The 10pm Question Study Options

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The 10pm Question Study Options





Select one of these tasks if you prefer information presented in charts, images, flow charts rather than words.

Create a character profile for at least three characters including symbols to reflect their personality.

Create a poster for the film, The 10pm Question which shows one main idea or message from the novel.

Create a map of the area and include all the specific details mentioned in the story.

Select at least ten important quotations from the text and create a picture book based on the ideas presented in each quote.

Create a comic strip which shows a conflict/relationship between at least two characters.

Produce a leaflet based on an issue in the story e.g. family relationships, agoraphobia, mental illness etc

Create a tension graph outlining the specific incidents in the story and how they increase or decrease the tension.

See Miss Roberts for a copy of the language analysis table to be completed and developed by you, into a poster of language techniques in The 10pm Question.

Aural / Auditory
Select one of these tasks if you prefer information that is heard or spoken.

Kate De Goldi wants to make a musical out of The 10pm Question. Write a song for a key moment in the story.

Write a rap/rhyme about an issue from the novel and present it to the class.

Create a radio broadcast about ‘agoraphobia’. Choose a station and potential audience before you start.

Find an interesting section of dialogue in the novel and create a script based on the conversation to perform to the class.

Interview a character from the story. Write questions you want to ask and carry out a ‘hotseating’ type interview.

Produce an overheard conversation/

Monologue by a main character in the story.

Write a script/perform for a guided tour of the neighbourhood in the story. Imagine it is a true story and tourists might want to visit.

Prepare and perform a presentation to be given to Year 8 students about using a dictionary and the importance of leaning new words.

Select one of these tasks if you prefer information presented in word form.

Write a series of diary entries as though you are a character from the novel.

Research a theme or idea from the novel and present your findings in a report or as a power point.

Write a ‘brief’ for an alternative time/place for the setting. Try to persuade De Goldi to change the current, modern day setting.

Create a detailed analysis grid of language features in the text. Columns are Technique/Example/


Write a magazine article about an issue from the book. E.g. agoraphobia or family relationships etc

Create a wiki/blog about The 10pm Question. Included any aspects you wish and try to promote it.

Create a series of advertisements for the book launch of The 10pm Question. Include a range of medium.

Write an article about phobias for a local newspaper. You could use the case study from the story,


The Unit of Study for The 10pm Question will be partially student led. You will work in your study groups and will organise your own Unit outline based on the tasks presented above.

It is important that you learn about the novel and the issues surrounding it through your most suited learning method. Are you best suited to learning visually, by listening and speaking, or reading and writing or a combination of the two? You will either select at least two tasks to be completed as in individual on behalf of your group or you will work as a group to complete six to eight of the above tasks.
By the end of Week 4, your group with present a project based on the novel. This will include work completed by each member of the class and may involve a presentation in Week 4.
You should work to your strengths by selecting tasks you are good at and also work as a team to design a final product.
There will be a points system whereby each task completed is worth 5 points and the criteria are listed below:

  • creativity and ideas –how interesting, unique and thoughtful was you planning?

  • application- how well did you execute your creation of the product?

  • Product-how did it all turn out?

There will be a winning team and prizes for the best ‘project’. Please present this in an interesting way but, apart from that, anyway you like!

Planning and Reflection

Before you start, is expected that you will spend at least one lesson planning with your group. Discuss the following:

  • What type of learning suits me best?

  • Which of the tasks would I like to complete?

  • How does this fit with the rest of my group?

  • How will we work? As a group or as individuals or a combination of the two?

As you progress, at the end of every lesson we will have reflection time. During this time you will discuss with your group the following:

  • What is working well?

  • What isn’t going as planned?

  • What do we need to do to overcome difficulties faced?

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