The aate playwrights network presents new plays by member playwrights summer, 2015


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Summer, 2015

All playwrights who are current members of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education are invited to submit up to four synopses of 75 words each for the 2016 listing – a limit of two synopses of plays published in 2015-2016 plus two synopses of unpublished plays-in-progress. Listings may be edited for length and style. The AATE New Plays by Members list will be updated once a year, distributed in hard copy at the annual conference, and posted on the AATE Website.

PLEASE NOTE: Publication dates of published plays must be confirmed every year to maintain eligibility. Those not confirmed will be assumed out-of-date and deleted. Works still in progress may remain as long as they continue to be unpublished, but information about them should be kept current.
Deadline: June 1, 2016. Please see the following entries for preferred format and to check your current listings. Send new and updated information in the body of an email or as a Word document attachment to Sandy Asher,



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Baker's Plays, see Samuel French
Big Dog Publishing,

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HERE COMES GOSLING! 1 act, 3 m, 2 f (or 1f & 1 puppet), area staging. Music by Ric Averill. Available in both full-immersion and traditional proscenium theater versions. Based on the picture book by Sandy Asher. Froggie can’t wait to meet baby Gosling and eagerly helps Rabbit with preparations for a picnic. But his exuberant greeting when Gosling finally arrives results in loud and long honks of unhappiness that terrify him. Time, patience, and a gentler approach to the baby soon lead to lasting friendship. Contact: Dramatic Publishing.
PRINCESS BEE AND THE ROYAL GOOD-NIGHT STORY 1 act, 2m, 3f, area staging. Music by Rich Biever. Based on the picture book by Sandy Asher. When her mum, the queen, is called away to Goodness-Knows-Where for three whole days and three whole nights, Bee is unable to fall asleep without hearing one of her good-night stories. The Royal Big Sister and Royal Big Brother try to fill in with stories of their own, to no avail. At last, with her siblings’ help and her dad’s understanding, Bee listens very, very closely and finds the royal good-night story in her own heart. Contact: Playwright.

STUFF! A CURIOUS COLLECTION, 1 act, 2 f, 4 m or f, extras as desired, area staging. Human beings need the found stuff of life to create art, realize our full potential, and develop our communities. In this play, we see that stuff also needs us. A voiceless, mimed STUFF attracts a group of ONES who have lost the will to transcend the mundane routines of their lives. As they share their individual stories, they bond with one another and eventually come together to create and revel in a “story soup” concocted out of their own experiences, imaginations, and other assorted . . . stuff. Contact: Playwright.


LOS ZAPATOS MAGICOS; PEDRO'S MAGIC SHOES, 1 act, 3m. 1 w. with doubling or 4 m., 1f., 5 m or f, without.   Two sets;  rich and poor houses separated by a cactus and the fiery top of the Mountain of El Diablo. To feed his family, save the valley and recover his Abuelo's (Grandfather's) heritage, Pedro must prove he is the greatest Trickster of all times. Based in part on Latino trickster tales, this story is told using about 15% Spanish. English speaking students will learn Spanish and Spanish speakers will find their own culture celebrated in this flavorful romp through America's Southwest. Contact: Playwright.


Bob Marley’s THREE LITTLE BIRDS, 1 act, 3w, 3m (with doubling), ensemble as desired.  Performance tracks available.  Based on a story by Cedella Marley, with music and lyrics by Bob Marley.  Ah…yasso nice!  Three little birds sing their sweet songs to Ziggy, a shy child who is happy to see the world from the TV in his room.  But his tricky friend Nansi wants him to get out and enjoy the Island of Jamaica.  Their worldly adventure is enlivened by the fantastic songs of renowned Reggae artist, Bob Marley.  Roots, Rock, Reggae! Contact: Creative Artist Agency,

THE ADVENTURES OF GARFIELD, 1 act, 4 m, 1 w (possibly one child) based on characters created by Jim David.  Music and lyrics by John L. Cornelius, II.  It’s Garfield’s birthday.  The languid, sarcastic orange tabby cat expects a party fit for kings.  But his friends, Jon Arbuckle, Arlene, Odie and Nermal seem to have forgotten AND, it’s MONDAY – the worst day of the week!  In a sad fit, Garfield runs away from home, all the way around the corner, to a new alley.  Life on the streets is hard and scary.  No lasagna, TV, or his teddy, Pooky.  Garfield learns that home is where the heart is.  Contact: Playwright.



