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he Fifth Age of the World


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he Fifth Age of the World

2992c AM, 3702 JP, 1012 BC
465. The foundation of the temple was laid in the 480th year after Israel's exodus from Egypt. This was in king Solomon's 4th year of reign on the second day of the second month (called Zif, Monday May 21st). 1Ki 6:1,37 2Ch 3:2
2993b AM, 3703 JP, 1011 BC
466. Three years after he was commanded not to cross the brook Kidron, Shimei returned from Gath to bring back two run away servants. Solomon commanded that he be executed. 1Ki 2:39 46
3000a AM, 3709 JP, 1005 BC

467. In the 11th year of Solomon's reign, in the eighth month, (called Bul) the temple and its furnishings was finished. It took 7 years 6 months to build. 1Ki 6:38 The dedication of the temple was postponed till the next year because it was a Jubilee year.
3001a AM, 3710 JP, 1004 BC

468. This was the ninth Jubilee which opened the fourth millennium of the world. King Solomon celebrated the dedication of the temple with great pomp and splendour. All Israel was assembled together in the 7th month, called Ethanim. The ark was brought from Zion into the Holy of Holies. The tabernacle and holy vessels from Gibeon went into the temple treasury. God gave a visible and wonderful token of his presence. Solomon was standing on a scaffold made of brass, kneeling down he uttered a set prayer to God. After this he blessed the people. He then offered 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. They celebrated the feast of the dedication of the altar for 7 days and the feast of tabernacles another 7 seven days. On the 15th day the celebrations were completed on the 23rd day of the 7th month when the people were dismissed to their homes. 1Ki 8:1,2,65,66 2Ch 5:3 5 6:1 8:1 11

469. On the eighth day of the seventh month, that is (Friday, October 30th.) it was the first of the seven days of the dedication. According to Levitical law the feast of atonement was held on the tenth day, (Saturday, November 1st.) Lev 25:9 At the sound of the trumpet the jubilee was proclaimed.
470. The feast of tabernacles was held on the 15th day.(Friday, November 6th.) The last day of this feast was always very solemnly kept. This occurred on the 22nd. (Friday, November 13th.) 2Ch 7:9 Le 23:36 Joh 7:37 The following day, (Saturday, November 14th.) after the sabbath the people went home.
3012c AM, 3722 JP, 992 BC
471. In the 13th year after the temple was built, Solomon finished building his own house. He spent 20 years on both of them: 7 years 5 months on the temple and 13 years on his own house. 1Ki 7:1 9:10 2Ch 8:1
472. As a reward for Hiram's good will in helping construct these houses, Solomon offered to Hiram king of Tyre 20 cities of Galilee, or Cabul which were located within the tribe of Asher. Solomon purchased these cities himself. When Hiram refused to take them, Solomon reconstructed them all himself, planting colonies of the Israelites in them.1Ki 9:10 2Ch 8:1,2
473. When Solomon had finished both houses and the wall of Jerusalem, he moved his wife, the daughter of Pharaoh, out of the city of David, into a house which he had built for her. 1Ki 3:1 7:8 2Ch 8:11 He also built Gezer, which Pharaoh his father in law took from the Canaanites and gave to Solomon. 1Ki 9:15 17 Gezer was located within the tribe of Ephraim.
3026c AM, 3736 JP, 978 BC

474. Shishak, also called Sefonchis (according to Egyptian Chronology) began to reign. Jeroboam the son of Nebat fled to him and continued with him till after Solomon died. 1Ki 11:40 12:2

3029c AM, 3739 JP, 975 BC
475. Solomon forsook his lusts and vanities to which he was addicted in his later days. He testified of his deep repentance in his book called The Preacher (Ecclesiastes) and made his peace with God. 2Ch 11:17 Solomon died when he had reigned 40 years. 1Ki 11:42 2Ch 9:30
476. Rehoboam, Solomon's son, was made king by all Israel in Sichem. By his harsh approach to his rule he alienated the hearts of ten tribes from him. These tribes sent for Jeroboam the son of Nebat, in Egypt to be their king. Under his leadership, they rebelled from the house of David. They killed Adoram, whom Rehoboam had sent to them, and abandoned the true worship of God. 1Ki 12:1 33 In memorial of this sad disaster, the Jews kept a solemn yearly fast on the 23rd of the third month, called Sivan.
477. From this sad division made in that kingdom, Rehoboam reigned over Judah and Benjamin 17 years. 1Ki 14:21 2Ch 12:1,2 and Jeroboam over Israel i.e. over the other ten tribes, for 22 years. 1Ki 14:20
478. Rehoboam returned to Jerusalem and conscripted 80,100 men to fight against the ten tribes. Through the prophet Shemaiah, he was admonished from God to abandon this plan. 1Ki 12:1 33 Continual war took place between the kings for the rest of their days. 1Ki 14:30

