my captaincy..
he: good
he: how do u handle conflict??
he: tell me something intersting..
me: blah blah..
he: thank u Divya..it was nice talking to u
me: thanq sir have a nice day. so friends that was my experience...i thank freshersworld for everything..and most important.. dont forget to pray a lot..friends it really works..only hard work is not sufficient..luck also plays a lot of role.. the results came after a few hours at around 8.30 pm..and 30 ppl got selscted from our coll.. there was shouting everywhere and ppl were shouting all over the place!!! went home very happily and thanked god for his grace!!

see u at infosys friends

good luck.

Test Paper :10

Paper Type : General - Interview

Test Date : 17 March 2008

Test Location : EAST,Bhubaneswar.

Posted By : Ansuman Das


Hi I am Ansuman Das from Eastern Academy Of Science And Technology in IT 3rd year . Infosys came to our college on 17th of March 2008 and it was a pooled drive .............. We had our written and the result was published by 2hrs from the time of complition of written test. Out of 280 odd from 3 colleges only 38 of us could clear,and out of which 21 were from my college. Immidietely our interview started, there were 4 hr conducting PI simultaneously. when my turn came it was 6:00 pm and before that I was made to sit alone for 1/2 hour so be mentally prepare for that to. one of the person came and ask me to go inside.I was tnsed at that movement because It was my 1st interview...... but I managed to get out of it and went in , I opened the door and ask for the permission.......

ME: May I come in sir.

HR: Yes.
ME: GoodEvening Sir.
HR: Good evening.
HR: Have a sit.
ME: Thanku sir.
HR: So u r Ansuman.
ME:Yes Sir.
HR: Ur XIIth was CBSE,ICSE or state board.??
HR: Give me ur CV.
HR: "How Computers Have Boomed The Indian Economy",speak on it for 2 min.
ME: Done.
HR: Tell me abt ur family background.
ME: Replied.
HR: ok Here is a puzzle solve it.
ME: Done.
HR: Take the second one.

before I could complete he snatched the paper from me. In puzzle they look only 4 theattitude or how handle the situationnot 4 the solution.

HR: OK here is the situation read it loudly .
ME: answered
HR: good
HR: Ok here is the 2nd one..........
ME: answered.
HR: What r ur areas of interest instead of passing time with friendz.
ME: music and reading newspaper.
HR: Ok then tell me a news that have touched ur heart.

Be confident enough with whatever u say.Never say condradictory sentences.

ME :replied.
HR: Why software......?????

as Iam from IT branch I didnt accept this question,as this type of question was asked in PI to student other than CS and IT.but somehow I handled it .

HR: Dou have any problem in rellocation anywhere.????
ME: NO Sir.
HR: Ok ask question(s) if u have any.
ME :I asked 2 questions....

Ask questions that shows ur interest in the company.don't let this oppurtunity go out of ur hand and mind it don't asksilly questions . the replied that he gave me by that i could infer that he satisfied by my performance.

HR: ok Ansuman u can wait outside.

ME :thanku SIR with a smile.

Final list was declared after 1 hr that is around 7 in the eve.that very day. In which 34 out of 38 got selected and I was one of them....... Previously I sat foronemore companythat was a pooled drive to.....but couldn't clear written.

I woe this to my parents and god 4 their blessings. Hope this can haelp u in some way.



Test Paper :11

Paper Type : General - Interview

Test Date : 18 March 2008

Test Location : OEC, Bhubaneswar

Posted By : Abhishek


Hi to all Freshersworld readers, I am Abhishek from Orissa Engineering College. I would like to thank to freshersworld first as for giving us opportunities to write our experience in our campus selection. I hope I am the first person as a freshersworld columnist who is sharing his failure experience in the campus selection. But failure is the panacea of affluence

Infosys Technology has come to our college campus on 18th March 2008. We have reached college by 9.00 AM as the events were going to be held as:
Preplacement Talk: In this event two Infocisions (Mr. Sudhansu n Mss. XYZ) have presented their topics and all about Infosys Technology. The main prospect of this company was it is the first company that has been registered in NASDAQ (American stock Market).

Written Test: After that we have said to fill up the forms provided by Infosys before taking the Written test. Be sure that you have to be very specific and particular in these circumstances. After that we have taken the test. It was my first campus selection. So I was very perturbed and flummoxed. I was feeling the desiccate of time during the test and was feeling very gawky due to being very thirsty. The test was comprised of two sections:

1. Analytical: In this section questions like Cube and Dice (5 questions), Data Sufficiency (5 questions), Data Interpretation (5questions), Figure Series (5 questions), Syllogism (10 questions I think)
2. English: Questions from Two big passages, Theme detection, Fill the appropriate words, Tense checking were asked. It was very easy to solve rather than the Analytical section
Anyway the consternation of our test mammoth has completed by 12.15 PM. I was feeling very suffocated and hopeless, as I have done very miserable in that exam. I have completely left my speculation to go for the interview.