THE ROAD TO RIVERBANK, one act, 60 minutes, 7M or F, plus chorus. Adapted from Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows” and “The Reluctant Dragon.” Rat and Mole are walking home to Riverbank on Christmas Eve, when Mole catches a whiff of his former home. In a rush of memories, he determines to find it. Rat, impatient to continue to Riverbank, finally agrees to help, and they find Mole End. Caroling Mice come to call and sing. When invited in, they perform their play, “The Reluctant Dragon.” Cookies and Cocoa are shared with the audience. Contact: Playwright.
THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH, full-length 1-act or 3 acts, approx. 90 min., 5 m, 5 w, 3 m or w. Adapted from Charles Dicken’s “fairy tale of home in three chirps.” Flexible staging. A fanciful celebration of winter and good cheer with such loveable and improbable characters as a musical Kettle, a wise and winning Boxer Dog, Dot and John Peerybingle and their “very doll of a baby” precariously cared for by nursemaid Tilly Slowboy, a toymaker and his blind daughter, a harsh taskmaster, a beautiful young girl and her peevish mother, a mysterious stranger, and the chirping Cricket itself. Contact: Playwright.



THE BREEZE AT DAWN, 2m, 2f, 1m or f, 2 puppets, 30 minutes, minimal set. Why do some people like getting up in the morning and some not? What is special about the beginning of the day? This play follows two groups- three children and three adults- as they try to understand "life's biggest questions" early in the morning. As they encounter the story of a sleepy monk who went through his own struggles, they realize the boundaries of time and space may be blurrier than they thought. Conceived as a touring show for students K-2, w/ opportunities for creative design and direction. Contact: Playwright.





THE QUEST OF QUEEN THOMAS (6 actors, gender-flexible).  The play follows Thomas, a 10-year-old child identifying as female.  Her struggles with acceptance from her peers and support from her mother leave her wrapped up in a fantasy world of escape, where she is Queen.  With her sidekick Bartholomew, The Queen embarks on a quest to retrieve her crown, stolen by the evil witch.  The Queen and Bartholomew must battle foes along the way, using courage and wit to persevere on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  Contact: Playwright.


THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE OF JONATHAN TOOMEY, adapted from the book by Susan Wojciechowski. 2 acts, 1 hr., 45 min. 27 characters --- 6m, 6w/teens, 8 girls, 7 boys. Jonathan is the best carpenter in the valley, but lives like a hermit ... until Widow McDowell and her son Thomas come to town.  By Christmas Jonathan has undergone a change that makes him unrecognizable to everyone!  Contact: Playwright.


SLEEPING BEAUTY. 2 acts, 1 hr., 40 min., 33 characters – 4m, 4 teen males, 3 boys, 5w, 9 teen females, 7 girls, 1 frog. The traditional story is told, plus a good deal more.  We meet the seven fairies personally and discover both their strengths and weaknesses.  The folks from the future, including the Prince and his page, are clearly from another time.  The fun that ensues during their search for the Princess’s castle is not even hinted at in the original story.  Fergus Frog, who foretells the birth of the Princess and helps us jump through the years, is the most charming amphibian you will ever meet. Contact: Playwright.


AFTER CHEKHOV. 5M, 3F. Minimal sets. 45 minutes. First produced at La Jolla Country Day High School. Adaptations of Anton Chekhov stories. In “The Confession” the large family of a cashier overspends his recent raise. In “Ninotchka”, an old man discovers that his much younger bride is unhappy. In “A Gentleman Friend”, a woman discovers that asking an old beau for a loan is a bad idea. And in “Agafya”, a wealthy housewife finds true love with the village idiot. Contact: Playwright.

TWELFTH GRADE. 6M, 5 F. 75 minutes.  Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night during pre-season football training. Jack, the quarterback, is in a funk-Jill just broke up with him. Jill is in her own funk-her summer theatre camp experience ended badly. Lucy, a new freshman, is convinced to dress like a boy to shake Jack from his funk. And when Larry, Lucy’s twin, arrives unexpectedly, all of the basics are set for this re-telling of the Shakespeare classic. Contact: Playwright.