479. In the beginning of his reign, Jeroboam repaired Shechem where he was chosen king by the people. This place was destroyed by king Abimelech, 258 years earlier. Jeroboam lived there until he went over Jordan, and built Penuel. 1Ki 12:25 Finally, he built Tirzah and made that the capital of his kingdom. 1Ki 14:17 He feared that his new subjects would revolt against him if they continued to worship at Jerusalem. So he devised a new religion. He set up two golden calves, the one at Bethel and the other at Dan, for the people to worship. 1Ki 12:25 31

3030a AM, 3739 JP, 975 BC, 1 SK, 1 NK
480. NK   On the 15th day of the 8th month, (Monday, December 6th.) Jeroboam held a feast of his own creation similar to the feast of tabernacles among the Jews. On an idolatrous altar which he had built at Bethel, he offered sacrifices to his calf. 1Ki 12:32,33 At that time, God sent an unnamed prophet from Judah who foretold what judgment God would execute by Josiah on thltar and the priests that served it. This prophecy was confirmed by signs which appeared on that altar and the king himself. 1Ki 13:1 34 2Ki 23:15 20 From the beginning of this idolatrous worship and public demonstration of God's judgment there, we are to reckon the 390 years of the iniquity of Israel as spoken of in Eze 4:5
481. This prophet was deceived by another prophet of Bethel, who lied about a message from God. Contrary to the express commandment of God he ate meat at Bethel. Therefore, in his return homeward, he was met by a lion which killed him. When the news came to the prophet which had deceived him, he took the body and gave it an honourable burial. He assured his sons that what had been foretold by that other prophet, would undoubtedly come to pass. 1Ki 1:3 2Ki 23:17,18
3030b AM, 3740 JP, 974 BC, 1 SK, 1 NK
482. SK   The priests, Levities and other Israelites who feared God did not follow Jeroboam but worshipped with Rehoboam in Jerusalem. This helped maintain the kingdom of Judah for three years. This was the time they walked in the ways of David and Solomon. 2Ch 11:17

483. NK   Jeroboam continued in his revolt and excluded the priests that were of the lineage of Aaron the Levites from his worship. He made priests for the high places from men of the common people. 1Ki 13:33,34 2Ch 11:14,15 13:9 Hence many of the priests and Levites abandoned their possessions in those tribes and settled in Judah. They were followed there by those of every tribe who wanted to worship the true God. They came to Jerusalem to worship and sacrifice to the God of their forefathers. 2Ch 11:13,14,16.

3032d AM, 3742 JP, 972 BC, 3 SK, 3 NK
484. SK   Rehoboam, now settled in his kingdom, forsook the law of the Lord and all Israel and Judah with him.2Ch 12:1 The Jews, who should have stirred up their Israelite brothers to repentance, provoked the Lord with their own sins. They behaved worse than their forefathers. They made high places, images and groves, for themselves on every high hill and under every tree. They did all the wicked things the heathen did in their barbarous worship including those nations whom God had cast out before them. 1Ki 14:22 24
3033c AM, 3743 JP, 971 BC, 5 SK, 5 NK
485. SK   In Rehoboam's 5th year, Shishak, king of Egypt, invited perhaps by Jeroboam, (who had formerly lived with him, noted in the year, 3026 AM) led an army of 120 chariots, 60,000 horses, with innumerable footmen from Egypt. The men were from the Lubims, Sukkiims, and Cushites who entered the land of Judah. They had already captured all the rest of their fortified cites and finally came to Jerusalem. The king and his princes were brought to repentance by the preaching of Shemaiah the prophet. The king received a gracious promise of their deliverance at a high cost. They were to release to the Egyptians all the treasure of the temple and of the king's house. All the shields of gold which Solomon had made which Rehoboam remade using brass. 1Ki 14:26,27 2Ch 12:2 12
3046 AM, 3756 JP, 958 BC, 1 SK, 18 NK

486. SK   Abijah the son of Rehoboam, succeeded his father who died in the beginning of the 18th year of Jeroboam's. He reigned 3 years. 1Ki 15:1,2 2Ch 13:1,2