Interview: The list of selected 42 candidates out of 285 was being called in a row according to their performance in the written exam. Very surprisingly, I was obtained a position of 7th/8th in the list. Unfortunately I have not kept ready my files..even if I have not tied the knot of the tie on my neck bcoz I was desperately thinking not to be selected in the written exam.. I have answered around 50-60 questions properly. Friends don’t think yourself very menial and flunky in written exam bcoz it is purely contingent on the performance of other candidates. And one thing you must jot assiduously that you should be very particular in your dress, your files and other appurtenances.

Anyway, I was preparing for the interview by the time they have abruptly called me for the interview. I have given only 2 minutes to prepare my mindset to give that interview as after declaration of result they have suddenly called my name for the interview. I was very despondent at that time. Friends you have to garner all particulars: Mind, body, Heart and Soul at the time of interview. I was sweating at that time as it was the time of 2.45 pm.

I am barefaced and candid to write all blemish that I have done in that interview so that they were being vexation and rejected me.

Me: May I came in Sir…Good afternoon Sir..
HR: Please have ur seat.
Me: Thank you Sir
HR: Abhishek ur father is the Pri cipal and Readed in political science…rite (as I v mentioned it in the form b4 taking the written exam)
Me: Yes sir..He is working in….bla bla bla….
HR: okay…where r u staying now?
Me: sir, I m staying now at Chandrasekhar pur….(interrupted)
HR: Well then how are u going to ur college
Me: I v told the communication details
HR: Well Abhishek , Have you done any extra curricular activities
Yes Sir, I v involved my self in scouts during my schooling..i v explained all about our camp activities in literacy programmme.But unfortunately he did nt know anything about Scouts…only knew NCC..I v explained that these twos were purely different things..But he didn’t convinced at all….
HR: Okay..have u done anything such type of jobs in ur college..I mean working as volunteers
Me: yes Sir, I v involved my self in the Blood donation camp that has been scheduled in our college campus very recently. I along with other volunteers collected a group who were interested to donate blood and with a confabulation I talked them about the benefit and all particulars.
Hr: Well tell me how u ll describe the term Information Technology to a layman?
Me: I v explained briefly wat Information is and wat technology is…and also told the examples in our daily life…after that I v made a blunder as I v mentioned about Clients, Server, Internet…which are not included in the knowledge of a layman.
HR: well abhishek..U r feeling very tired..Please take water
Me: No sir, I am not tired…(But unfortunately I v taken the water.. friends u sud b full b4 an interview..don’t take anything from HR)

HR: Okay Abhishek…have you involved in a combat with your friends….neway have you gone to any friend’s mess..what u v seen there?

Me: Yes Sir ..I v gone there most often.. I v found my friends often involved in te`te-e-te`te…their paraphronias were scattered in a cumbersome manner..but one very good thing I v noticed in them that is their cooperation and team spirit staying in a colloquium
(I think at that time the HR didn’t take my answers properly. Friends u sud be very sure that don’t implement high frequency words and italic phrases during ur communication at interview..I thought it might focused an impression..but the HR may be thinking that I v mugged up the answers as we were not using such type of words in our daily life).
HR: okay..Abhishek (being very disappointed) Tell me about urself.
Me: Sir my background till date has been centered around preparing myself to b a very best IT engineer I can become…I v passed my 10th with 90 % of marks..(interrupted)
Hr: If u r saying that u r very strongly prepared for IT engineer den why dis 3 years gap????
Me: Sir I was preparing for AIPMT. So..(Interrupted)
HR: U were preparing for medical den why u v joined in engineering…is it accidentally??
Me: No sir, when I was preparing for medical at that time there was a craze of it. But despite of breakdown of our economy in India for last two years the demand of IT industry was robustly spread an arena. so iv chosen a career in IT.

HR: Okay Abhishek..Thank you and best of luck

I have left that hall with a flummoxed face with full of disappointment. Anyway after 1 hour they have declared the name of 38 students. And I found no place for me in that list. I was very flabbergasted at that time. It may be my sheer bad luck or it may be my unmaneuverable performance in interview.

Surprisingly I was feeling a sense of nostalgia as my best friend Himansu has selected and I was very pleased for him..but didn’t express at that time. I was frustrated ,traumatized and horrified at that time. But I vnt left that speculation to b an Infocision yet as It was my dream company yaar…As u v 2 give exam of Infy in a gap of 9 months I have to undergo a period of 9 month pregnancy with full of preparation and determination that I have completely left in that interview…hahahaha….Best Of luck…Wishing u a happy voyage to Mysore training center


Test Paper :12

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper

Test Date : 20 March 2008

Test Location : Walchand College Of Engg

Posted By : Harshal Chaudhary


Hi, friends this isHARSHAL CHAUDHARYa student of Walchand College of Engg and now also an Infosyian. I got selected for Infosys through the placement done by it, at Walchand. Here I am mentioning about my experience during the whole placement process.