AND THEN CAME TANGO (3 f, 5 m, 2-8 of either gender). Inspired by the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins living at the Central Park Zoo who formed a pair bond, built a nest, and were so determined to be parents that they incubated a rock. When given an orphaned egg, the pair successfully raised a baby fledgling. The play takes audiences on a journey to the penguin exhibit where Lily, a young visitor to the zoo, learns to understand the consequences of doing what she believes is right when faced with a public outcry about Roy and Silo’s bond. Contact: Playwright. 


THE RIGHT NOW (Two act play, 6 males, 10 females, 3 flexible gender, doubling possible.) It's Monday, and Saicha is on her way to school to meet her boyfriend, Asher. She doesn't know that he and his father are moving away to Germany. And Asher isn't going to tell her - because he's not leaving. He’s found a way to stay with Saicha forever. A play for high school students with a science fiction twist. Contact: Playwright.
SHAKESPLOSION!!! (One act play, minimal set, over 100 characters - doubling possible and encouraged.) A fast paced romp through every single play written by William Shakespeare – as seen through the eyes of Middle Schoolers. Hilarious and educational  – it is every play in Shakespeare’s canon in under eighty minutes. Contact: Playwright.

COLD WAR KIDS 70 minutes, 3w, 1m, media projection, intergenerational or students ages 11+.  Best friends, Janna and Krissy, are standing on the brink of adolescence while the United States stands on the brink of nuclear war. As their friendship crumbles, they struggle with the usual challenges of puberty, parents, and teachers, but also with a growing awareness of their place in a larger, shifting world.  Will they continue on a path of mutually assured destruction or turn back before it’s too late? Contact: Playwright.

THE THREE PRINCES OF SERENDIP 70 minutes,  2m, 2w, extras as desired. Appropriate for all ages and touring. A storyteller weaves together the lives of the young royals of the Three Kingdoms who are forced to deal with the curses left behind by their parents. Haunted by plagues of sea-dragons, hands from the sky, and mental illness, each must decide what price will be paid to restore peace to their lives and lands. Contact: Playwright.


THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD  5-6 actors; w/doubling. They’ve got a plan.  The children of hardworking immigrants, Leo Martinez has convinced his little sis Lizzy that being the smartest kids in the world and winning a TV kids’ quiz show is the key to escaping their tough reality.  But, when their parents refuse to let Leo compete, Lizzy learns there’s something deeper driving her brother.  The play takes a look at the bonds of family and the keys to facing life’s challenges together.  Production and tour, Childsplay Theater, 2015-2016 season.  Contact:  Playwright.
BERTIE, MAGGIE, AND THE MAGIC ZERO (5 actors w/doubling). Sisters in a blended family – multi-ethnic, biological, and adopted – Maggie and Bertie have always been different.  But, as Bertie enters her teen years, she’s confronted with an ocean of woes, leaving Maggie to deal with her own eight year-old life alone.  Until one day, with the help of The Magic Zero, Maggie becomes invisible, and Bertie must find her!  This play explores the quest for identity and the meaning of family, reminding us along the way of the beauty of difference and the immeasurable capacity of love.  Contact: Playwright.


THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR (For 9-16 plus actors plus chorus, or 2m/2w with doubling)  1 act/3 sets. When a meek tailor kills seven flies in one blow, the village buzzes gossips and exaggerates until the king thinks the tailor can kill giants.  The little tailor then has to find his own courage (with the help of the princess) to battle a rampaging unicorn, troublesome giants, and a fierce dragon in this new adaptation of the classic Grimms fairy tale.  Contact:  Dramatic Publishing.

STRONGER THAN STRONG: GREAT AMERICAN TALL TALE HEROINES,  (For a cast of 13-30, a minimum of 6f/3m/4either). 60 minutes, simple set. The famous Doctors Wellington arrive in a small town at the turn of last century to put on a medicine show and sell their strength elixir.  The doctors found their ingredients when they met the rip-roarin, gater wrasslin’ Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett, the incredibly strong keelboating legend Annie Christmas, and the catfish riding, bronco-busting cowgirl Slue Foot Sue.  Contact:  Dramatic Publishing.

