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Hi pals n gals...
This is Ankit Gupta from JIITU,Noida...
Had infosys in our campus on 12-13th march for recruitments. The whole procedure was divided into the following heads:

1) PPT
2) written paper


The ppt is basically an intoduction bout infy ,its facilities and package n stuff..But u gt to listen to it carefully k..friends coz u mite need smthing frm it in ur innerviews..

Then the major part -the written test
Its a cat like test...2 papers 1) reasoning 2) verbal

In reasoning test there were 30 quest in 40 min ..basically all those critical reasoning type 2 questions were like that

3 quuestions on data sufficiency a different one i remember

Q: what is the two digit no?

a) the difference between the digits is 9
b) the sum of the digits is 9

series of figures type questions wich were actually tough and data intrepretation questions

Syllogisms r infy`s guranteed questions n one must prepare them well..al the rules of syllogisms they make ur work simpler

In verbal thr were 3 reading comprehensions..1 on architecture..n eupoean renaissance and othr on works of great scientists ..

sentence correction - this my friends is the scoring part basically
phrase formation ( alternate grammaticaly correct form) of sentences n its parts...
Always attempt all these questions first b4 goin for RC..

few synonyms r also asked indirectly so vocab do helps..

data sufficiency ws also thr based on a passage

After a few hours in eveningthe results were declared and thr were as usual 3 ankit guptas in the list..so i had to further enquire bout my name..evry body ws enjoyin the result but i ws busy lookin 4 my name. 1copy of thesheets ws put up 4 bout 500 people :)

oh jesus my name ws thr ...n i ws so happy as if i hv cleared the interview...

The next day the inter views were thr..mine went on like below...

ME: May i come in sir

HE: Yes plzz

HE: plz sign on thepaper n give me ur resume

ME:I gave it to him with a smile

HE: So Tell me something bout yourself

ME: told my personal background ,academics etc

HE: Why did u take engineering?

ME: i replied i ws int in it since schooldays..my fathrs n engineer too from IIT,grandfathr too ws an engineern im following the tradition

HE: he laughs n replies thn why only CSE ..coz thr r jobs??

ME: told..i love computers ..hv even operated a 486..blah...


ME: i love it sir

HE: Whos the president of BJP?

ME: Rajnath singh

HE: who is governer of UP?

ME: T.V Rajeshar

HE: Capital of NAGALAND?

ME: kohima

HE: u like formula one also?

ME: yes sir i enjoy watching the sport

HE: whos the current champion?

ME:kimi raikkonen

HE: how many cars compete in it?

ME: told him all the teams with drivers...

HE:(quite impressed ) do u think micheal schumacher hs lost the sheen?

ME: no sir .hes still thr in the control rooms supervising the teams processes its his dynamic persona n his vast experience that has helped him to do allthis even aftr retirment frm f1

HE: very true indeed..cn u solve me a puzzle?

ME: ill try my best sir

HE: ( gave me a set of 4 equations in which i hd to reduce them to integral form na then solve two at a time)

ME: (solved it) here sir

HE: good ,correct ..ohh ur smart at puzzles too?

ME: thank u sir

HE: u like history& geographyalso?

ME: yes sir i hv inherited this frm my father

HE: cn u tell me the battle fought between britishers n indians which has considered to paved the way for britishers in india?

ME: battle of plassey 1757

HE: very good

HE: then he started with his own experiences of history...he told me of some battle of patpargan in delhi..

ws quite a friendly interaction then

HE: okay ankit nice meeting u ..ne questions?

ME: sir there r so many versions so as to whthr reccession hs set in to us or not..whats ur stand?

HE: told me dat its into recession and wud affect infosys n othr comapnies too..told bout the fedral reserve cut n all also, mortgage crisis in us

HE: i hope ur doubt is cleared

ME: yes sir thank you

HE :okay u may leave

N aftr few hours the results were declared..and BY GODS GRACE I WAS SELECTED...I WSGLAD TO BECOME AN INFOSCIAN.....


