The 4432 meeting of the Brisbane City Council, held at City Hall, Brisbane on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 2pm


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Chairman: Councillors are there any petitions? Councillor KNAPP.

Councillor KNAPP: Thank you, Madam Chairman, I have got a petition from residents wanting a closure of a road in Lone Pine Street off Wardell Street.

Chairman: Councillor HUANG.

Councillor HUANG: Thank you, Madam Chair, I have a petition from residents of Greengrove Place, Kuraby, regarding a development application.

Chairman: Further petitions? Councillor JOHNSTON.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Yes I have a petition from Yeronga residents calling for a pedestrian refuge on Hyde Road/Cansdale Street and I just can’t wait for the debate on that one.

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING.

Councillor CUMMING: Thanks, Madam Chair, I’ve got a petition from residents calling for Council to build the Lindum level crossing flyover.

Chairman: Further petitions? Councillor McLACHLAN?

Councillor McLACHLAN: Thank you, Madam Chair, I’ve got a petition in relation to potential removal of a significant hoop pine tree as a part of the development application in Hendra.

Chairman: Further petitions? Councillor MURPHY.


It was resolved on the motion of Councillor Ryan MURPHY, seconded by Councillor Victoria NEWTON, that the petitions as presented be received and referred to the Committee concerned for consideration and report.

The petitions were summarised as follows:

File No.




Geraldine Knapp

Requesting that Council close the Wardell Street end of Lone Pine Street, Enoggera


Steven Huang

Opposing the application to subdivide 19 Greengrove Place, Kuraby

(This petition is being processed as a formal submission on development application number A003831044)


Nicole Johnston

Requesting that Council urgently build a pedestrian refuge between the dog off-leash park and local shops on Hyde Road, Yeronga


Peter Cumming

Requesting that Council commit to constructing the Lindum Railway Crossing Overpass before the end of this term of Council which is March 2016


David McLachlan

Opposing the removal of the significant Hoop Pine as part of the development application at 116 Zillman Road, Hendra

(This petition is being processed as a formal submission on development application number A003797290)


Chairman: Are there any items of general business? Councillor HUANG.

Councillor HUANG: Thank you, Madam Chairman. I rise to speak on the Harmony Day event that was held on 15 March 2014 in MacGregor State School.

Madam Chairman, Harmony Day is an important event for our community. It is a day where all communities in this country, regardless of culture, religion or ethnicity, all come together to demonstrate and celebrate cohesion and inclusion in our country, and promote a tolerant and culturally-diverse society.

Harmony Day begun in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and each year people come together and celebrate Harmony Day by participating in local activities.

Since 1999, more than 55,000 Harmony Day events have been staged in childcare centres, schools, community groups, churches, businesses and federal, state and local government agencies across Australia.

The continuing message of Harmony Day is: “Everyone Belongs”. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Madam Chairman, this year I was privileged to attend and represent the LORD MAYOR at a Harmony Day celebration held in MacGregor State School, along with Councillor MARX and Councillor McKENZIE.

This Harmony Day celebration was hosted by World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc, and was well attended by elected representatives from all three levels of government, as well as leaders from various community organisations. This reflects the importance of the event and also shows the cohesive and harmonious community we enjoy on the south side.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc, for organising such a successful event to celebrate this important occasion, and thank the main hosts, Melody Chen and Dana Yu for their contribution in promoting cohesion and inclusion amongst Brisbane’s multicultural communities.

Just as an endnote, for those who don’t know, Dana Yu the current president of World Arts & Multi-Culture Inc, was a famous actress for Peking Opera, and she has personally performed in this celebration. I am sure we will have the opportunity to see her performance in future community events.

Chairman: Further general business? Councillor JOHNSTON.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Yes, Madam Chairman, I rise to speak about this administration’s voting record with respect to motions that I’ve put forward to this Council. Madam Chairman, as they have done this evening on the motion to support a small park upgrade for the residents of Rocklea, the LNP administration has voted against every single motion that I have brought to this Council Chamber as an independent.

