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Women’s Health & Hormones

Suite 3, 1st Floor, 3 Rosebud Pd,

Rosebud, Vic, 3939

Phone: 0401 608 047

Thank You for Agreeing to SHARE YOUR STORY…
1. What was the health concern that initially brought you to the clinic? How long had you had the problem for and how was it affecting your daily life? How did you feel about the problem?
My biggest concern was my mood swings , irritability and general wellbeing. This had been going for over a year and i found that nothing was helping me, i felt alone and that no one had the same problems as me. I tried numerous over the counter tablets ect and nothing helped.

My poor husband kept by my side and listened he was wonderful 

After about 6 months i was diagnosed with a Thyroid problem and Diverticular disease!!!!! Just to add to the above. I went to a specialist about the thyroid; he kept on taking bloods and my hormone levels and metabolism where off the charts but still no tablets for me. I was just going around in circles.
I had just about enough, i cried all the time and felt very alone, no one understood, not even my friends, if let like it was just me to battle the situation.

2. What has been your experience in attending the clinic? What type of changes have you made to your diet or lifestyle? What type of natural medications have been prescribed for you? How did you feel about taking the medications?

Thank goodness I found the Women’s Health Clinic, Emma has been wonderful a very good listener and is always there to help, Emma even opened the clinic for me one day as i had a period from hell for 2 weeks, How good is that, something i will always remember .

I was tested for hormone levels and wow my Estrogens were off the charts and my progesterone was extremely low. Now we knew what to do.

I am on 2 different liquids, they are yummy (NOT) one is for my moods and the other to help the bleeding and pain associated with periods. Iron for my energy levels, Probiotics for the Diverticular, progesterone tabs and another to help reduce the estrogens’ levels, i know it seems a lot but oh my how they have helped.

My diet has changed, this was a little difficult but we made it and my health has improved tenfold YAY.I am exercising at least 4 times a week and have the energy to enjoy it. My general well being is great. I finally feel in control of my destination. I would urge anyone out there that has the same or similar feelings to contact Emma, remember if you don’t try to help yourself who else will do it, be strong and determined to succeed, i did
Thank you once again Emma, i don’t know where I would be without you.

Adele Christie

4. Any other comments?
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