Test Paper :16

Paper Type : General - other

Test Date : 1 March 2008

Test Location : MSIT,Delhi

Posted By : Yogeeta


well infosys written test was divided into 2 parts

1.reasoning ability 40 questions 40 minutes
2.english40 questions35 minutes

Reasoning Ability
1.Blood relation problem questions based on that
2.Puzzle(Rs Aggrawal Type) questions based on that
3.Picture series questions (a little tricky)
4.Data sufficiency

Tips for reasoning test

a) Syllogism- Best book for this topic is MK Pandey In Previous papers rules were not required. m But in our exam qus required use ofrules
like A+A=A.So learn them
b)No need of doing shakuntala devi puzzles for written test. But if u have covered RS Aggarwal then u can do it to enhance your analytical ability.I didn't.
C)For blood relation problem try doing by making family tree.Then it will be easier to answer all quns based on that problem with great

d)Picture series-Also do water images and mirror images

English Test
2 long passages for comprehension
7-8 small passages for theme detection
correct usage.4 sentences were given out of that 1 sentence was to b
chosen which was grammatically correct.
fill in the blank with appropriate sentence

Tips for english

it's only speed that matters.U should be fast in reading and
accurate in comprehension.

Final tips for written test

1.Visit at atleast 10-15 papers provided by students on fresherworld.com/placementweek.com
2.Cover all the topics mentioned by students on these site both for english as well as reasoning
3.Have confidence.Don't let expectations overcome your real strength

It was on the same day after written test results were announced.
There were six panels.
1.Asking about hardware only
2.Asking all current affairs and general knowledge
a)chief minister of Rajasthan
b)how many inches in feet,cms in inches
3.other were normal hr.one of my friend was asked-who is chairman of dda bcoz her fathr works thr
4.mainly they check for confidence,presence of mind
a)qns like what is the temperature of room
b)how can u find height of this room
5.Some panelist even asked simple puzzles
Mine was really cool.
Just 2-3 thing from my resume.about hobbies.why u did job(i had job experience).About family background.What ur sister plannnig for
future. Lastly any questions for me.
Main thing is your confidence and body language.

Most important be original,know yourself well.

For every thing u havedone in your past and going to do in future u should be able to give appropriate reasons.don't write copied or fake hobbies.that's only the key to success.Rest is all luck.

Good luck.


Hello friends This is Rohitfrom Mechanical & Automation M.A.I.T. Delhi.Infosys conducted a campus recruitment process at our college on 1st & 2nd of march. Four colleges participated in the campus drive-ours MAIT, GTBIT, GPMCE, & HMR. Around 800 students sit for the test, out of around 250 students from our college 60 were selected in the written test & finally from 60 students 52 were finally selected for the INFOSYS.

In the test intially we have given an application form in which we have to fill up our details with utmost care.After that paper started.There are two sections :

1.Reasoning Ability
2.Verbal Ability

first d reasoning paper was there in which there are 30 questions which are to be done in 40 minutes.dere were 5 questions on sygollism,1 puzzle,questions based on a paragraph,5 questions on diagrammatic series etc,etc.

Then verbal paper was given in which there are 40 questions which is to be answered in 35minutes only. There were questions on sentence correction, grammar, inference from para,2 long comprehension.TIME MANAGEMENT is most important in this section.

For preparation of the wriitten just follow VERBAL & NON-VERBAL by RS AGGARWAL.

The result was announced after 2-3 hours.Selected students were asked to wait for the interview but due to some reason interview held on next day.
In interview there was only a old-aged person sitting.
ME: sir may i come in?
HR :hmm
ME: Good Afternoon sir
HR :Indicated me to have a seat.
ME: Thank you sir

He gave me an attendance sheet & asked me to fill it up.Then he asked for my C.V, I gave my C.V. to him.Then he looked into it.after a long pause......

HR: Tell me about yourself?
ME: Ans
HR: What do your father do?
ME: Ans
HR: Your hobby is surfing internet(i hav wriitten in cv).How oftenu visit internet cafe?
ME: Ans
HR: What is IP Address?
ME: Ans
HR: How will you measure the surface area of this room?
ME: Ans
HR: What is the diiference between pulley & lever & which got higher mechanical advantage? (For Mechanical skills)
ME: Ans
HR: Have u ever worked in a team?
ME: ye sir
HR: What is the difficultyin working in a team?
ME: Ans

HR: Do you read any book,magaxine or newspaper?

ME: yes sir i read TOI.
HR: Tell me todays Headline?
ME: Told
HR: Who is the vice-president of India?
ME: Ans
HR: Who is th C.M. of Kerala?
ME: Ans
HR: What is the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir?
ME: Ans

At last he asked

ME: Answered it to his satisfaction...
HR: You can leave now
ME: Thank you sir.

After around 1 hour,our results were announced and we52 peoples were selected for the INFOSYS.

WEll what i can say is u should be fully aware of what u have written in your CV & about current affairs and last but not least is the CONFIDENCE in urself

I am very thankful to God, my parents, my friends & freshersworld.com who has build up such a nice platform...