THE GROCER’S GOBLIN and THE LITTLE MERMAID: Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales  (For 8-20 actors, a minimum of 4f/2m/2e)  1 act/2 sets.  In this puppetry production, a goblin steals the Grocer’s wife’s gift of gab each night and gives it to the various objects in the store so they can converse. One night, the goblin sits outside a guest’s door all night to hear The Little Mermaid. Before the guest can begin another story, a raging fire threatens the store and the goblin has to choose one thing to save: his porridge or the student’s book of stories.  Contact:  Playwright.

SHERLOCK HOLMES and the FIRST BAKER STREET IRREGULAR  (For a cast of 12-24 actors, a minimum of 7m/5f)  1 act/4 locations. When 14 year old street urching Wiggins meets Sherlock Holmes, she is impressed with him. She proposes to work for Sherlock as an apprentice detective on a trial basis. Wiggins and Sherlock must learn to trust each other as Wiggins and the group of street youth help Sherlock Holmes solve two dangerous mysteries: The Red Headed League and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Contact:  Playwright.


LA BELLA CINDERELLA  1 act, 2m, 4f, area staging. Interactive, ideal for touring. Loosely based on Rossini’s opera La Cenerentola, the play is a romp as Cinderella and her Prince fall in love but are thwarted by the villain Dandini who is trying to steal the Prince’s crown! The young audiences help Cinderella get dressed for the ball and save her from a wild boar! Contact: YouthPLAYS

AND THE UNIVERSE DIDN’T BLINK  1 act, 1m, 2f, area staging.  Miranda dwells in the past. Any past – as long as it is prior to her father’s death. At her aunt’s home, she is reacquainted with her father’s ancestor, the great polar explorer and physicist Otto Schmidt. During fantasy visits to the North Pole with Otto, she learns that the stars above are sending light from years ago. Armed with that knowledge, Miranda becomes fixated on using the stars as a time machine to contact her father one last time. Contact: Playwright.
HEY BABY, BABY, SIS BOOM BA 1 act, Cast:9-17 (6-10 f, 3-7 males), area staging. Audrey has turned thirteen and with her new grown-up age, she finds herself subject to catcalls and unwanted advances on the street. She slowly retreats into her room, drawing comics of a female superhero who will fight for her. The play chronicles seemingly “innocent” street harassment. There is a chorus whose lines are taken from various internet forums expressing some points of view regarding street harassment. Contact: Playwright.


Music by Larry Bridges & Terry Levitt


BAYOU BUG TALES  musical; 5 actors; pref. 3f & 2m (alternate versions available for casts of 24 & 50). As Bertram grows from a tadpole to a frog over the course of a year, he watches his friends in the bayou deal with the changes of the seasons.  Tilly, the ant, busily gathers leaves for her younguns and warns of the coming winter. Horatio, the grasshopper, delights in the summer sun and autumn colors without a care.  Clarissa, the caterpillar, is befuddled by all the changes around her.  As Tilly says, in the end, everyone ends up as nature intends – even Horatio, who has the best story of all, come spring.  Contact: Playwright.


THE DANCING PRINCESS musical; 6 actors – 3m, 2f, 1m or f.  Princess Yulia is wearing out a pair of shoes every night and King Valentine is spending all of the treasury’s money to supply her with new shoes.  Not wanting to seem foolish and ask his daughter why she is wearing out her shoes, he proclaims a contest.  If a young man can guess what she’s doing to wear out her shoes, he will win half the kingdom and Princess Yulia in marriage.  One day, an out-of-work dragonslayer, arrives.  With the help of his dog, and a magic cape, he attempts to outwit the princess and discover her secret.  Contact: Playwright.



SHIVER ME TIMBERS!   (45 minutes, 3M/2F, area staging suitable for touring) A delightful romp through the world of pirates, treasure, mermaids and the call of the sea!  Funny, lyrical and just ridiculous by turn, this anthology includes the stories of Treasure Beach, The Pirate & the Mermaid, and Perfect Pet for a Pirate, woven into a magical chantey of adventure.  Contact:  Playwright.
THE ADVENTURES OF PECOS BILL (50 minutes, 5-7M/3-5W – doubling possible, unit set) Everything is bigger in Texas . . . including the stories. Pecos Bill, raised by coyotes and revered by cowpokes and critters alike, never met a challenge he couldn't conquer. Wander under the wide desert sky in this rootin'-tootin' tall tale of a bigger-than-life American hero as he gallops across the Wild West taming tornadoes, wild cats, villains and even the heart of a woman as free as a tumbleweed and as tough as the rattlesnake Bill uses for a lasso!  Contact:  Playwright.