Now over the past three years that's been over a dozen motions and dozens of amendments to motions. All of them are very locally-based motions. They are all about improving the quality of life for residents in various parts of Tennyson Ward.

Those motions have included things like the park upgrade for Rocklea, backflow valves for parts of the ward and many, many other local issues of importance to the community that I represent.

For the past couple of years the LNP councillors have not even had the guts to stand up and say why they don’t support a motion for debate in this Council Chamber.

Chairman: Councillor JOHNSTON, the fact that they may choose to not speak on an issue does not warrant the description that you are giving out and I would ask you to withdraw that comment and not go making statements of that nature, which are totally unfounded.

Councillor JOHNSTON: What—I'm sorry, I'm not sure?

Chairman: You're claiming that people do not have the intestinal fortitude to get up and speak but you don't know their reason for not getting up and speaking. I'm asking you to withdraw it.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Well, Madam Chairman, I—thank you, Madam Chairman.

Chairman: And watch your language.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Okay. I withdraw the fact that they don’t have any guts, Madam Chairman, and I’ll say that in my opinion their failure to stand up and speak to the motions of the day before this Council lack courage and lack integrity. I feel, Madam Chairman, that the residents of this city deserve at least a response from the LNP about why they're voting motions down and, Madam Chairman, they don’t do it.

They just don’t even stand up and they don’t even speak to it. They don’t have the courage to justify their decision to vote against motions put forward in this Chamber today.

Now, Madam Chairman, it doesn't happen with any other motions that come to this Chamber. It is a tactic and a strategy that the LNP are using with respect to motions that I put forward in this place. It does them little credit when the leaders of this city refuse to speak about why they are voting against something and people are—

Councillor ADAMS: Point of order, Madam Chair.

Chairman: Point of order against you, Councillor JOHNSTON. Yes, Councillor ADAMS.

Councillor ADAMS: Yet again imputing motive by saying we refuse to speak. We choose not to speak.

Chairman: Yes, that's right, Councillor ADAMS. Councillor JOHNSTON, you are imputing motive and once again I would ask you to temper your language and not be imputing motive as to why the administration may or may not do certain things.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Thank you, Madam Chairman. I'm happy to be guided by Councillor ADAMS because in my view what she's just admitted on the public record is way worse than what I'm saying. We come into this place. We've been elected by the people of this city to debate the issues of the day. We must represent the whole of the city but, Madam Chairman, the LNP councillors choose not to participate in debates about matters of local importance in Tennyson Ward.

Now, Madam Chairman, they choose not to do it. How sad is that? How sad is that, Madam Chairman, that—

Councillor ADAMS: Point of order, Madam Chair.

Chairman: Yes, Councillor ADAMS.

Councillor ADAMS: I do believe that her beliefs are still imputing motive.

Chairman: Well, they're not as bad as they were before, Councillor ADAMS, if that's anything to go by.

Councillor JOHNSTON: Madam Chairman, I'm just replacing Councillor ADAMS' own words. Let me say it's on the record that they, on that side of the Chamber, choose not to stand up and speak on my motions, Madam Chairman. It's not something accidental. It's not something that just happens. They choose not to speak to motions of the day in the Council Chamber.

Now, Madam Chairman, the City of Brisbane Act requires that councillors govern in the interest of all the city. The LNP councillors, Madam Chairman, in my opinion are not doing that when they choose not to speak on important motions of the day. I think it's very sad, Madam Chairman. I won't give up fighting for the residents of Tennyson Ward. Councillor ADAMS may choose not to speak on matters of importance in the community that I represent, Madam Chairman, but I will never choose not to speak on matters of importance with them.

I think it is very sad when councillors like Councillor OWEN-TAYLOR, who only two weeks ago in this Chamber stood and told me, in a very shouty voice mind you, just to get on with it. To get on with it and fund it out of the trust fund like every other councillor on their side does.

Well, Madam Chairman, Councillor BOURKE who keeps chit-chatting all the way through my speech, he's been caught out tonight. He's the one that's been providing the advice, saying it's in the Q2, that it's Council policy and he has exposed this LORD MAYOR very badly tonight.