1. Logical and critical reasoning test 30 questions 40 min
2. Verbal reasoning and English test 40 questions 35 min

Logical and critical reasoning test
1-5Q ------- The question was based onthree ladies having some money and a game played (These r the puzzle test ques of R.S aggrawal v &non-V Type 5).
2-10Q ----- The questions were figure related in which we had to find the correct figure in sequence.
11-15Q ---

16-20Q --- The question was related to DI in which a table showing number of students in different branches during 6 years were given and we had to answer questions having lot of caculations. So I suggest you to do it at last.

21-25Q --- The question was again puzzle type in which 5 peoples A,B,C,D,E,F,Gand H r sitting aROUND A TABLE.
26-30Q --- The question was syllogism type. In this 6 statements were given with four combination choices like AFC, ACF etc and we had to find the correct logically related combination.

(I recommend you to just go through R.S. Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning. But prepare well for it. As its one of the deciding factors in clearing Aptitude test.)

Verbal reasoning and English test
1 ---- There were two paragraphs. It will take time so attempt them at last.
2 ---- There were questions on sentence correction in which we had to find correct replacement for underlined part in passage.
3 ---- There were questions on finding the correct sentence among 4 given sentences.
4 ---- There were questions on filling up the blanks with suitable grammatical words.
5 ---- There were questions related to theme dectecion from a small passage.

The main part or the eliminatoin part of INFOSYS is the Apttitude test &&&&& the rest is just a WALK ON CAKE.

For our HR INTERVIEWS their were 5 panels and most them were too much experienced (age more than 45)

me: MAY icome in
hr: yes
me: good after noon mam
hr: go.....
me: tha....
Hr: sign ur cv &give me
hr: hwta did u do in last one year other people (community service)
me: i told
hr: ur specification
me: c &c++
hr: waht is the updated version of them
me: c#......

hr: puzzle ......their r 7 machines producing balls one is defective perfect ball 100 gm defective ball 90 gm...........(given in shakuntala devi)

me: gave ans
hr: onr more puzzle if a bear falls with the speed of 1m in 1 sec the color of bear ANS: polar bear
me: gave...
hr: and the hird one make 1000 from 8 times 8 ANS: 888+88+8+8+8
me: gave.
hr: how do u keep ur self updated
hr: finally any ques......

AND after sixhours of my interiew the results were rannouncedd and I WAS SELECTED..........................................

best of luck for ur CAMPUS.

meet u at INFOSYS

Test Paper :13

Paper Type : General - Interview

Test Date : 17 March 2008

Test Location : Eastern Academy Of Science N Tech, Phulnakhara

Posted By : Bikash Ranjan Prusty


HELO FRENS I am BIKASH FROM EAST CSE #rd YR INFOSYS came to our college pooled campus pattern:

THE written exam is divided into 2 partsresonin & aptitude:
puzzle type question(5)
series diagram(5)
datasufficiency (5)
data interpretation(5)

2 big very difficult paragraphs

theme detection very difficult

correct sentences also difficult n very lengthy
vocabs also etc.

The resonin section is of 30 marks n 40 mins n the english section is of 40 marks n 35 mins since very lengthy actually there r no negative marks for wrong answers

my experience in xam halllll
first i ve gn to the hall n we were asked to fill in a form (remember to take a photograph with u).
den question given xam was very fair no illegal things done.

in the resonin section i ve done 25 n no guesses

in english section i ve done 17 to 18 +guesses(10) since time very short n 8 pages to read after 2 hrs result published. i was one of the selected candidate in written xams. actually 288 eligible candidates have appeared the written test n only 38 got selected out of which 21 from our colz(EAST),12 frm JITM,5 from semanta den d HR round started

IN the HR round the HR made me to wait for nearly half an hour then he walk out of the room n asked me

NOTE: actualy nw a days HR r not really goin by traditional method of knockin d door n say comin dey r usually puttin u in some akward situation

DEn i went in with a smilin face

stood beside the chair he offered me a sit.

HR: OK BIKASH TELL ME ONETHING U LEARNT from ur school n still not forgotten

ME: answered in a very nice n convincing manner

but meanwhile i said fighted instead of fought the HR immediately asked me "u hav told me fighted den why u hav changed"

i ve told because iwas wrong n we should learn from our mistakes n rectify it.

he appreciated me.

den asked
HR: ne group activity u wer associated in?
ME: tree plantation in school.
HR: do u thin tree plantation is necessary to control polution
ME: ansd
HR: ne other innovative idea
ME: ansd
HR :i think population growth a cause of pollution

den after listenin to my answer he seemed to be convinced n shake his hands with me very firmly, givin me compliments,in this posture of we perhaps talked for 2-3 mins den he told me 2 leave congratulatin me.

i m really greatfull to him fr all his soberness n afectionate words towards me. den d final result came n 34 out of total 38 written qualified got selected n 20 from our college



Test Paper :15

Paper Type : Candidates Experiences

Test Date : 12 March 2008

Test Location : JIITU,NOIDA

Posted By : Ankit Gupta

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