The All Star Game

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The All Star Game

The NBA All Star Game was this Sunday and it was the third major professional sports all star game held in the last month. Do all star games interest you enough to tune in? How do all star games compare to the championship game(s) of the same sport? Lets us take a look at the actual viewing numbers from Neilson:


All Star Game Viewers

Championship Viewers


12.1 million (2010)

15 million (game 5 2010)


13.4 million (2011)

111 million (2011)


4 million (2011, US and CAN)

12 million (game 6, 2010, US and CAN)


9.1 million (2011)

28 million (game 7, 2010)

The numbers in the table are approximations. All data was found from the sources at the bottom of the page.
1. Make at least three mathematical observations from the table above.
2. Find the mean all star game viewers of all four major sports. Find the mean championships viewers for the major sports. How do these means compare?

3. It is obvious from the data that the Super Bowl has by far more viewers than any of the other sporting events. Does the Super Bowl have more viewers than these other seven games combined? Find the total number of viewers for the other seven sporting events and compare that total to the Super Bowl.

4. The cost of a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl is about $2.6 million. Those ads reached an average of 111 million viewers. Using that cost per viewer, about how much should a 30 second ad during the NBA All Star game cost? Be sure to show how you found your answer.

5. If you were to make a graphical display of the chart, which type of graph would most appropriately display the data? Consider a line graph, bar graph and circle graph. What are the pros and cons of using each?

6. In this situation a bar graph may be the best choice of the three types of graphs for displaying the data. A circle graph is typically used for making comparisons out of a whole. A line graph usually shows trends over time. Create a bar graph for the data below. Take your time and think carefully about how you will set up your bar graph and what scale you will use to display the viewing totals.

7. Make sure to compare your bar graph with the bar graphs of other students in your class. Did other students make their graphs differently? If there are some that are different, do they accurately communicate the data?

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