His actions as the parks chairman in choosing not to speak on a parks motion of importance to the residents of Tennyson Ward does him little credit, Madam Chairman. I actually think it's very sad that the parks chairman could not be bothered or chooses not to hop up and speak to such an important matter for the residents of Tennyson Ward.

These Rocklea residents have been through hell. They didn't just get a metre of water through their houses, it went over the roof of their second storey in the January 2011 floods. They desperately want to restore the area where they live. They want to make it better for the future. They love living there and I am happy always to support them and the Tennyson Ward residents with their requests. I find it extremely sad that the LNP administration strategy here tonight has been exposed and that they have chosen not to speak on such an important matter of significance to Tennyson Ward residents.

Madam Chairman, for the past three years that has been their strategy. It is very sad that they choose not to engage in debate about matters of interest in Tennyson Ward. Now that is in my view a failure of their obligation to govern on behalf of all residents of the city. It is shocking to me that they would just ignore what is an important motion that is supported by council policy, that is allowable, that is funded and they vote against it—as they voted against every other motion, every other motion, that I put forward about matters in Tennyson Ward.

Now if I voted against every motion that they put up it would be quite interesting, wouldn't it? But 85 per cent of the time I support the motions they put up. This administration does not have the courtesy to even respond by explaining why they won't support the motions I put up. So where, Madam Chairman, is any respect from the LNP councillors when I clearly stand up and say why I don't support something or why I do. I vote in support of 85 per cent of the motions that they put up. I disagree with them very strongly in some cases but this administration has opposed 100 per cent of the motions that I have put up and for the past couple of years have not even had the courtesy to say why to the residents that I represent.

And we've heard it all here tonight from Councillor ADAMS, who's covered herself in glory because she chooses not to do it. Well Councillor ADAMS, I think that's pretty sad and I'll be happy to tell the residents of Tennyson Ward that you choose not to be heard on the issues of importance to them.

Chairman: Further general business. Councillor WYNDHAM.

Councillor WYNDHAM: Thank you, Madam Chair. I rise to speak on a festival that took place in McDowall Ward on the weekend—well, in McDowall Ward, just over the road from Marchant Ward. Madam Chair, I rise tonight because it was quite a humbling experience to have such a wonderful community festival in a place where we have been trying over and over again to activate the community, to get on board and recognise the fact that they have a fabulous park with a permanent stage where great events can be held.

Madam Chair, first I must congratulate Manoj George, who on Friday night became an Australian citizen. He is the man—

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor WYNDHAM: He is the man…thank you. Your rudeness just is amazing, more amazing than you think.

Chairman: Don't be distracted, Councillor WYNDHAM.

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Don’t be distracted.

Councillor WYNDHAM: Here is a man who became an Australian citizen on Friday night, and he said to me the LORD MAYOR spoke about being a citizen and being involved with community. Well, let me tell you, Manoj and the Brisbane Malayalee Association ran this festival and for his first day as an Australian citizen he excelled in what he did. We had a festival that went for four hours nonstop, no breaks, with most of the events being about 15 minutes long.

Most people in other parts of Australia, in other cities of Australia, would have gone to see something like this at QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Complex). It was just absolutely stunning. We had dance from Korea, many parts of Asia. Balinese dancing, French food, Italian food, Chinese food and there was a little bit of Indian food, given that it was an Indian association running the show, and a fair bit of Bollywood and a bit of belly dancing, et cetera, et cetera.

But it was just stunning entertainment. People say they were mesmerised for the four hours. What I think was really great about it is the whole community got behind this. I was absolutely stunned. We hold movies in that park and we can't get 50 people to come along so we'd abandoned it. These people got somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 people on their first attempt. The problem we have now of course is we've told them that maybe next year they only bring one friend, because we're going to run out of park space, and it is a rather large park.

