The 29th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students

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The 29th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students

Class: 3A

Name: Suen Sau Mui

Title: Stone Fox

Author: John Reynolds Gardiner

Publisher: H.I. Publishers, Inc

This story is about a boy called Little Willy and his grandfather who lived on a small potato farm in Wyoming. One day, Little Willy’s grandfather didn't get out of bed. Little Willy thought he was playing a trick. But the doctor called Doc Smith said that his grandfather was as healthy as an ox and he just didn’t want to live anymore. In order to help his grandfather, Little Willy tried all methods and knew why his grandfather wanted to give up, but his grandfather still hadn’t said a word yet. Eventually, he found that grandfather didn’t pay tax and owed $ 500! Then, every February the National Dogsled Races were held in Jackson, the winner could have $ 500. Little Willy was happy and signed up for the race with his dog called Searchlight. There are a powerful competitor called Stone Fox, he never lost a race. The race started, Little Willy started out with a good lead in the beginning, but Searchlight was a hundred feet from the finish line when her heart burst. She died instantly. Lastly, Stone Fox stopped his sled and stopped everybody from moving across the finish by saying ‘anyone crosses this line – I shoot’, Little Willy won.

This is a good story that touches the chords of one's heart. This is my first time crying when I read this book. This book involved family’s love, sympathy, love between human and animals, getting along with people, sacrifice, responsibility and also social problems…a lot of things that we can learn in this book.

Firstly, I like the character Little Willy. He was like my idol. In this book, Little Willy and his grandfather depended on each other and lived on a small potato farm. They were poor but they were still happy. Grandfather did not have money to pay the tax, so he gave up and didn’t want to live anymore. This reflects a social problem- extreme disparity between the rich and the poor. They depended on their farm for a living only. They did not have any money to buy toys and snacks. They are not as rich as us. In our society, someone doesn’t have money to buy food, someone doesn’t have money to pay the rent, and someone doesn’t have money to pay the water bill and electric bill.

But there are people who do need to care the cost of meals, they can buy many things that they like, they can live in a big house, they can play games. In China, the extreme disparity between the city and rural village becomes more serious. I know the world cannot be completely fair, this is their destiny. Life is not fair, we just have to get used to it just like Little Willy and his grandfather. We should be content because “A contented mind is a perpetual feast.” I think we have been happier than Little Willy, the thing that we have to do is to cherish everything we have now. We should help the poor too, such as by donating money.
Little Willy is just a young boy, but he was sensible. In order to help his grandfather, he didn’t give up when he found the reason that led to grandfather’s sickness. He must pay back the debt and he tried many methods, for example, growing crops. Although everybody suggested he should sell the farm, he still believed he could solve the problems through other ways. Little Willy just hoped his grandfather could fully recover from the illness. His was brave and never gave up. A bold attempt is half success. We should learn from him as his behaviour is commendable.

We have to make a reflection. When we have trouble, why don’t we try to face it? In Hong Kong, many people committed suicide because of some small problems. I think they are fools! Their problems are simpler than Little Willy’s, but Little Willy didn’t have a suicidal thought. I know people may consider suicide when they are hopeless and can't see any hope. There are two sides to every question .Where there is a life, there is a hope. We should believe it is not a desperate situation. Everybody faces difficulties in life. In addition, Little Willy also had a sense of responsibility. All people must pay the tax, he didn’t evade the responsibility.

I also like the character, Little Willy’s grandfather. He liked to use quotations. He always taught Little Willy many things, such as it’s good to ask questions and don’t accept help unless you can pay for it. Grandfather is a good person. When we accept help from everybody, we must remember their favor and repay. Moreover, his grandfather had childlike innocence. Although they were poor, his grandfather always played games and tricks with Little Willy. He tried to make his grandson happy. Little Willy could also make use of his wisdom to help his grandfather. This a successful example of education, so this book is also suitable for parents. I am disappointed because of grandfather’s defect. He taught Little Willy many things but he couldn’t handle his problem by himself. But Little Willy could join the National Dogsled Races in the cold climate. If I were Little Willy’s grandfather, I would not give up and solve the problems with Little Willy.
The story also includes the love between Little Willy and Searchlight. Searchlight is the most loyal dog I’ve never seen. She was really a good dog. She did well and gave it everything she had. She loved Little Willy and Searchlight. They are like best friends. I feel sad because Searchlight died suddenly. If I could rewrite the ending, I would prefer that Searchlight would not die and lived with Little Willy and grandfather happily. Dogs are human’s friends so we must treat them with great care. I saw much news about people maltreat animals. I think they are cruel and cannot be forgiven .We should cherish all living things and don’t hurt them.

This story is interesting and touching. I think the ending makes me feel surprised. I imagine Stone Fox is a bad man because he is a cool and terrible man in this story, but he has a great compassion. His behavior teaches me that ‘it is better to win the peace and to lose the war.’ Finally, I think this is a good book to recommend to all people.

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