TIMMON AND THE MAGIC SHOES Short play for ages 0-5 years old; (Cast of 4, 1f, 1m, 2 either gender). A young giraffe decides to go exploring when asked to stay home by his mother.  This interactive piece which looks at what happens when a young giraffe with a short neck, a grasshopper that can't jump, and a dog that is vision-impaired meet unexpectedly and the connections they form. The play features puppetry and actors. The play was a 2013 finalist and read at One Theatre World as part of Write Local Play Global.  Contact: Playwright 
VICTORY GARDEN Full-length play; (Cast of 5, 2f, 2m, 1either gender). Calum Murphy, a hearing impaired boy, has a penchant for trouble. He destroys the garden of the neighborhood “witch” in a fit of anger. Tasked to restore the "place of peace," the garden reveals it's magic. Exploring this new world, he is challenged to see himself differently. Will he accept the challenge or return to his former path? The Garden has both magical and realistic elements and features puppetry.  Contact: Playwright 


FROM THE INSIDE, OUT   4-10 actors, all genders. Self-injury isn't something people talk about in everyday, 'polite' conversation - From the Inside, Out, tackles it head on, using the voices of those who have experienced it. Taken from the interviews of self-injurers and their friends and families, this unique theatre piece approaches the generally sensationalized topic with humor and empathy. Follow Maggie as she sits in “the middle of an empty Indian restaurant, in the middle of Detroit” and comes out to her father for the second time, first as a lesbian, and then as a self-injurer. Contact:  Playwright.

QUEERING HISTORY 60 min, 8-17 actors, all genders, flexible. Emma is a quiet, unobtrusive high school student who also happens to be queer. Her high school is turned upside down with a visit from her 'Fairy Queen Godmother,' Kinsey Scale and his Gaggle of Historical Gays.  Written in collaboration with a group of LGBT homeless youth from Green Chimneys NYC Division, Queering History explores how high school might be different if LGBT history was taught by the people who were, and are, a part of it. Contact:  Playwright.


SING A PORPOISE HOME 2 female, 2 male. 60 minutes. The ocean holds secrets as well as great promise for Tamás’ family. On a small island, at ocean’s edge, Tamás faces both his birthday and the recent death of his beloved Grampy.  His mother lovingly tries to help Tamás’ deal with the death while his estranged father also tries awkwardly to fill the gap.  Only through Tamás’ unwitting discovery of a family secret does their life begin to change in surprising ways. Contact: Playwright.


THE MUSICAL (MIS)ADVENTURES OF GOOPY AND BAGHA 9+ female, 12+ male. 7+ either. 60 minutes. Goopy and Bagha are forced from their communities for playing music badly. Fortunately they find each other and begin a journey to find someone, anyone, who will love their musicianship. They comically encounter ghosts, wreck a ship, and inadvertently save a kingdom through their bad music.  In the end, they win over a pair of Princesses and turn evil into a footstool. Contact: Playwright.




THE SHIRT OF HAPPINESS, 1 w, 1 m w/doubling. 1 act (approx. 50 minutes) Based on Armenian and Italian folk tales. A sad prince goes on a quest to find the true meaning of happiness. He is told that if he can find a truly happy man and put on his shirt, then he too will be happy.  He seeks out the rich and famous, but quickly learns that fame and fortune don’t always bring happiness.  Finally he finds a happy, loving peasant couple who have only one torn and tattered shirt between them.  He believes that this shirt will magically make him joyful. Contact: Playwright.


THE SECRET SCROLL, 1 w, 1 m w/doubling.  1 act (approx. 50 minutes).  Based on a Chinese folk tale. The Emperor’s palace is filled with discord; the royal children simply will not behave. The Emperor is constantly in a rage. He brings wise ones from all over the world, and  travels across China searching for a secret that will bring peace and harmony to his palace.  He finally finds his answer in the home of a simple man, Tsao Wang, who understands the profound power of kindness. Contact:  Playwright.