But it was deliberately also held close to Harmony Day. They didn't make the big issue about Harmony Day. They just wanted a festival that was multicultural that they could run as new Australians, and I have to congratulate you. It was just so humbling. At the end of the night I sort of barged my way in and stood up there and thanked them so much, because I had not expected such a great result.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor WYNDHAM: So for those of you on the southside that keep complaining about the northside, perhaps you might like to visit our multicultural festival this time next year and see how it's done. Thank you.

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING.

Councillor CUMMING: Yes, Madam Chair, I'll be speaking on a few of my budget requests for the Wynnum Manly Ward for the 2014-15 budget.

Councillors interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: Firstly, the Lindum rail overpass is probably the most expensive item. It was unconditionally promised by a Lord Mayoral candidate, Campbell Newman, in the run up to the 2004 election. There was no mention of the project requiring State Government funding and this intersection gets more dangerous and more a source of traffic congestion as time goes on. There are new estates feeding onto Kianawah Road, which is the main road which leads into the railway crossing, which is making the traffic congestion worse.

Much of the traffic consists of parents dropping off or picking up children to Iona College, which continues to grow. This fine Catholic Year 5 to Year 12 school now has over 1400 students.

There are more passenger trains going through the intersection—most of them express trains. Unfortunately, they don’t stop at Lindum Station. Also, the freight line runs through this intersection as well, so not only do we have City Train trains but we also have freight trains. The coal mines which transport coal from mines west of Brisbane are expanding their production and there'll be more and longer coal trains passing over the crossing as times goes on.

Also there could be freight trains running to the Port of Brisbane. So in the morning you get a situation where there's a couple of passenger trains go past because the trains cross each other on the Cleveland line in and around the Wynnum Manly area, plus a coal train, and you can often have the boom gates down for five minutes or more, which leads to a line-up of cars of at least half a kilometre. It causes extreme frustration for people who have just left home and are trying to get to work and also encourages people to engage in foolish behaviour which could in the end cause someone to be severely injured.

Today I presented a petition signed by 1261 residents calling for Council to commit to constructing this flyover before the next council election. That gives Council two full years and I think that's plenty of time, isn't it, Councillor SCHRINNER?

Also I would point out that as they've been boasting about today, there have been two flyovers built on the north side of Brisbane at considerable costs. I think one of them was $199 million. I would point out to the administration that an administration that spend money on big projects on the northside and ignore the southside is running a big risk in the Brisbane context. So just be wary of that. You do that at your own peril. You do that at your own peril.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: The next two projects which I'd like to have completed are traffic calming projects. Now, I notice the Chair smiling nicely up there but once she was involved with one of these. One is for the Oceana Terrace and Ernest Street, Manly precinct. This was going to be the biggest traffic-calming project that Wynnum Manly had ever seen, instead of which some minimal work was done on the outskirts of the area. There was going to be something like 25 speed humps in the project and instead, after being announced in the budget with great cause celebre that it was being done, after a year the project was defunded.

So the problem with that area—

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: Defunded, it never went ahead. It never went ahead.

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Order.

Councillor CUMMING: The normal surveys were done. Over 60 per cent of the residents in the area supported the projects. No further surveys were done before the project was cancelled.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: In Oceana Terrace, there is a school, St John Vianney's Catholic Primary School, and in Ernest Street there is Manly State School. Both of these schools would have benefited from the project. The area's a bit of a shortcut. It's one of the ways you can get from Manly to Lota. You either go along the Esplanade or you go along Whites Road or you go through the middle over the hill at Manly.

The traffic-calming project, if it had been implemented, would have had the normal effect that traffic-calming projects have—there would have been less cars and trucks going through the area and the average speed would have been lower, which I think was a good thing for schools in that area and it was a great shame that this project was cancelled.

More recently—this administration's got a record on doing these things to Wynnum Manly Ward—we also had the Buderim Street precinct project in Manly. Again, half the project was completed. Part of Buderim Street has traffic calming, Peel Street had traffic calming but the other streets that were to be completed—Fisher Street, Peranga Street and the rest of the Buderim Street—were never done. Funding that was originally provided wasn't sufficient to complete the project and there was no second year of funding.

