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English Section:
Friends I am really very week in this section. But as I have cleared so you can clear it easily.
>Two passages and 5 question from each passages: Do it at the last. And before reading the passage see the question one time.
>Sentence Correction: Be care about tense mistake, spelling mistake, using of pronoun…..
>Fill in the Blanks: Gain a details idea on preposition, phrase, idioms.
>Theme Detection.

HR Interview
Now the final section. The only one solution to crack the interview is keeping yourself cool. Friends believe me the Infosys HR panel are the coolest person in the world(At least for my panel). And always think that they are taking your Interview to sect you , Not to reject you. Be friendly, polite with them……

I was in the two persons’ panel. And I was interviewed two times. After Completing the first interview one interviewer told me “Shubhadip, we are very sorry, Please wait for 5 min outside, we may call you again. ”

First Interview
Me: Good afternoon sir, May I come in?
HR: Yes , and be seated.
Me: Thank you sir.
HR: So Shubhadip r u tired for waiting long time?
Me: Not at all sir. I am going to be a IT professionals and no word like Tired in their dictionary.
HR: What is the meaning of your name?
Me: I told very clearly(They impressed) .
HR: Show your group work capability.
Me: I told about my project …and leadership on that project.
HR: Which quality of leader do you find in your self.
Me: I told and explain them about 10 leadership quality with example.(This is common question in infosys)

HR: What is the crucial decision in your life that change your self?

Me: I told about my school life computer Education…and my interest on computer……

So many questions on teamwork and leadership.

Second interview
HR: Sorry Shubhadip for taking your second interview.
Me: Sir, Its my pleasure to get chance to sit in front you again.(Always show the politeness & good Behavior)
HR: What is your week points?
Me: ……
HR: What is your reaction when one rectify ur week points?
Me: …..
HR: How do you react when a misunderstanding is happened in a group work?
Me: ……
HR: give some example on you real life..
Me: …….
So many question on my daily life….
HR: what is your best subject?
Me: Physics.
HR: Tell me about Black Hole.
Me: give a cleared ideas.(they impressed)
Hr: Tell something on current Computer related physics.
Me: I told them the use of quantum theory on 6th generation computer. Actually I heard it from a seminar.
HR: (they are really too much hearing these and encouraged me to join all the seminars)

HR: So Shubhadip nice interview with you.
Me: Its my pleasure.(I shake hand with them)

I was too much tensed. But ultimately selected…..Thank God….Thank Freshers World ……Don’t worry you people also get selected in Infosys…..waiting for you in Mysore .

Good bye ….and Have Good Luck

INFOSYS : Interview Placement Paper Pattern
Company Name : INFOSYS
Type : Job Interview, Fresher

Dear friends,

Its Arunkumar.M MCA from panimalar engg col Chennai.. The first round is Analytical n verbal. I did the analytical well. But verbal 60% my assumption only. But i was reported as It was correct.. I was d third person who was called for HR. B4 entering into the Panel No:2 I dint get any fear r nervous.

But after got a seat. I went to unconscious.. my unconscious came into play.. It was 45 mins..

Me: May I come in madam.

HR: S Mr.Arunkumar come in n take ur seat.

Me:Thank u mam.

HR: Tell Mr.Arunkumar How was d test today.

Me: I like to face the difficulties . It was a challenge to my reasoning ability mam,. I know the importance of the first round so I did my level best mam.

HR: What is ur father’s occupation.

Me: working as an office assistant in a girls higher sec school mam.

HR: where it is?

Me: it’s a town school near by my village mam.

HR: Wat is ur mother?

Me: This time I clearly explained abt my mum job n when did c got it at where…..so on

HR: ( c asked me abt my brother by using some hygienic words I said sorry madam am not able to understand.. so c asked in normal way..)

Me: He is a +2 student mam. He is my full time inspiration. Bcoz my father said “I gave my younger son to you so u have to guide him through a right path”. Am remembering these words again and again.

HR: So to help ur brother u need a job right?.

Me: correct mam but I got to consider abt myself n my family also..

HR: laughed..

HR: Ok arunkumar r u staying in hostel?. Bcoz u told that u r coming from western part of TN.

Me: No mam am staying outside.

Me n my 4 friends are staying in my friend’s uncle home. They are also wrote this test. But unfortunately they haven’t been selected. i ve to say sorry to them.

HR: ho,. Wat do u feel abt they not been selected?.

Me: That is because of some special quality which they don’t have but I have..

HR: Can u mention that?.

Me: Mam in my home v ll do group discussions., on that times if they took 10 mins to solve a problem, I would be taken only 4 mins.So I feel I have the ability of computing speed. And also my way of approach is entirely different.( these n all summa bluffs).

HR:Frm my CV . Arun u mentioned here as u got prizes in story writing,poem,drawing..?

Me: yes mam I want to show my creativity. For that only I participated n won prizes also.

HR: wat is this C-DEBUGGING?, ADD-ZAP?(from my CV).

Me: Explained the entire process..

HR: ok r u learning any technologies apart from ur academics?

Me: Yes mam I said early I want to express my creativity in anyway. So I feel multimedia s/ws are good to help me. So am learning sony vegas.(I think c doesn’t know abt sony vegas).

HR: How ur friends are co operating in this, when r u find time to practice?

Me: mam aft 8’o clock. I ask my friends to give me a chance to work wit computer. Then they will leave the machine aft 10 mins. Such an understanding is there mam.

HR: Why should I hire u?

