Тесты по английскому языку для 8-го и 9-го класса


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ДЛЯ 8-го И 9-го КЛАССА

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1. Сопоставьте характеристики транспорта с его названием.

A. These are reasonable in price, the drivers always know the fastest routes and you'll have a very comfortable

B. This is a very efficient way of getting around London. You won't see much of the city but you will get to your

destination quickly. There are nearly 300 stations, so  you'll usually find one close by.

C.For people with time and energy, this is the best way of travelling short distances. You'll be able to stop and look at

anything that interests you and it'll give you a sense of the 'atmosphere' of  London.

D. The traffic is sometimes slow but you'II get a good view of the city, especially if you sit on the top deck. This is one

of the fastest ways of travelling across central London, but you'll have to be careful. You can hire one from the local


E. Traflic congestion in central London is a problem, so your journey will probably be very slow, and parking can be difficult.

1. Car 2. Bike 3. Underground 4. Taxi 5. Walking 6. Bus

2. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания. 

The Practical Princess

Princess Bedelia was as lovely as the moon shining upon a lake full of water lilies. She was as graceful as a cat leaping. And she was also extremely practical, always ready to take actions instead of dead dreaming.

When she was born, three fairies came to her cradle to give her gifts as it was usual in that country. The first fairy gave her beauty. The second one gave her grace. But the third one , who was a wise old creature, said, "I' II give her common sense".

"I don't think much of that gift", said King Ludwig, raising his eye-brows. "What is good in hommon sense for a princesses? All she needs is charm".

But when Bedelia was eighteen years old, something happened that made king change his mind. A dragon moved into the neighbourhood. He settled in a dark cave on the top of mountain, and the first thing he did was to send a message to the king. "I must have a princess to eat up", the message said, "or I shall breathe out my fire and destroy the kingdom".

Sadly, Kind Ludwig called together his councilors, chosen to give advices, and read them the message. "Perhaps", said the Prime Minister, "we had better send for a knight to kill the dragon. That is what is generally done in these cases".

"I am afraid we haven't time", answered the king. The dragon has only given us time until tomorrow morning. There is no use in it. We shall have to send him the princess".

Princess Bedelia had come to the meeting because, as she said, she liked to mind her own business, and this was certainly her business. "Nonsense!" she said. "Dragons can't tell the difference between princess and anyone cause he's a snob".

"That may be so", said her father, "but if we don't send you along, he'll destroy the kingdom".

"Right!" said Bedelia. "I see I'll have to deal with this myself. She left the room in which the council sat. She got the largest brightest one of her state dresses, filled it with straw, and into the center of the bundle she packed about a hundred pounds of gunpowder. She got two strong young men to carry it up the mountain for her. She stood in front of the dragon's cave and called: "Come out! Here's the princess!"

The dragon appeared looking out of the darkness with curiosity. Seeing the bright dress covered with gold and silver embroidery, and hearing Bedelia's voice, he opened his mouth widely. At once, at Bedelia's signal, the two young men threw the dress right down the dragon's throat. Bedelia threw herself flat on the ground, and the two young men ran.

As the gunpowder met the flames inside the dragon there was a great explosion. Bedelia got up, dusting herself off. "Dragons", she said "are not very bright".

She left the two young mer sweeping up the pieces, and she went to the castle to have her geography lesson, for as you know, she  was very practical!

Тест по чтению

1. Какое утверждение наиболее полно выражает основное содержание текста?

1. This text is about princess Bedelia.

2. This text is about the fight between princess Bedelia and the dragon.

3. This text is about the practical princess Bedelia and her common sense.

4. This text is about Bedelia's charm.

2. Укажите логический порядок следования событий.

1. A dragon moved into the neighbourhood.

2. The dragon appeared looking out of the darkness with curiosity.

3. " Dragon can't tell the difference between princesses and anyone else", said Bedelia.

4. "Dragons", she said, "are not very bright.

3. Определите правильный ответ на вопрос.

What treasure did Bedelia own?

1. She owned her beauty.

2. She owned her grace.

3. She owned her charm.

4. She owned her common sense.

4. Определите правильный ответ на вопрос.

What happened when Bedelia was a baby?

1. A dragon moved into the neighbourhood.

2. Thee fairies came to the cradle.

3. King Ludwig called a meeting of his councillors.

4. The dragon sent a message to the king.

5. Укажите утверждение, с которым вы согласны.

1. She went to the castle to have her geography lesson.

2. She went to a dark cave on top of a mountain.

3. She went into the room in which the council sat.

6.Укажите утверждение, с которым вы не согласны.