Again, surveys were done and 60 per cent of people were in charge—sorry, were in favour of the project going ahead. No further surveys were conducted and the project just didn't go ahead. So again, very disappointed with that and I call upon the administration to get their act together on those two issues.

The next major project I requested funding for is a new skate park for the ward. Now, we've seen in today's answers, I notice what a poor record this administration has got on skate parks. In nine years there's been two skate parks built in the whole of the city.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: What a shameful record compared to the great record of the Soorley years when—

Chairman: Order.

Councillor CUMMING: —skate parks were being built all over the place, Madam Chair, and of course in the last five years there's zero, there's zero skate parks being built in the city.

Madam Chair, Wynnum Manly—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Order.

Councillor CUMMING: —has got a skate park at Lota. It's not particularly well-positioned and the cracks in the concrete are getting so large that it's a wonder someone hasn't disappeared into them, Madam Chair.

There have been surveys done as to where we can put a new skate park. There are a couple of positions which would be very good, very high profile positions, and I think it's really important for younger people and the older people that are keen on skating to have decent facilities—high-quality facilities, and I'm calling upon the administration to allocate funding for a new skate park for Wynnum Manly.

Toilet cleaning's an area where I get plenty of complaints, particularly from residents and visitors to the area, visiting the Esplanade. This is one of the showpiece areas of Brisbane and it attracts very large numbers of people—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor KNAPP.

Councillor CUMMING: Behave yourself, Councillor KNAPP.

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor KNAPP.

Councillor CUMMING: It's—and actually, I realise—

Chairman: Councillor SUTTON, that was a bit unkind.

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: I realise—

Chairman: Order.

Councillor CUMMING: I realised some time ago that it's a bit of a waste of time doing consultation on the Esplanade on weekends because the people come from everywhere. If you want to talk to Brisbane residents it's very difficult to find them because there are some Brisbane residents but there are their friends from Redlands and from Ipswich and from Beenleigh and they're all around the south side of Brisbane and the south side of South-East Queensland. They come along to the Esplanade but they are less than impressed by the dirty toilets along—

Chairman: Order. There's too much noise.

Councillor CUMMING: —the dirty, smelly toilets which need to be cleaned more regularly and more thoroughly, and extra funding needs to be allocated to toilet cleaning.

The other matter that's of course very sad in recent years is that inadequacy of the SIF (Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund). Just a few years ago it was $125,000 per annum and now it's only down to $50,000. I think that's quite pathetic. It's grossly inadequate. In my ward, most years, the money's gone within six months.

I know, having spoken to some of the councillors opposite that they feel that it's quite inadequate as well. I think they should go and talk to their—

Councillor interjecting.

Councillor CUMMING: —their hierarchy—

Chairman: Councillor KNAPP.

Councillor CUMMING: —including—

Chairman: Councillor KNAPP. Quiet.

Councillor CUMMING: —including Councillor KNAPP—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING has got the floor.

Councillor CUMMING: —should talk to people in their hierarchy of the administration and get—

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Order.

Councillor CUMMING: —decent funding for SIF because everyone knows we could have a more adequate amount of SIF and we would be able to help more groups in our community. It's only a couple of thousand dollars on and a local group gets a great benefit out of it. They make sure the money's well spent.

Drainage is a big issue in Wynnum West for anyone living near Ropley Road. The drainage in this area could be best described as of Third World standard. The drains are essentially earth drains. The silt runoff after heavy rain must be horrific. In addition there have been new developments in the area in recent time. There's Higgs Circuit and Wirra Circuit and there's a brand new townhouse complex nearing completion on the corner of Ropley and Kianawah Road which, you guessed it feeds the stormwater straight into the drain on each side of Ropley Road.

The drain cannot cope with the runoff after heavy rain. It overflows across Ropley Road, which is a danger in itself. Any driver not familiar with the area could well lose control of their car because there's a good six inches to a foot of water goes across the road, and end up aquaplaning and end up in the drains or, worse still, having a head on collision. That's something that needs to be avoided and I've been calling for years for improved drainage on Ropley Road and it's time the administration got their act together.

