Texts Which Facilitate Fluent Reading

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Texts Which Facilitate Fluent Reading
Use known texts, or texts with rhythm-like songs and poems (or sometimes prose) because they carry the reader forward. Choose repetitive texts which are better read with exaggerated expressions like “The Greedy Cat.”

Read a story to the child (or group) demonstrating fluent reading. Read it with the child, emphasizing the phrasing. This should provide support from the feel and the sound of the patterns of words and breaks or pauses. Write down a repetitive sentence or phrase from a specially selected story and treat it as described for the above story.

Clay, Marie, Reading Recovery A Guidebook for Teachers in Training, p. 53, 1993.

The following is a list of texts by guided reading levels that may be well known stories or texts with rhythm-like songs. A few additional texts have been listed which contain conversation or punctuation that facilitates fluency. When working with a child on fluency, it is recommended that several types of texts be used to determine which type of text best facilitates fluency for that child. This list is limited and includes only a sample of texts that facilitate fluent reading. Nancy Ottey, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, Howard County

Level A

Dad Rigby PM Starter

Ghost, The Wright Group (Story Box)

I Like . . . Wright Group (Sunshine)

Mom Rigby PM Starter

Rigby PM Starter

Space Journey Wright Group (Sunshine)

Level B

At School Wright Group (Sunshine)

Chocolate Cake, The Wright Group (Story Box)

Come On Wright Group (Sunshine)

Go-Carts, The Rigby PM Starters

Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Tub Wright Group (Story Box

My Clothes Rigby PM Plus

Packing My Bag Rigby PM Starters

Pencil, The Rigby PM Starters

Run! Wright Group (Sunshine)

Sally’s New Shoes Rigby PM Starters

Time for Dinner Rigby PM Starters

Way I Go To School, The Rigby PM Starters

Texts Which Facilitate Fluent Reading

Level C

Bicycle, The Wright Group (Story Box)

Big Kick, The Rigby PM Story Books

Bubbles Wright Group (Sunshine)

Bus Ride, The Reading Unlimited

I Am a Bookworm Wright Group (Sunshine)

Ice Cream Wright Group (Sunshine)

Merry-Go-Round, The Wright Group (Sunshine)

Storm, The Rigby PM Reader

Level D

Along Comes Jake Wright Group (Sunshine)

Farm Concert, The Wright Group (Story Box)

Goodbye, Lucy Wright Group (Sunshine)

Hungry Kitten, The Rigby PM Story Books

I’m Bigger Than You! Wright Group (Sunshine)

Lazy Mary Wright Group (Read Together)

Mr. Grump Wright Group (Sunshine)

Tom Is Brave Rigby PM Story Books

What Would You Like? Wright Group (Sunshine)

Where Are The Sunhats? Rigby PM Story Books

Where Are You Going Aja Rose? Wright Group (Sunshine)

Level E

Dishy Washy Wright Group (Sunshine)

Don’t You Laugh At Me Wright Group (Sunshine)

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Houghton Mifflin

Friend For Little White Rabbit Rigby PM Storybooks

Jigaree, The Wright Group (Story Box)

Mrs. Wishy-Washy Wright Group (Story Box)

Sing-A-Song Wright Group (Read Togethers)

Who Will Be My Mother? Wright Group (Read Togethers)

Level F

Cooking Pot, The Wright Group (Sunshine)

Dad’s Headache Wright Group (Sunshine)

Gingerbread Boy, The Steck-Vaughn (New Way Red)

Hungry Giant, The Wright Group (Story Box)

Just Like Daddy Frank Ashe

Scrubbing Machine, The Wright Group (Story Box)

To Town Wright Group (Read-Togethers)

Texts Which Facilitate Fluent Reading

Level G

Grandpa, Grandpa Wright Group (Read-Togethers)

Hairy Bear Wright Group (Read-Togethers)

More Spaghetti I Say Rita Gelman – Scholastic

Noise Wright Group (Sunshine)

Obadiah Wright Group (Read-Togethers)

Red Socks and Yellow Socks Wright Group (Sunshine)

The Terrible Tiger Wright Group (Sunshine)

William’s Skateboard Wright Group (Windmill)

Level H

Do-Wacky-Do Rigby (Read Alongs)

Goodnight, Moon Margaret Wise Brown

Great Big Enormous Turnip, The Tolstoy/Oxenbury

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Rigby (Traditional Tales)

I Know An Old Lady Wright Group (Read Alongs)

Mr. Whisper Wright Group (Sunshine)

Ratty Tatty Wright Group (Sunshine)

When Dad Went to Daycare Wright Group (Sunshine)

Level I

Henny Penny Paul Galdone

Jack and the Beanstalk Rigby (Traditional Tales

Mom’s Birthday Wright Group (Sunshine)

Mom’s Diet Wright Group (Sunshine)

Mrs. Grindy’s Shoes Wright Group (Sunshine)

My Sloppy Tiger Wright Group (Sunshine)

Nowhere and Nothing Wright Group (Sunshine)

Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Rigby (Traditional Tales)

Three Little Pigs Rigby (Traditional Tales)

To Market, To Market Wright Group (Read Togethers)

Level J

Cat in the Hat, The Dr. Seuss

Chicken Little Rigby (Traditional Tales)

City Mouse, County Mouse Aesop

Drummer Hoff Ed Emberly

Gingerbread Man, The Rigby

Green Eggs and Ham Dr. Seuss

Ha-Ha Party Wright Group

Little Red Hen, The Paul Galdone

My Sloppy Tiger Goes to School Wright Group (Sunshine)

She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain Bank Street

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