That’s Amore!” The Design Division of a Standard Flower Show Mass Hort at the Flower Show

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Preliminary Schedule 9/16/2013; 5 pages

Staging and Class numbers may change.

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. presents

That’s Amore!”

The Design Division of a Standard Flower Show
Mass Hort at the Flower Show
2014 Boston Flower & Garden Show

Theme – Romance in the Garden

Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA

March 12 - 16, 2014
The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.

Marisa McCoy, GCFM President

The GCFM is a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc.

2014 marks the 85th year of exhibits by The Garden Club Federation

of Massachusetts, Inc. at Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s Exhibitions.



Joan Butler


Maureen Christmas



Joan Schofield

Entries: all classes, including

Club Competition Class 106

Nancy Donaldson


Cell 617-750-3424

4 Sunday Drive, Beverly, MA 01915

Design Classification

Cathy Healy 508-429-5055
Horticulture Classification

Ruth Gorman 508-269-1958


Thelma Shoneman 978-263-9466

Kathy Hawes 781-784-3351


Jill Malcolm 508-429-4395

Bobbie Lingard 508-759-5052

Exhibit Refreshing

Carol Bello 617-422-0202

Digital Imaging/Photography

Cheryl Collins 508-339-7191

Flower Storage Manager, Div. 1

Joanne Lyons 617-965-9632

Kathryn Leva 781-646-6814

Flower Show Consultant

Yvonne Capella 508-947-5806

ENTRY FORM: “That’s Amore!”

Design Division I presented by The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc.
Mass Hort at the Flower Show
; Boston Flower & Garden Show, March 12 - 16, 2014

Entry Days: Tuesday March 11, 2014 and Friday March 14, 2014
Exhibitor’s Meeting will be held TBD

at Elm Bank, Hunnewell Building, 900 Washington St., Wellesley, MA
Call to confirm openings then mail ENTRY FORM for all Classes including Class 106 Club Competition to:

Nancy Donaldson 978-922-4189, Cell 617-750-3424

4 Sunday Drive, Beverly, MA 01915

I have confirmed my entry:

Class # Class Title Entry Date:

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ENTRY FORM (clip and mail)



Garden Club
Club President

(Class 106 only: name of Club President during March 2014)
I wish to enter Entry Date: Tues. 3/11 Fri. 3/14

(Circle One)

Class #
Class Title

Have you ever won a blue ribbon in Design in a judged flower show other than a club show?

Yes ____ No____

Are you also a Garden Club of America (GCA) member?

Yes No

Are you a Massachusetts Horticultural Society member?

Yes No

Design Division I

Romance surrounds us. It is a source of inspiration for song, theatre, movies, art,

and literature. First meeting - Courting - Wedding day – Anniversaries.

Join our designers as they express phases of romance in - Flowers.

Class 101 “Love Is in the Air”

Love is all around - from the ‘whisper of the trees to the thunder of the seas’. It is ‘in every sight and sound’ as described in this 1977 disco song by John Paul Young.

Hanging Type II staged in a 26” round hoop on a 36” high pedestal with a 20” diameter top.

(4 entries – Designer’s Choice Award)

Class 102 “How Do I Love Thee?”

One designer will create both designs. Designs will be judged separately.

Class 102a “Love Letters“

The courtship begins. Through the ages, men and women have professed their love putting ink to paper.

A Plaque (Traditional or Creative) staged on circle 22” in diameter with bottom of plaque positioned 54” from floor.

(4 entries - Designer’s Choice Award)

Class 102b “Love Songs”

The original love songs were poetry set to music.

Designer’s choice of a Traditional or Creative Design staged on a 30” high pedestal with a 20” square top.

(4 entries – Tricolor Award)

Class 103 “Rendezvous”

Illicit meetings, plans thwarted by the outside world –history and the Arts are filled with rendezvous that are joyfully successful or sadly missed.

A Creative Design staged on 2 teardrop shaped pedestals which combine to form 36” round. Height of taller segment is 24”; height of lower segment is 18”.

(4 entries – Designer’s Choice Award)

Class 104 “I Love Paris in the Springtime”

One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris has a place in history for its influence in design.

A Traditional Design created in the manner of French Rococo staged on a pedestal 36” high with a 14” diameter top.

(4 entries - Tricolor Award)

Class 105 “Light My Fire”

Romantic getaways, tender gestures, flowers for no reason - all loving ways to ignite the embers of passion.

A Creative Design staged in front of a background panel 30”wide x 40”high on a pedestal 36” high x 30” wide x 18” deep.

(4 entries – Designer’s Choice Award)

Class 106 “Love Story” Club Competition

True romance, star-crossed lovers – life and literature are full of those meant to be together.