It's not going to be paid for by any new developers because the blocks adjoining the road where the worst drainage is are actually flood-prone blocks, which means there's no development potential existing on those blocks. So the developers aren't going to pay it. It's got to be paid for out of the general council budget.

One other item I'd like to see is a new toilet block along the Esplanade. We've got a few toilet blocks but down on Wynnum Creek. It's called Breakwater Park. There's a—

Chairman: Councillor CUMMING, your time has expired.

Councillor interjecting.

Chairman: Further general business. I declare the meeting closed.


(Questions of which due notice has been given are printed as supplied and are not edited)
Submitted by Councillor Nicole Johnston (received on 18 March 2014)

Q1. What is the name and the number or designation of the policy referred to by The Lord Mayor on Tuesday 18 March in the Chamber as not allowing equipment or facilities to be built in parks subject to Q2 flooding and when was this policy approved by Council?

Submitted by Councillor Victoria Newton (received on 20 March 2014)

Q1. Can the CEO please advise of the year-to-date amount of parking revenue for 2013/14 year?
Q2. Can the CEO please advise of the year-to-date amount of revenue from parking infringements in 2013/14 financial year?
Q3. Can the CEO please advise of the number of parking infringement officers in Full-Time Equivalent numbers for each of the following financial years:

- 2008/09

- 2009/10

- 2010/11

- 2011/12

- 2012/13

- 2013/14
Q4. Can the CEO provide a list of Council properties sold in 2013/14 financial year to date?

Q5. Can the CEO provide a list of any Council properties sold to the City of Brisbane Investment Corporation in 2013/14 financial year to date?


(Answers to questions of which due notice has been given are printed as supplied and are not edited)
Submitted by Councillor Victoria Newton (from the meeting on 30 July 2013)

Q4. Can the CEO please advise how many new skate parks were built in each of the following financial years:

- 2004/05

- 2005/06

- 2006/07

- 2007/08

- 2008/09

- 2009/10

- 2010/11

- 2011/12

- 2012/13

A4. - 2004/05 – Webster Road, Stafford

- 2005/06

- 2006/07

- 2007/08 – Ferny Grove Picnic Ground, Ferny Grove.
- 2008/09

- 2009/10

- 2010/11

- 2011/12

- 2012/13
In relation to 2008/09-2012/13, the answer has not changed from that previously provided on 30 July 2013.

Submitted by Councillor Nicole Johnston (from meeting on 18 February 2014)

Q1. How many garbage bins have been installed in MacGregor Ward since January 2013?
A1. 13

Submitted by Councillor Victoria Newton (from meeting on 18 March 2014)

Q1 Could the CEO please list the number of rateable properties in each rating category for the 2013/2014 year (separate list for each category please)?
Q2. Could the CEO please advise if Council is responsible for the dredging of the Kedron Brook Floodway for flood mitigation purposes. If so, could the CEO please advise when it may be likely Council will re-dredge the floodway back to the original channel profiles, to reduce upstream flooding of Kedron Brook during rain events?
Q3. Can the CEO please provide the total amount of funds collected through development contribution for parkland from development in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan PIP area since 2009?
Q4. Can the CEO please provide the total amount of funds collected in the 2012-13 financial year through development contribution for parkland from development in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan PIP area?
Q5. Can the CEO provide the total amount of funds collected through development contributions for parkland from development in the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, that has been sent on parkland acquisition or embellishment since 2009 and can those expenditures be itemised against specific parks?

Q6. Can the CEO please provide the number of wandering dogs collected by Council in the following years:

- 2008/2009 financial year

- 2009/2010 financial year

- 2010/11 financial year

- 2011/12 financial year

- 2012/13 financial year.

A1 to A6. Information being compiled.



Council officers in attendance:
Angela Holmes (Team Leader, Council and Committees Support)

Jo Camamile (Council and Committee Liaison Officer)

Louise Keen (Council and Committee Liaison Officer)

Billy Peers (Personal Support Officer to the Lord Mayor and Council Orderly)

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