1. Bedelia filled her dress with straw.

2. Bedelia packed about a thousand pounds of gunpowder into the center of the bundle.

3. The two young men threw the dress right down the dragon's throat

4. There was a great explosion.

7. Укажите утверждение, с которым вы согласны.

1. When Bedelia was eighteen years old, something happened that made the king change his mind.

2. When Bedelia was eighteen years old, three fairies came to her.

3. When Bedelia was eighteen years old, she killed the dragon.

4. When Bedelia was eighteen years old, the dragon destroyed the kingdom.

8. Укажите вопрос, ответ на который не соответствует содержанию текста.

1. What was in the message that dragon sent to the king? -

" I must have a princess to eat up", the message said.

2. What did the king's councillors advise him to do?-

"We had better send for a knight to kill the dragon", said the king's councillors.

3. How did Bedelia receive the news that she would be sent to the dragon? -

"' If you don't send me along, he'll destroy the kingdom", said Bedelia.

9. Укажите утверждение, которое соответствует содержанию текста.

1. King Ludwig was afraid of the dragon.

2. Princess Bedelia was afraid of the dragon.

3. King Ludwig and Princess Bedelia were afraid of the dragon.

4. The dragon was afraid of Bedelia.

10. Какое утверждение выражает основную мысль рассказа?

1. All you need in your life is beauty.

2. All" you need in your life is charm.

3. All you need in your life is grace.

4. All you need in your life is common sense.

3. Выберите подходящий вариант.

1. Nick___the best runner.

A. he is

B. yesterday

C. is

D. of course

2. What ___ doing now?

A. Ann is

C. does Ann

D. is Ann

3. ____ to the swimming pool on your days


A. You usually go

B. Do you go usually
C. Do you usually go
D. Are you go

4. Where ____ yesterday?

A. Ann did go
B. did Ann go

"C. Ann went . "

D. was Ann go .

5. Where ____ next summer?

A. were you
B. will you go
C. you will go
D. are you go

6. She sings___

A. beautifully
C. different

4. Найдите в тексте 12 ошибок.

My doll is the beautifullest doll in a world. She

have got big blue ears. Her hairs are long and
yellow. She can to walk and talk. I think my doll
is nice that Ann" doll. Her clothes is very smart.
She wearing a pink dress, white tights and black

Ключи к заданиям. 8 класс.

1. a-4,b-3,c-5,d-6,,e-l.

2. I- 3,11-1,3,2,4. Ill- 4. IV- 2, V-l, VI- 2, VII- 1. VIII-3. IX- 1. X-4.

3. l-c,2-d,3-c4-b,5-b.6-a.

4. My doll is the most beautiful doll in the world. She has got big blue eyes. Her hair  is long and yellow. She can walk and talk. I think my doll is nicer than Ann 's doll. Her clothes are very smart. She is wearing a pink dress, white tights and black shoes.



1. Поставьте один из предложенных вариантов, подходящий  по смыслу.


0 A realism B realisation C reality D realist

Becoming a nurse: the interview

The (0)..... of a interview is never as bad as your fears. For some (8)..... people imagine the interviewer is going to jump on every tiny mistake they (9)..... In truth, the interviewer is as (10)..... for the meeting to go well as you are. It is what (11)..... his or her Job enjoyable.

The secret of a good interview is preparing for it. What you wear is asways important as| it creates the first impression. So (12)..... neatly, but comfortably. Make (13)..... that you can deal with anything you are (14)..... Prepare for questions that are certain to come up, for example: Why do you want to become a nurse? What is the most important (15)..... a good nurse should have? Apart from nursing, what other careers have you (16)..... ? What are your interests and hobbies?

Answer the questions fully and precisely. (17)....., if one of your interests is reading, be prepared to (18)..... about the sort of books you like. (19)....., do not learn all your answers off (20)..... heart. The interviewer wants to meet a human (21)....., not a robot. Remember, the interviewer is genuinely interested in you, so the more you relax and are yourself, the more (22)..... you are to succeed.

8 A reason

B idea

C explanation 

D excuse

9 A perform


C make 

D have

10 A keen

B wanting

C interested 

D delighted

11 A does

B causes

C happens

D makes

12 A dress

B wear

C put on 

D have on

13 A evident

B sure

C definite 

D clear

14 A requested

B questioned

C inquired

D ask

15 A character

B quality

C nature

 D point

16 A thought 

B regarded 

C considered

D wondered

17 A For instance

B Thai is

C Such as 

 D Let's say

18 A say 

B talk

C discuss

D chat

19 A However

B Although

C Despite

D Therefore

20 A at 

B in 

C on

D by

21 A character 

B being

C somebody

D nature

22 A easy

 B possible

C likely 

D probable


2. Выбери один из предложенных вариантов.

