The Alchemist Summative Essay

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The Alchemist

Summative Essay

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In an essay, discuss the circular nature of this story. SO WHAT message, idea or meaning do you derive from this story structure? Be sure to support your answer with evidence/examples from the text. Don't forget to explain HOW that evidence supports your interpretation of the circular ending. (Note: quoting particular passages is a great way to SHOW rather than TELL.) . Be sure to explain how and why this idea is the crucial idea of the novel. You may relate it to life, but the main focus should be on the text.

Your introduction must include an interesting opening, the title, author, brief summary or introduction to the novel, and a strong thesis. Do not include your supporting ideas in your introduction. Remember to use transitions between paragraphs. Close with a strong summary that ties back into your introduction and restates (in a different way) your thesis.

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