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  1. The people in the neighborhood were pointing their fingers and watching the sky saying, “Look at that strange boy!” Why were they pointing their fingers to the sky? (Pg. 18)

  1. Using words from the text on page 18, describe how Ikarus Jackson’s wings look.

  1. Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions that cannot be taken literally. On page 18 the text states, “The whole school was staring eyes and wagging tongues.” What evidence (words, phrases, and/or illustrations) from the text helps us determine a meaning of these idioms?

  1. What evidence from the text tells the reader how she feels about Ikarus Jackson? Do they have anything in common? (Pgs. 18, 23, 26)

  1. Look at the illustration on page 20. What are Ikarus’ wings doing in this picture? Did Ikarus’ wings have an impact on the children in his class? Find evidence from the text.

  1. After the teacher told Ikarus to leave class until he could figure out what to do with his wings, what did the author mean when he wrote “the snicker grew into a giggle and spread across the playground?” Use examples from the text. (Pg. 21)

  1. Reread paragraph two on page 21. How was Ikarus feeling? What words and phrases show readers how Ikarus was feeling?

  1. Reread the 3rd paragraph on pg. 21. Snicker means “laughter that is held back.” Focus on the words “snicker,” “giggle,” and “laughing.” Did the author choose to use these words in this order for any reason? What evidence is provided?

  1. On page 21 the author writes, “Ikarus looked up, flapped his wings a couple of times, then jumped into the air.” This action took place after the author has referred to Ikarus’ wings as “useless”. What did the author mean by Ikarus’ “useless” wings when in fact they worked? Why is the word “useless” enclosed in quotation marks?

  1. Reread the first paragraph on page 18. Then reread the first paragraph on page 24. How is Ikarus different? How and why has he changed?

  1. Look at the illustration of Ikarus at the bottom of page 22. Ikarus looks defeated and sad. Find evidence from the text that would make him feel this way.

  1. Reread the first sentence on page 21. What does the word “gawk” mean in that sentence? What clue(s) does the text provide to help the reader understand the meaning of that word?

  1. An illustration is a picture that complements text. Look at the illustration at the top of page 22. How does this illustration help tell the story?

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