23. The growing numbers of visitors _____ the photographs.

A is damaging B damages C are damaging D was damaging

24. Jane ______just a few minutes ago.

A left B has left C leaves D had left

25. If I were, I ______ that coat. It's too much expensive.

A won't buy B don't buy C am not going to buy D wouldn't buy

26. _______ Robert laiely?

A Did you see B Have you seen C Do you see D Are you seeing

27. We________ Switzerland four times during 1970s.

A used to visit B would visit C visited D will visit

28. Jenny _______ leave the hospital only six hours after the baby was born.

A was able to B could C can D is able to

29. The car broke down and we _______ a taxi.

A must have got B have got to get C had to get D must get

30. You ________ whisper. Nobody can hear us.

A needn't B don't have to C mustn't D need to

31. Who _______ was coming to see me this morning?

A you said B did you say C did you say that D you did say

32.1 remembered _______ the race.

A the horse's winning B the horse to win C the horse winning D the horse's to win

33. She reminded ________ the papers.

A me where to leave B me where I had to leave C where I had to leave D where to


34. We had ________ holiday in Spain.

A two week's B two weeks' C two-week D a two-week

35. Against her parent's w ishes, she wants to be ______.

A the journalist B journalist C a journalist D journalists

36. _______ the most popular of fiction writing.

A The novel is B Novel is C The novels are D Novels are

37.What have we got _____ ?

A for the dinner B for a dinner C for dinner D to dinner

3. Прочитайте отрывок и ответьте на вопросы, используя предложенные ответы.

The Face in the Mirror.

The play now at the New Theatre as part of the Easter Arts Festival is not among the
best plays for which the director, Amy Fielding, has been responsible.

The action takes place in the home of Professor Spear. One night his landlady comes to

the house for a chat. After inviting her in, the professor hears a sound and, thinking it is
a burglar come to rob the house, fires his gun. By mistake, the wrong person is shot and
the thief gets away. 

The scene of the second act is a law court, in which everyone waits to find out if the

professor is guilty of murder. I did not care for the acting in some cases. Norman Jones
is normally seen in comedy and is not satisfactory as the professor. He does not look
like a wise old man. Also, Simon Fry, as the servant, shouted at the top of his voice all
through the play. The hit of the evening, however, was James Smith as the judge. On

the whole, the play appeared to me to be a little out date. I can think of many other

plays which would have been more suitable for a group of clever young actors to
perform. The play continues until the end of the month.

1. This passage is from (A) a review of a play. (B) an introduction to a book (C) a letter.

(D) an advertisement

2. What is the writer trying to do? (A) Give advice to the writer of the play. (B) Warn

people not to go and see the play. (C) Give his own opinion to the play. (D) Persuade
the director to change the play.

3. The writer's opinion about the play was that (A) there were not enough actors tor

the parts. (B) the actors would have performed better in a modem play. (C) the play
was being performed at the wrong time of the year. (D) the play was a comedy, but the
audience did not find it amusing.

4. The writer thought the actor who played the professor was unsatisfactory because

(A) he made the audience laugh too much. (B) he did not look like a professor. (C) he
had the wrong kind of moustache. (D) he was not clever enough to play the part.

5. Who will probably enjoy the play?

(A) I dont care much for serious subjects. I like comedies, especially about the young.
Nonnan Jones is great, so young and lively. I like the way he jumps about the stage. He
never stands still.

(B) I only like going to the theatre when there's something on with a fot of songs. Simon

Fry is a good singer: I saw him in a show last year. I hope he'll be singing again when I
next go to the theatre.

(C) I really prefer plays with a good story. I like to wonder about what is going to happen

in the end. I like fights, but I like to see the guilty person punished in the end. I'm a great
fan of James Smith.' •

(D) I prefer modern plays. This director did one that I liked last year. There were a

group of actors on a bare stage without any scenery. It showed what was wrong with

modem society.

Ключи к заданиям. 9 класс.

1. 0-c.8-a,9-c,10-d,ll-d. 12-a,13-b. 14-b. 15-b.l6-d.l7-a.l8-b.l9-a.20-d.21-b.22-c.

2. 23-c,24-b,25-d,26-b.27-c,28.a, 29-c,30-b,3 l-a,32-b.33-b.34-d.35-c.36-a. 37-c.

3. l-a,2-c,3-b,4-b.5-c.


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