Me: What is my responsibility as a son of my father that much of the responsibility I have in my infosys family. blab blab blab… To Get a flat world secrets from a flat world company.. i want to win in the flat world....(it’s a philosophy of Infy.. aft I told this c extremely got impressed..)

HR: Who is ur idle person?

Me: My uncle .. n explained a correct reason n its very impressive..

HR: Did u ever organize a function as dept fun?

Me: No mam. I dint organize but as a member I accomplished my job wit fulfillment.. Mam I had an experience when I had captainship of my cricket team.. two times I took my team to finals in my school life.

HR: As a captain wat do u learn frm ur co players?,

Me: blab blab std answers..

HR: ok arunkumar ( c shown a card ) can u read this?.

Me: ( I thought its for my eye testing) so I said UPSIDE mam.. Actually It was like U P S I D E

HR: ok wat do u think abt this? ONCE -------- TIME With in a second I found the relation n which type of puz it was. I said “ONCE UPON A TIME ”

HR: so can u c this now? (For the first one)

Me: yes mam it is UPSIDE DOWN.

HR: ok abt this? Cast cast Whether Cast cast

Me: Instantaneously said WHETHER FORE CAST

HR: check ur email regularly u ll be called at any time.. (At that moment itself I understood Arun has been placed..)

HR: Would u like to ask any question?.

Me: Yes mam, may I know abt CMMi level 5?

HR: Sorry arunkumar am not related to that dept..

Me: its all right mam.. I feel happy to had ur valuable time to share abt myself mam.. If u don’t mind can u give me a feed back?.

HR: Sorry again arunkumar v r not supposed to say that..

Me: thank u mam thanks for ur kind reply..

HR: OK. So friends, how u r speaking is not important but wat u r speaking is very much seen.. Everything bcoz of self confident ..even though am only one person frm MCA.. So Never think WAT CAN I DO but Ever think I CAN DO IT.. One more information I m the first Tamil medium student who joined in Infosys from my college side.. so Tamil medium Guys Don’t lose ur Confident..

INFOSYS : Fresher Interview And Placement Paper Pattern

Company Name : Infosys
Type : Fresher

Hi I'm Siva from Tamilnadu. Let me first tell about the Written test: The pattern was the same as mentioned in previous posts mentioned in placementpapers.net. Go through the examples or just the methods in R.S.Agarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning,it's worth it.

We had :
1.find odd fig in the series
2.data interpretation
5.data sufficiency
7.conclusion from passages
8.find the correct sentences
9.data deduction Mine was the first name short listed for the second round.

The HR's were senior people.The HR made everyone comfortable by asking general questions,only

I had to solve a puzzle which I didn't know how to solve but I tried to do it.He then asked me what I was doing and I explained ,then he said to leave it.They usually ask you questions from what you have mentioned in your resume.At Infy they don't like to reject people so they gave those who didn't perform well in HR, a second chance with other HR's. All you need to do is be cool and confident.My wishes to all who are going to attend Infosys recruitment,See you at Infy!!.


I remember some questions of Infosys Logic paper.

1. A group of friends went to a hotel for Dinner. After having their dinner the Bill Amount was of Rs 2400. So they decided to distribute it into equal amount for each. In the group two friends forget to bring their purses along with them. So later on it has been decided that Rs 100 has to be paid more by the other friends on calculated amount. So total how many friends were there in the Group?

2. Ashwani you remember the problem which we had solved in tution, question was Find out who is guilty one? - same problem we had in Infy paper but only the name were changed like Al, Don, .....

3. Again same one ... There is in previous question paper ..like..Yesterday my pocket was full of money, so I decided to eat some chocolates. Then I ate 5 chocolates and gave half of remaining to other... Same problem only the name n figures were changed ..


I ate 5 chocolates and gave half of remaining to others.

Then I ate 7 chocolates and gave half of remaining to others.. so on..

4. There was problem on Temperature of two System A and System B. I could not solve this because I didn t get the question but my friends were saying me that this problem is there is previous Infy paper just go through it.. and download atleast 10 papers from freshwersworld.com and just go through it don t try to solve them all because all question are incomplete. Just see the pattern of question paper that will help you a lot..

5. Find out who s cap, tie, gloves and shirt... There were four names like john.. n all I don t remember now but the same problem is there in previous paper..

Jayesh will not get Corolla unless Ramesh wont get BMW.
Rahul will Maruti unless Akash wont get Ford Icon..
Same problem just names are changed rest all is same..

6. One problem on Who is Victim.. very famous one.. it is there in previous paper... question was like find out who is victim, Judge, policeman, murderer n etc.....

7. There were two series problem like

3,6,13,26,33,46,... I don t remember exact one ..

8. In a cycle competition race there were one third of people behind me n two third of people in front of me ..so find out total how many people are there in race including me..

English paper was easy just five words were very tough I think nobody could solve those one..... Rest all is fine...

Regarding the Interview :-

Only I suggest be cool in your interview and just think n answer don t be in hurry to reply the question. One more important thing always keep smile on your face while answering the questions asked by the interviewer.

Just remember be Cool and Confident at the time of your interview.

My question were like:-
1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Who all are there in your family?

3. What are your Strength s in your life?

4. Suppose for time being, just imagine I will magic on yourself so that you will go back in your previous time and what thing would you like to change in yourself for your better prospectus and better opportunity?

5. Which was your most emotional day or moment in your life?

6. Tell me something that you had done some work for your friends or any other ? --- this question was asked immediately after when I said my strength s are like I
am good helper towards who need it. ?

7. finally they asked me would u like to ask us something?

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