Test Paper :17

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Test Date : 12 March 2008

Test Location : Mody Institute of Tech & Science, Lakshmangarh

Posted By : Pragya


Hello People!! first of all ....all the very best for ur Infy Exam.... Infy is my dream company ...n its the fourth company i have cracked after Satyam, TCS, and Accenture...feels like heaven!!!!!!!! anyways people who still dnt have a job...don't worry infy won't leave u disappointed..'coz it took a lot of people from my college

about 200 people appeared for the test
about 132 got shortlisted for the interview...
and 115 got selected.....
huge number isn't it????

Written Exam
Carry ur marksheets they need ur xact marks of coll, X n XII n they verify those so be careful ur CV also has the consistent data

Analytical Section
30 ques 40 min

Here u got to be 100% involved in the paper...don't assume the analytical part to be too simple 'cz so many ppl qualified...max. of my freinds were preparin for MBA n that's the reason of so many selections......

so regarding analytical

1.10 questions puzzle type-prepare analytical problem from Puzzle test R.S Aggarwal....but they are actually too simple n infy asks a bit higher than those...similar to those of Barrons 12th edition

2. 5 ques- syllogism...remember all rules from again R.S Aggarwal Verbal Non-Verbal
3. 5 ques-Conclusion, In Conclusion Questions dnt assume anything on ur own...just imagine u know nothing about the topic and all u know is what is written in the question and then read the options
4. 5 ques figure -odd one out -Well, I attepted figure questions the firt 'coz they were too easy n no need practising the500 questions in RS.
5. 5 ques DI- pie chart type...practice 4m RS Quanti

so that was analytical....u may go without ne preps also but with a fresh mind and then solve questions with all ur effort...but manage time well

Verbal Section

40 ques 35 min

Now this depends 4m person 2 person...since i always loved English...this was very easy 4 me...

Now certain tips here

1. While chosing sentence correction questions read all the options simultaneously.. i mean read first 4 words of all options n then proceed with the options u feel may be right....prepositions, tenses is a must practice for ppl who confuse in these. There were8 ques
2. Reading comprehensions do at last n read the questions first n u wud b able to directly pick answers 4m passage
3. Fill in the balnks....answer elimination process wrks best

i don't remember more...but eliminating wrong answers and then guessin between the probable correct answers helps!!!

one thing remember more...
with plural sub. verb will not end with s
as- The girls dance
not The girls dances... and with sin. sub a pl verb will come
as- The girl dances n max of ques contains such errors... others are of prepostions like to,at etc.

Interview Experience
No technical
key factors they see
1. Values inculcated in u.. so be well dressed and disciplined
2. Learnability
3. Flexibility
4. Confidence
5. Communication Skills

My Interview was taken by a Sikh person whi was quite aged n was damn Strict Well not boring u wid the entire conversation wot he asked me was

1. Countries and currencies(The imp ones)
2. Sates of India n Capitals..esp new ones

3. Pesident of India nad presidential candidates of USA

where i was trapped was wen i answered the president of India as -Pratibha Patil n yes u thought its absolutely correct no guys its a wrong statement I shud hav answered Mrs./Shrimati Pratibha Patil

so he replied "She is at the highest post of the country...shudn't u giv sum respect 2 her"n i thought i am blown...infy is known 4 values n i thought i am busted so i aplogised but he asked me 2 leave

N the entire time till results i was damn tensed.....it was my dream company but finally i was selected...... n one more thing Infy will give a second chance 2 those about whom they are doubtful....

so all the best hope u dnt need that second chance prepare well n come join infy soon

n say- i am proud to be an INFOSCION...

any queries ...well wnt giv u my mail id...

but contact ur seniors



Test Paper :18

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences

Test Date : 11 March 2008

Test Location : CCET Chandigarh

Posted By : Ishwinder Singh Cheema


Hello people, Infy came for the closed campus in our college on 11th March. 2 other colleges were also invited for the same.

Well, the first step was the Presentation which lasted for about an hour. Here, they tell you about Infy, show some videoes, your package, where you will be placed and all. Better to clarify your all doubts here only as they can trap you in the interview using the same weapon.

Then we all were taken to the Test-rooms and given out Test papers.

Format was same,
30 Ques for non-verbal in 40 min.
40 Ques for english in 35 min.

The Non-verbal was a good paper, I was able to solve the first 20 ques in about first 20 minutes. The rest were a bit difficult but you can say that you get through if you work hard enough.

Then comes English : I don't why people hype this paper so much, the paper is quite easy. The only thing is the passages. They are very long and require one hell lot of a time. I got about 30 ques in 20 minutes so I was left with ample time for the passages.