BALLOONACY (cast of 1 m, with balloons).  Winner of the AATE Distinguished Play Award. A red balloon drifts through the window of a solitary old man’s home, and so begins a silly but sweet, entirely wordless tale of the positive power of play.  While issues of loss and loneliness emerge, this delightful little laugh-filled romp for the youngest of audiences has plenty of playful shtick along with touching reminders of the ups and down of building a friendship.  Commissioned and first produced by the Children’s Theatre Company.  Contact: Plays for Young Audiences.   

OF MICE AND MANHATTAN (minimum cast of 7: 4 m, 3 f.)  Built around a number of unpublished children’s songs by legendary composer Frank Loesser (- winner of the Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar, and two Tony Awards), this story follows the “mice-capades” of a mother and child rodent searching for a home in New York City, and discovering along the way a bit about themselves and that a little diversity can for a very nice neighborhood.  Commissioned and first produced by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Contact: Playwright.   

POWER PLAY (3 m or f; plus 1 m video character).  When an unexpected power surge causes a school science movie to go bonkers, it’s up to three bumbling electricians – and the audience – to save the entire universe (or at least the remainder of the period)!  A shockingly quirky theatrical adventure with interactive video projections and outrageous audience participation, reminding young people that inside each of us – no matter our size or status - can be found the most consequential kinds of power. Commissioned and first produced by the Fulton Theater and Blueshift Theater Ensemble. Contact: Playwright.  


MIEKE RISING 3 w, 3 m  (11 without doubling) + 1 male voice over. The journey of an American teenager struggling with the loss created by her father’s death in Iraq.  Visual images and descriptions of the ancient Sumerian myth of goddess Inanna and her journey into the Netherworld are juxtaposed with modern day Meeka’s confrontation with her family and her high school team mates. Contact:  Playwright.


ME 2, 2m, 4f, area staging. Approximately 45 minutes. When 8th graders, Madison and Emily, accidentally meet they discover they’re identical twins, separated at birth. They vow to be best friends .But there’s one major difference. Emily’s an honor math student. Madison, barely passing, pressures Emily to take the math segment of an imminent placement test. “No one can tell us apart.” Storming out, Emily calls it cheating. Madison calls her “selfish.” Later, Madison, realizes she’s wrong, apologizes and there’s a hint of reconciliation. Contact: Playwright.

NADINE'S COLORING BOOK. 1 act, 4 w, 1 m play 9 characters, with doubling. After 11-year old Nadine witnesses a fatal car accident, she is literally left with no words. Her mom is concerned and her sister and friends think she's weird, but Nadine finds solace in her coloring book. Using her imagination, she ventures into the wonderful world of her coloring book, where her father is alive and she is happy once again. Contact: Playwright.
DOTTY DOT: A NEW CHILDREN'S MUSICAL! 60 minutes. 1 act, 5w, 2m. Dotty may have the tendency to be a bit bossy, so when she and her gang of quirky friends adventure to put on a play (which Dotty will OBVIOUSLY direct), things go awry. After Dotty gets too bossy and her mother forces her to come inside, will the neighborhood kids be able to work together to save the show? Book & lyrics by Ashley Laverty and Travis Kendrick. 
Music & additional lyrics by John Wascavage and Ryan Cavanaugh. Contact: Playwright.



METHOD IN HIS MADNESS,  2 acts; running time 90 minutes. Stories and poems reflect the universe of Edgar Allan Poe: his popular poems interpreted in choral reading and dance; his horror tales such as "The Black Cat"; his detective fiction "The Purloined Letter" and a few rare pieces representing his strange sense of humor. The scenes can be performed by as few as 6 or 8 actors – or by as many as 34 actors and one or two dancers. Simple set – curtains or a few walls to outline the performance space; a few pieces of furniture or boxes/crates that can be re-used in successive scenes. Contact: Playwright. 


