The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students


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The 24th Annual Book Report Competition for secondary school students

Class: 6A

Student: Chung Fei Fei

Title: Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

Publisher: Longman
Have you read ghost stories? Do you believe them? Tales of Mystery and Imagination will give you a chance to experience a fantasy world. There are six incredible stories. They are ‘You are the man’, ‘The Gold Bug’, ‘The Stolen Letter’, ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘Down into the Maelstrom’ and ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’. These famous stories were written by Edgar Allan Poe, who is the master of horror. He led me to explore the dark world of the imagination, where the dead live and speak, where fear lies in every shadow of the mind. The mysterious stories really touched my heart. Not only the frightening ambiance, but the hidden message could produce profound meaning. This is the reason why I thought the story is out of the ordinary and extremely special. It has changed my impression of the other horror stories that I have read before. Undoubtedly, this book is the best among all the horror stories. Therefore, I would like to recommend the book to you sincerely.

Have you experienced any scary event? Edgar Allan Poe could make frightening ambiance. It could be evident. The most frightening story’ You Are The Man’ gave me deep feelings. It is about Mr. Shuttle Worthy’s story. He was one of Rattle borough’s wealthiest and most respectable old gentlemen. Unluckily, he died. Old Charley tried to find out the real murderer. When Old Charley found the body of poor Mr. Shuttle, Worthy was covered with blood and dirt sprang up in the box. I still remember the impressive sentences written by Poe. “The dead eyes looked sadly into Old Charley’s face. The murdered man’s clear but distant voice said slowly ‘you are the man!’ ” Poe used these words to accuse the real murderer. He described the scene of that time to the readers. This scene was one of the indescribable horrors. He wrote “the body fell over the side of the box, onto the table” subsequently. It was horrible.

Moreover, there is an illustration next to the story. I thought I was terrified out of my wits. After that, I saw the picture was really ghastly. I admire him for his imagination very much. Poe gave me a new impression about reading the horror stories. I have developed enormous imagination through the book and had a firsthand experience in reading mystery.
The inspiration from him could teach me more in my daily life. For instance, The Stolen Letter said Duplin, who was a very clever detective, could solve the mystery. Sometimes, we need to observe carefully. Otherwise, we will lose the thread of a spider and the trail of a horse. If Duplin were careless, he would not have tackled the mystery, or even could not have found a letter stolen by a thief. So it is wise of us to keep an eyes open and use our hearts to see the whole world.
Are you interested in this book? It is useful and significant. The more you read, the more you find the joy in reading the unbelievable stories. However, each story is too short. It is difficult to show whether the writer was aiming for one single effect or just a number of events. It may be a blemish in an otherwise perfect story. Personally, one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade.

After I read all the stories, I do not fear anymore. Please do not be scared by the book. I think I am accustomed to reading horror stories written by him. Poe is an unusual author. He is totally different from other authors. He has developed a unique style that belongs to him. Poe’s imagination is a heavenly steed soaring across the skies. He successfully brings frightening messages to me. I understand that he wants to give people more information in reading his book. He hopes people will see not only the ordinary facts but also the facts that are extraordinary. So we are able to find the real situation which other people do not understand.

For example, The Murders in the Rue Morgue is about an orangutan from Borneo and Sumatra. The murder of two women happened in the street named Rue Morgue. They avoided the policemen. Nevertheless, Duplin finally caught the murderer, because he could put facts together and understand their meaning. He also had trained himself to see not only the ordinary facts of a case. Thus, he found the answer to a mystery.

In our life, we could get information from different ways but there were discrepancies of information in the reports. We need to compare and find out the truth. Try to see an inner world and understand the meaning behind instead of that on the surface. You will find the truth eventually. If we can have different levels of thinking, we will be the winner one day. Would you like to read this book? It will give you a new stimulus. You cannot afford to miss the chance to read these stories.


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