The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students


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The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students

Class: 3A Student: Law Chui Ying

Title of the book: Who moved my cheese?

Author: Dr Spencer Johnson
Publisher: Random House

The story starts with a gathering of a group of friends after their high school reunion. One of them set out to share a tale of two mice, called Sniff and Scurry and two little people, miniature humans, called Hem and Haw, who lived in a maze. Most of the time they wore their sneakers and sport clothes, left their houses and rushed into the maze to find their favourite things ever, cheese. This never suspended. They cherished and yearned for cheese. .Their anxiety for cheese was obvious.

One day, both groups found a cheese-filled corridor in "Cheese Station C". Two little people were over the moon about this. They didn’t know mice were also getting cheese from Cheese Station C. They did believe cheese there was enough for their whole lives. One of these days, the cheese was all gone! Sniff and Scurry arrived to find no more cheese left but they were not surprised. Noticing the cheese supply dwindling, they had mentally prepared. Leaving Cheese Station C behind, they got their sneakers on and started off their search for new cheese side by side. Later that day, Hem and Haw arrived at Cheese Station C only to find the same thing, no cheese. Angered and annoyed, Hem demanded, "who moved my cheese?". Unprepared, the humans had counted on the cheese supply to be constant. After comfirming that the cheese was indeed gone and storming at the unfairness of the situation, both of them were hungry. Returning next day, Hem and Haw found the same cheeseless station. Coming to terms with the situation at hand, Haw planned a hunt for unknown cheese, but Hem, kept thinking he was a pathetic victim, refused the approach. Still travelling, one day Haw came across Cheese Station N abundant with cheese, as well as some varieties strange to him. He found what he was looking for eventually. Wondering if he should return to his old friend, Haw decided to let Hem discover his own way.

How do I deal with changes in my daily life? Through the story, I have found out what kind of person I am when things become reserve unexpectedly. Can I observe the change beforehand and prepare for it? Or react in accordance with the conditions? Or just believe in my old ways and pull away anything new? Indeed, “cheese’’ means what we are desperate for in our lives. For most people, they quick off the mark in a job, a relationship, money, fame, health and family. The ‘’maze’’ means where we spend our time and sweat our blood to chase our goals. It can be the organisation we are working for, or the communities we are living in.

In the story, two little people had their own manners facing changes – losing their cheese. Haw first pulled a long face about losing cheese and couldn’t come to grip with reality. But overtime, Haw seemed to realise the situation---no cheese was going to appear in Cheese Station C again. Although Haw hesitated for a while due to the pessimistic opinion of Hem, Haw went on his without a thread of dread but a basket full of hope.
On the other hand, Hem was dead set in his victimized mindset and nixes to start a ‘looking for cheese’ journey with Haw. Hem just represents one type of persons, who are fearful of changes, make a fuss about them and refuse to step out their feet for new routines while Haw is the one who takes his courage in both hands and faces obstacles in the process of changing. Since we cannot avoid changes or stop them from happening, it’s no good to cry over split milk. If you say no to going out from the ‘cheeseless’ area and deem that changes are something gloomy, you will be eliminated and your obsolete habit will never assist you to get your new cheese. This lets me think of two businessmen, Mr. A and Mr. B. They cooperated with each other to manage a foodstuff company. Considerable profit was their cheese and the company was their maze. Thanks to their endeavors, the company was going up-and-up. Earning lots of money, they thought nothing else could pull them down from the stage of success. Unfortunately, the turnover of a certain month declined dramatically! Their company was knocked over by another small but new enormous company selling much better food that they ignored all along! Their company went bankrupt few months later. Facing such a discouraging change, they had different notions. Mr. B was disappointed to death, blocking himself in his house all the time. He rebuffed to change, just like little people Hem. On the contrary, Mr. A took out all his courage and decided to make one more effort. His brave manner towards change really did wonders. He entered a large foodstuff enterprise and had a meteoric rise with contribution of helping the enterprise to fight against another improving enemy. He had already learnt to observe at any moment and be well-prepared to change. Mr. A could adapt to the changes quickly without fear and enjoyed the new cheese very soon. So, did Mr. B dig himself into a hole?

No matter whether the changes are good or bad, if we mend our ways, confront them positively and try to break through the difficulties in your mind and accept changes, we can taste blood and get our new fresh cheese certainly. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

Delivering abstract principles through an entertaining and lovely fable, shallow and clear maxims become absorbable to all age groups. This book really teaches me a lesson.


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