BLOOM  90 min, 2m, 3w.  After the death of his father, 15-year-old Daniel and his mother are forced to move to unfamiliar Flint, Michigan. After a violent outburst at his new school, Daniel's social worker suggests he spend a week working with an urban gardener of several abandoned lots in the city. A week turns into a few months, and, as the two men spend the summer tending the gardens, they begin to plant much-needed hope in the neighborhood and help each other heal old wounds. A finalist at the Write Now Festival and a winner of the Aurand Harris Memorial Playwriting Award. Contact: Dramatic Publishing.


BETH MURRAY & Irania Macias Patterson
MAMÁ GOOSE  3 f. 2m., flexible staging; soundtrack of original music by Criss Cross Mango Sauce.  Adapted from Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy's Mamá Goose: A Latino Nursery Rhyme Treasury/Un Tesoro De Rimas Infantile, this bilingual play with music and movement weaves nursery rhymes into a story about sharing. Four cousins find a large and mysterious egg – surely a treasure – and each in turn tries to hide it and claim it for his own. But Abuela, the children’s grandmother, helps them to see that selfishness is like a monster: in the end, “ours” is better than “mine.” Contact: Playwrights.

GATHERING GRIMM    16 female, 6 male.  75 minutes.  Lottie Grimm has hidden the manuscripts of her brothers’ folktale collection until Jakob publicly acknowledges their origin.  Rather than being told by old peasants, most of the early tales were told by middle class schoolgirls.  The play includes dramatizations of seven of the tales of Grimm.  The frame story tells the true tale of sixteen unrecognized young women who shared their stories with the world, as well as Lottie Grimm who brought them all together.  Contact:  Playwright.

WHIRLIGIG  7 to 28 players, gender flexible. 75 minutes. Adapted from the novel by Paul Fleischman. Brent Bishop kills a young woman in a drunk driving accident and is sent by the victim's mother on a journey of redemption.  He builds whirligigs as memorials to the mother’s daughter in the four corners of the country. The play includes four short stories about individuals Brent never meets whose lives are changed by his creations in the future. Seeking a third production.  Contact: Playwright.

The Hero of EVERYTHING  3 - 4 m or f, with doubling.  Captain Everything loves saving the day and doesn’t need anyone’s help to do it. Sure, she has an Alliance of superheroes, but no one minds if she handles everything herself.  Or do they?  What happens when everyone else quits? And then what happens when Captain Everything faces something she really can’t
 do?  Can she work with her team to save Citytown City? Or will it be too late? This interactive superhero play explores the troubles of trying to work with a team, and the perils of trying to be the captain of EVERYTHING.  Contact: Playwright. 

NOT MY MONKEY  2 f, 1 m, with doubling. Tekla Zaba is the new ringleader of her family's traveling circus and there’s a new problem every time she turns around. Now, the monkeys have broken loose and are wreaking havoc! No matter who she turns to for help, the response is the same: “Not my circus, not my monkeys, NOT MY PROBLEM!"  How can a community work together to solve its problems? Includes a town forum, in which the audience gets into the act right from where they’re sitting, brainstorming solutions before monkey madness takes over the town. Original music available. Contact: Playwright.





GATHERING BLUE, 2 acts, 5m, 5f, 2+ ensemble (m/f). Adapted from Lois Lowry's companion novel to The Giver. In a world where humanity has established a repressive authoritarian regime not through politicized suspension of civil rights and diminished human experience, but through overt and brutal tribalism, three young artists discover the true nature of their society and their own mysterious abilities to shape the future. Contact: Playwright.


ADEN’S MOTHER 3m, 1f Troubled by the recent marriage of his father to a woman named Kelsey, a young boy named Aden embarks on a literary adventure to find the perfect mother. Aided by Shakespeare’s Puck, Aden encounters a wild cast of characters, all of whom have their own ideas about what makes a mother. Aden’s Mother received honorable mention in the 2011 Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Marilyn Hall Play Competition for Youth Theatre. Contact: Playwright.

CAPTAIN SUPERLATIVE, 4f, 1m (minimum), Janey, a young student who prides herself on her anonymity, finds her world shaken up when a girl shows up to school, dressed up as a superhero, Captain Superlative.  As Captain Superlative performs small acts of kindness, Janey witnesses the way that simple, good deeds begin to transform the school.  Spurred by her father's curiosity, Janey begins to investigate Captain Superlative and, much against her will, ends up becoming her sidekick on an anti-bullying campaign.  Contact: Playwright.

