The 28th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students

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Name: Wong Wang Chak Daren

Class: 2A

The 28th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students
Title: Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!

Author: Dan Gutman

Number of words: 760

The name of this book is called Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal! I have chosen this book because the cover of this book told me it was about school life and I am interested in school life. The plot of this book is interesting and unthinkable. At first, the main character Arlo Jervis (known as A.J.) got in a school bus to school. When all the students were in the school bus, the bus captain received a call from Mr. Klutz. The bus captain needed to go to another place to pick up a new student. They faced a lot of problems and funny jokes. Finally, they reached the school but it was the end of the school time. However, the new student was in the school because the student went to school by his private car in the morning. It made the bus captain and the students very angry.

I think this book is very meaningful. In the story, Mr. Klutz asked the bus captain to pick up a new student because they did not communicate well. The school bus was lost in the middle of nowhere. The students on the school bus could not go to school on time and missed the lessons. It reminds me that, for better co-operation with the others, I need a better communication with them. Then, I can do the things better and yield twice the result with half the effort.

In addition, in the story the school bus was stuck in a mud. The students all got down the bus and pushed the bus with their full power. Although it seemed there were no chance that the students could move the school bus. I think the spirit of the students is valuable. It lets me know that we should never give up for any problems. No matter it is difficult or easy, we should try our best.

If I had a chance to spend a day with one of the main characters in the story, I would choose A.J. because I think he is clever. In the story, when he was facing problems in the school bus, he could still think of a solution immediately. I think I can learn a lot from his good attitude. I would like to talk to A.J., have dinner with him and share my experience with him.
If I were the author of this book, I would like to add a new main character to this story. I think the bus captain was impatient and had a bad temper. When she was lost in the middle of nowhere, she showed her bad temper. The school bus was stuck in a mud. That was because of her impatience in the school bus. Therefore, I think a fairy should be added to remind the bus captain. When the bus captain’s temper is not well, the fairy can remind the bus captain to be patient and careful. Therefore, the bus captain can avoid making any mistake again because of her attitude.
I would also like to choose a birthday present for Andrea. In the story, she always forgot how to spell some difficult words. So, in her spelling test, she always failed in it. Therefore, I think a dictionary is the most suitable gift for her to improve her spelling skills and not to fail again in the future.

According to this book, I like the part telling the students pushing the school bus stuck in the mud is the best. This part is the most interesting because some of the students were too scared. They ate the cushion because it was already the lunchtime but they still did not have anything to eat. Some of the students were hugging each other to low down their stress. In addition, some of the students even cried and yelled loudly. It disturbed the bus captain and made the bus captain even more impatient. I thought this part was the funniest part and the most meaningful because I could not believe that the students ate the cushion! It was unbelievable!
This book reminds me that I need to communicate with the others better and be patient when I am facing some difficulties. I would recommend this book to my friends who are impatient. I think this book may change their attitude when facing problems.

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