Functional table (not buffet) for 4 or more for a wedding celebration. Wedding couple (real or fictional, current day or in the past) to be named by exhibitors. Staged on 30” high table with a 48” diameter top covered to the floor with an ecru cloth. Judged from the front but viewed from all sides.

(4 entries - Club Competition Award)


Class 107 “Happily Ever After”

This is the 85th anniversary of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts exhibiting at Massachusetts Horticultural Society Exhibitions.

Designer’s choice of a Traditional or Creative Design incorporating the traditional material associated with gift of named anniversary (i.e. paper for 1st Anniversary) staged on a 36” high pedestal with a 24” square top.

(4 entries - Tricolor Award)


Classes 102b, 104 and 107 are eligible for the Tricolor Award.

Classes 101, 102a, 103, 105 are eligible for the Designer’s Choice Award and the Barbara D. May Award of Design Excellence.

Class 104 is eligible for the Marie Hancock Cook Award.

Class 106 is eligible for the Club Competition Award.

All classes except 106 are eligible for the Susan Scheel Thomas Novice Award and Ruth A. Wallack Design Award.

All classes are eligible for the Clare Richards Award, the Jeanne-Marie Parkes Creativity Award, the Diane Bullock Award, the John Taylor Arms Award, the Garden Club of America Certificate of Excellence in Flower Arranging, the Garden Club of America Zone 1 Bowl, and the National Garden Clubs Design Award.
Top Awards will be presented at an Awards Reception

to be held April TBD, 2013, 7 pm at

Elm Bank, Hunnewell Building, 900 Washington St., Wellesley.

SCALE OF POINTS for all classes

Conformance (to schedule requirements) 20

Design (Elements and Principles) 42

Artistic Concept (selection/organization) 12

Expression (interpretation of class) 10

Distinction (marked superiority in all respects) 16



1. Design Division I is staged according to rules of National Garden Clubs, Inc. using as its authority The Handbook for Flower Shows, Revised 2007 Ed. (abbrev. HB) and any changes published in The National Gardener.

 2. Entries are open only to members and affiliates of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. All entries must be confirmed with Nancy Donaldson.

3. An Exhibitors’ Meeting will be held TBA (Snow Date TBA) at Elm Bank, Hunnewell Building, 900 Washington St., Wellesley. Complete staging information will be given.

 4. ENTRY DATES: Tuesday, March 11 and Friday, March 14. REMOVAL DATES AND TIMES: Thursday, March 13, 9:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 16, 6:15 p.m. Exhibitors must remove or have someone remove their designs at the designated time.

 5. All designs (except Classes 102a and 106) must be completed in the Show area. Each design is to be completed by a single exhibitor, except Class 106 where two or more members of a garden club collaborate.

 6. On both entry days, exhibitors may enter the building at 5:30 a.m. and must leave the show floor by 8:30 a.m. Only exhibitors and Committee will be allowed in the Show area while designs are being created. Staging assistants will be available.

 7. A preliminary list of plant material (botanical and common names are required) must be submitted to the Horticulture Classification Chairman. When the design is completed, it must be passed by the Design Classification Chairman before the exhibitor leaves the Show area.

 8. All components must be within the frame of reference. A design may not go outside the total allowed space.

 9. Treating of fresh plant material and the use of artificial plant material are strictly prohibited. Some plant material must be used in every design. Menu food and live animals are not allowed. HB pp 187-190.

 10. Wild collected plants of species listed by the Mass. Natural Heritage program may not be used in Standard Flower Shows of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc., or its member clubs. Cultivated plant material appearing on the list may be used if the exhibitor provides a typed card stating that it has not been wild collected.

 11. Plants listed on the Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List are not permitted in Design Division I. A list may be found on

 12. Massachusetts Horticultural Society policy requires that businesses, non-profit organizations, commercial products may not be promoted within a design. Logos and corporate images are not permitted. Catalogs, circulars, and business cards may not be displayed. Exhibits are to be non-commercial in character.

 13. Judging will begin at 9:15 a.m. The decision of the judges is final. Awards are given only if merited. Judges are required to consider non-blue ribbon winners for 90+ recognition.

 14. The Standard System of Awarding is used and allows for one First (90 points or above), one Second (85 points or above), one Third (80 points or above), and one or more Honorable Mention (75 points or above) in each class.

 15. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep his/her design in pristine condition throughout the show. A design may be removed at the discretion of the Committee.

 16. The GCFM and Mass Hort will provide the best possible protection to all exhibits. However, they distinctly disclaim all liability for loss or damage to designs and personal property belonging to exhibitors.

 17. Exhibitors are asked to remember that this is a Flower Show and emphasis should be placed on plant material.

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