THE THREE BEARS,  1W (or 1M) 30-minute touring show for audience ages 3-5 years. Simple set with table and three chairs of different colors, three beds of different colors, props of different colors. This all-new take on the classic story is a one-woman show with the audience as Baby Bear! The actress plays Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Goldilocks. With Mama Bear’s guidance, the children- as Baby Bear- get dressed, do morning exercises and chores, and, of course, discover “Someone’s been eating my porridge.” A terrific first theatre experience for the youngest audience members!  Contact:  Playwright. 


THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED. Two acts. 5-7M/5-7F (Extras as desired.) A group of high school students search for and try to come to terms with the disappearance of an eccentric classmate. Adapted from an award winning young adult mystery novel. Workshopped with the Chicago Theatre for Young Audiences. Produced by First Stage Milwaukee’s Young Company. Contact: Playwright or Susan Gurman at

CONVIVENCIA. Two acts. 4-5M/2F plus a number of extras, many of whom have lines. 1492. The lives of three young people (Muslim, Jew, Christian) are turned upside down as the Spanish army re-conquers Granada.  Music, dance, and poetry heighten the forceful dramatic struggle of these three trying to survive war and persecution and find a way to live together. Commissioned by Seattle Children’s Theatre. Presented in the Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey/The Growing Stage reading series. Contact: Playwright or Susan Gurman at


DREAM SHADOWS 40 min, 3W, 3M, flexible, is based on a short story by Australian writer Finegan Kruckemeyer. A Mexican-American boy and a Native American boy share dreams and finally meet at Window Rock, on the Navajo reservation. Dream Shadows includes English, Spanish, and Nahuatl. Roxanne has written this as a parallel play with Finegan, whose play Shadow Dreams follows the same story line with an Aboriginal boy and an Anglo-Australian boy who meet at Uluru, a sacred indigenous ground in Australia. Contact: Playwright.
MARIACHI GIRL 60 min, 3W, 2M, 2-5 mariachi musicians. A bilingual Spanish/English musical for children and family audiences. Eight-year-old Carmencita dreams of being in her father’s Mariachi band, but her father insists that mariachi groups can only include men. When Carmencita reads a book about a famous female mariachi it expands her world and notion of what is possible. Full of vibrant original mariachi music from a live band, this play explores how one girl can challenge her identity in a modern society while embracing her rich heritage. Contact: Dramatic Publishing.


PROSPECT HIGH: BROOKLYN, 90 mins with variations for 5, 12, or 18 actors. Beginning at 2:47 pm and running in real time, the play introduces us to four highly-charged students from the outer boroughs and one sporadically apathetic teacher. Addressing themes of gun violence, trans acceptance, friendship, self-harm, and casual racism, we see life-changing actions culminating in one disturbing act. Is there a way violence could have been prevented? Inspired by real events. Co-written by NYC teenagers. Semi-Finalist at O’Neill Center National Playwrights Conference. Published by Smith & Kraus. Contact: Playwright.


THE MAGIC FINGER Adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book, successfully premiered in April 2013 by Imagination Stage, Washington DC. West Coast premiere May 2014, Main Street Theatre Company, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  When Lucy sees something she thinks is unfair, she points her magic finger at the problem, and it causes all sorts of mischief!  Ducks become human-sized.  People shrink and grow bird wings.  Can Lucy put things right?  Cast of 7.  Published 2015.  Contact: Samuel French.
GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM Adaptation of Michelle Magorian’s book, UK premiere at Chichester Festival Theatre, followed by tour and West End (Phoenix Theatre) season 2012/13.  Winner, Olivier Award 2013.  Published Samuel French 2014.  Set during the dangerous build-up to Second World War.  Young William is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a moving friendship with elderly recluse Tom Oakley.  All seems perfect until William is summoned by his mother back to London.  Cast of 13 plus.  Contact: Samuel French.
BACK HOME  (work in progress).  Adaptation of Michelle Magorian’s book.  Commissioned by Chichester Festival Theatre.  First draft delivered 2015.  Young Rusty returns to England at the end of Second World War, having been evacuated to America.  Adapting to life ‘back home’ is very difficult for her and for her family.  Cast of approx. 12 plus.  Contact: Playwright or


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