Texts to Support Units Y5

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Texts to Support Units Y5


Main Outcome

Supporting Texts

Author and ISBN number

Narrative 1

Novels and stories by significant children's authors

Write a complete story with a sequence of events arranged into paragraphs, linked with a range of connectives and using varying sentence length

Kensuke's Kingdom

Michael Morpurgo 978-1405221740

Dear Olly

Michael Morpurgo 978-0006753339


Sharon Creech 978-0747571476

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

Sharon Creech 978-0439649315

Love That Dog

Sharon Creech 978-0747557494

Fog Hounds, Wind Cat, Sea Mice

Joan Aiken 978-0340681312

A Handful of Gold

Joan Aiken 978-0099683612

A Harp of Fishbones

Joan Aiken 978-0340681299

The Winter Sleepwalker

Joan Aiken 978-0099496410

The Dead Letter Box

Jan Mark 978-0140316193

Nothing to Be Afraid of

Jan Mark 978-0140313925

Taking the Cat's Way Home

Jan Mark 978-0744536676

Thunder and Lightnings

Jan Mark 978-0140310634

Narrative 2

Traditional stories, fables, myths, legends

Make reflections on performances; write a new version of a legend, identifying their audience and adapting their writing to suit this audience; reflect critically on writing, edit and improve it


Michelle Paver 978-1842551158

Robin of Sherwood

Michael Morpurgo 978-0152013158

The Firework Maker’s Daughter

Philip Pullman 978-0440866404

Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady

Selina Hastings 978-0744507805

The Tale of Tales

Tony Mitton 978-0552548878

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Selina Hastings 978-0571223299

Storm Boy

Paul Owen Lewis 978-1898000495

Snow White

Josephine Poole 978-0091740870

Myths and Legends

Anthony Horowitz 978-0862727864

The Crystal Pool (4th): Myths and Legends of the World

Geraldine McCaughrean 978-1858811802

Tales of Wisdom and Wonder

Hugh Lupton 978-1841481913

Arion And The Dolphin

Vikram Seth 978-1858814308

Narrative 3

Stories from other cultures

Select a character and use improvisation and role-play to explore the story from their point of view. Write in role, for example a letter from one character to another.

Plan and retell a whole story from an alternative point of view.


Berlie Doherty 978-1842707258

Life on the Refrigerator Door

Alice Kuipers 978-0330456456

Journey to Jo'burg

Beverley Naidoo 978-0007263509

The Other Side of Truth

Beverley Naidoo 978-0435125301

The Day of Ahmed's Secret

Florence Parry-Heide 978-0140563535

Refugee Boy

Benjamin Zephaniah 978-0747550860


Louis Sachar 978-0747544593

Narrative 4Older literature

Write in the style of a particular author to complete a section of the story, add dialogue or a new chapter. Experiment with the order of sections or paragraphs to achieve different effects.


Michael Morpurgo 978-1406305975

Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling 978-1406301427

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler

Gene Kemp 978-0571230945

Charlotte’s Web

E.B.White 978-0060882617

Stig of the Dump

Clive King 978-0141314679

Narrative 5

Film Narrative

During writing sessions manipulate narrative structure; reflect critically on own writing to edit and improve it.

Use Story Shorts by BFI


The Piano

PNS Visual Text – look under Y5 Film Narrative Unit 5

Narrative 6

Dramatic Conventions

Children write their own scripts and perform or record them.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A play

Roald Dahl and Richard R George 978-0140311259

Cruel Times: A Victorian Play

Kaye Umansky and Martin Ursell 978-0750241212

Dancing with Danger and Other Plays

Mike Gould 978-1844248612

The Betrayal and Other Plays:

Mike Gould 978-1844248711

Plays for Children

Rosehelen 978-0571203390

The BFG: A Set of Plays

Roald Dahl and David Wood


The Twits – a play

Roald Dahl and David Wood


Bill's New Frock - playscript

Anne Fine 978-0582095564

The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tyler - playscript

Gene Kemp 978-0435230036

Demon Headmaster: Play (Oxford Playscripts)

Gillian Cross 978-0198312703

Non-narrative 1


Write an instructional text using appropriate form and features and awareness of intended audience; reflect on writing, edit and improve it, showing a clear understanding of the features of instructional writing

Learn to play guitar

Louisa Somerville 978-0746001936

Jazzy Jewellery


Wartime Cookbook: Food and Recipes from the Second World War 1939-45

Alison Cooper 978-0750251204

100 Fantastic Things to Make, Do and Play

Lucy Painter 978-1844764730

You Can Make Your Own Book!

Paul Johnson 978-0582337381

Pop-O-Mania: How to Create Your Own Pop-Ups

Barbara Valenta 978-0803719477

The Young Ice Skater

Peter Morrissey 978-0789434227

Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook

Angela Wilkes 978-0789420268

Non-narrative 2


Write a recount text using notes made from interviews; use appropriate language and grammar.

War Game

Michael Foreman 978-0140371390


David Macauley 978-0751370225

Castle Diary

Richard Platt 978-0744582208

Linnea in Monet’s Garden

Christina Bjork 978-9129583144

Non-narrative 3 -

Persuasive Writing

Construct an argument in note form to persuade others of a point of view, sequencing points logically. Understand how persuasive writing can be adapted for different audiences and purposes (e.g. by using formal language where appropriate), and how it can be incorporated into or combined with other text types.

Write here, Write now – persuasive writing examples

DFES 978-0340814635

Advertisements, leaflets, etc

From various shops, stores, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Websites, such as Scouting,

GASP (anti-smoking poster)



Poetry 1

Poetic Style

Children write their own free verse poem (preferably about something they know and that matters to them), drawing from earlier reading and modelling, but also attempting to find a style of their own.

Fantastic Football Poems

John Foster 978-0192763495

Funky Chickens

Benjamin Zephaniah 978-0140379457

Hey Crazy Riddle

Trish Cooke 978-1845073787

The Puffin Book of Utterly Brilliant Poetry

Brian Patten 978-0140384215

Read Me 2: A Poem for Every Day of the Year

Gaby Morgan 978-0330391320

The Poetry Book

Fiona Waters 978-1858813875

Poetry 2

Classic/Narrative Poems

Demonstrate the ability to work as a member of a group to plan, perform and evaluate a choral performance of a poem; demonstrate the ability to evaluate and improve performances in the light of comments from others

The New Oxford Book of

Children’s Verse – Eddie’s Birthday

Neil Philip 978-0192142474

Read Me: A Poem for Every Day of the Year – The Owl and the Pussy Cat

Gaby Morgan 978-0330457163

The Oxford Book of Story Poems

Michael Harrison 978-0192763440

You Wait Till I'm Older Than You! Chocolate Cake

Michael Rosen 978-0140380149

Could be in another Michael Rosen book.

The Highwayman

Look under PNS Year 5 Poetry Unit 2

Alfred Noyes 978-0192723703

The Works – a selection of poems

Paul Cookson 978-0330481045

Poetry 3

Choral and Performance

The teacher models and then supports the children in writing/creating their own performance poem text or texts, exploiting as many as possible of the features explored.

Laughter Is an Egg

John Agard 978-0140340723

The Frog Who Thought She Was an Opera Singer

Jackie Kay 978-0747538660

Bad, Bad Cats

Roger McGough 978-0140383911

Talking Turkeys

Benjamin Zephaniah 978-0140363302

Life Doesn't Frighten Me at All

Maya Angelou 978-1556702884

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