However, If you got 30 ques, then consider yourself to be clear for the interview. The cutoff is around 23-24 for this section and about 15 for the non-verbal section.

Okay here are the stats upto this point:

Total students: Around 350.

Selected for Interview: 86 from 130 (Our college) and 76 from the other ones.

Then the interviews started.

Just remember one thing : If you got the test, you get the job.

Interviews are just a formality.

Okay here is mine:
Me: Good evening etc etc.
Int: Welcome, please close the door and have a seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
Int: Tell me about urself.
Me: Blah Blah Blah.......
Int: Okay, you are made the project manager for a single day job. U needhow many people ?
Me: About 6-7
Int: Okay, I give you 4. How will you manage ? (Gives paper) Tell the whole schedule.
Me: Blah Blah Blah.......
Int: 2 Puzzles, very simple. Was able to solve both of them.
Thats what happened in my interview. The HR was very very cool person. A lot of talk about my girlfriend and all. Also about my car and changing tyres etc.
You get the idea what its all about.

After the interview was over,we waited for about 2 hours, then the Results came.

The stats:
Appeared for interview: 86 from ours and 76 from other.
Selected: 83 from our college and 56 from the other. Whoa ?!!!
We shouted and screamed like little kids and went out to the parking and danced ..... at 1 AM in the morning !

Then they came and told us that from now on you will be called as Infoscions and learn to spell the name correctly....

And that my friends, is the story of Infy.

Best of luck to all and Just be confident.

P.S. I didn't prepare anything for the test. Not even a single page. Aptitude is how's your mind built and English is what you read n newspapers everyday. Be calm and get the job. Remember this only.


Ishwinder Singh Cheema,

Test Paper :19

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper

Test Date : 6 March 2008

Test Location : Govt. College Of Engineering & Ceramic Technology

Posted By : Shubhadip Datta


Hi Friends, I am Shubhadip Datta from Govt. College Of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata. There was a poll campus interview of Infosys in our college campus on 6th March,2008. Almost 375 students from 5 different colleges were attain this campus interview. And friends good news that I am the one of lucky one to get chance to take training from Mysore .

No of College=5
Total Students=375
Students who cleared Aptitude Test=25 (Be careful huge reduction in this section)
Students Select in interview=14 (I am one of them)

Selection Procedure:
Infosys is such a company where there is no barrier in stream. That means students from any stream can sit in Infosys. There are no direct Technical round in Infosys.

The whole Selection Process contains two section Aptitude test.

>Analytical & Logical reasoning:(30 question : 40 minutes)

>English section: (40 question : 35 minutes)

Friends they will not tell about any sectional cut off be careful about section cutoff. I heard that there is 60% cutoff in first Section, & 50% from second section.

After Aptitude test HR interview.
Study Materials:
>Verbal & Non verbal-R.S . Agarwal.
>Some Time’s CAT study materials.
>And of course last but not least Freshers World (Be Regular & update with this site, You will get really very help)

Analytical & Logical reasoning
Friends I have not remembered the order of questions but I am telling the questions in such a order that I follow and I am sure that you also get advantage if you solve question in such order.
>Syllogism: (5 question) – Friends not only in Infosys but also in others first attempt this question. It is very easy to solve.
Question Pattern: Statement: All A is B. Some B is C.

Conclusion: I,II

You have no need to memories all the rule of R.S. Agrawal and even you have no need to draw vein Diagram to solve it, If you follow Time’s CAT materials. There is very simple rule in Time’s materials by which you can solve a syllogism with in 15 sec.

>Figure Series: (5 questions)- This is really very simple. For practice see Agrawal. But don’t waste too much time for it.

>Dice & Cube Problem:(5 questions)- In my apti the prob was like below:
A cube is given and is painted six side with six diff colors.
Red is adjacent of yellow and green.
Pink is opposite of yellow.
Brown is in the bottom face

Now Q:1)Which color is in the top face?

Q:2) Which color in the opposite face of Red?

But there may also come others pattern:
There is a cube and it is cut in 27/64/125 equals pieces of cube. Now two face is colored with black, two green, two red.
Q: No of cube which is painted three faces…No of Uncolored cube…..
Just see 3-5 Example from Agrwal It will come in ur hand.

>Puzzel: (5 questions) – Keep ur head cool for these question. I know puzzle makes everyone puzzeled. Read the question carefully draw the diagram, matrix and put the data one by one according to given information. I am sure that every one can solve it.

>Data Interpretation: (5 question) – A chart, graph, table will be given….and you have to solve some problem on statistics. It will too much time conserving section so do it at last…..and also follow the Option elimination process.

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