3047c AM, 3757 JP, 957 BC, 2 SK, 19 NK

487. SK   Abijah and his army of 400,000 men, fought with Jeroboam and his army of 800,000 men. Because Abijah trusted in God, he obtained victory against Jeroboam. He killed 500,000 of Jeroboam's soldiers. This was the highest casualty rate of any battle recorded in the Bible. Abijah captured Bethel where one of the calves was set up and Jeshanah and Ephrain, with all its towns. 2Ch 13:1 22
3049c AM, 3759 JP, 955 BC, 1 SK, 21 NK
488. SK   After Abijam's death, at the very end of the 20th year of Jeroboam's reign, Asa his son succeeded him and reigned 41 years. 1Ki 15:8 10
3050a AM, 3759 JP, 955 BC, 2 SK, 22 NK
489. This was the 10th Jubilee.
3050d AM, 3760 JP, 954 BC, 2 SK, 1 NK
490. NK   Nadab in the 2nd year of Asa, succeeded his dead father Jeroboam in his kingdom and reigned only 2 years. 1Ki 15:25
3051d AM, 3761 JP, 953 BC, 3 SK, 1,2 NK
491. NK   At the siege of Gibbethon of the Philistines, Nadab was slain by Baasha, a man from the tribe of Issachar in the third year of the reign of Asa. In the same year that Baasha made himself king over Israel, he utterly destroyed all the family of Jeroboam. He reigned for 24 years. 1Ki 15:27 29,33
3053c AM, 3763 JP, 951 BC, 5 SK, 3 NK
492. SK   God now gave 10 consecutive years of peace to the land, 2Ch 14:1,6 even to the 15th year of king Asa's reign, or to the 35th year from the rebellion of the northern kingdom. 2Ch 15:10,19 In that year, this godly king Asa put away all public idolatry, reformed his kingdom and fortified the cities of Judah against the invasion of enemies. 2Ch 14:6

3055d AM, 3765 JP, 949 BC, 7 SK, 5 NK

493. Jehoshaphat was born to Asa by his mother Azubah. Later he at the age of 35 succeeded Asa in his kingdom. 1Ki 22:42 2Ch 20:31
3063c AM, 3773 JP, 941 BC, 15 SK, 13 NK
494. In the beginning of Asa's reign, Zerah the Ethiopian mobilised an innumerable army to invade the land of Judah. This force had 1,000,000 men from the Cushites, who as it seemed came from Arabia Petrea and the desert and the Lubims, besides those who fought aloft from the chariots. Asa met this army with 300,000 men from the tribe of Judah and 280,000 from the tribe of Benjamin. He called on the name of the Lord and routed and slew that vast army and took much spoil from them. After this he was encouraged by Azariah the prophet. He assembled all his subjects and also many of the Israelites which were loyal to him. They met at Jerusalem in the third month in which the feast of Pentecost fell. They sacrificed to God from the spoil which they had taken, 700 oxen and 7000 cattle and solemnly renewed their covenant with God. Asa continued reformation of his kingdom and removed Maachah his grandmother, a great patroness of idolatry, from the honour of queen mother. He brought into the temple the things which he and his father had consecrated to God. 2Ch 14:8,9 15:1,10,11,13,16 16:8
3064c AM, 3774 JP, 940 BC, 16 SK, 14 NK

495. NK   Baasha saw Asa actively restoring religion to Judah and that many of his subjects defected to Asa so that they might be partakers in God's covenant blessings. 2Ch 15:9 He never ceased to make war upon Asa all his days. 1Ki 15:16,32 In the 36th year since the division of the kingdom, in Asa's 16th year, Baasha started to build Ramah to prevent more of his subjects from defecting to Asa. 2Ch 16:1

3064d AM, 3774 JP, 940 BC, 16 SK, 14 NK
496. SK   Asa hired Benhadad king of Syria to come and hinder the building of Ramah which he did. Using the stones and timber from the city of Ramah, Asa built Geba and Mizpah. When Hanan the prophet reproved him, for getting help from the king of Syria, he cast him into prison, and at the same time, vexed some of his people. 2Ch 16:1 14
497. NK   At the same time Benhadad king of Syria, marched against the cities of Israel. He destroyed Ijon in the tribe of Asher and Dan in Dan, Abelbethmaachah in the tribe of Manasseh and all the borders of Chinnereth, with all the land of Naphtali. This forced Baasha to stop building Ramah and retire to Tirzah. 1Ki 15:20,21 2Ch 16:4,5 Isa 9:1 Now this Benhadad was son to Tabrimon, the son of Hezion, 1Ki 15:18 or of Rezon the first king of Syria of Damascus from whom the name of Hadad was passed on to his posterity in the kingdom. This is noted by Nicolaus Damascenus as recorded by Josephus l. 7. of his Antiquities, c. 6 ul. 5. where, Nicolaus states: ``The third of that name seeking to wipe away the blot of the overthrow, received in his grandfather's days, marched into Judah and destroyed Samaria,''
498. Josephus understands it to be the invasion made upon Samaria, by Benhadad, in the time of Ahab. See notes on 2960 AM and 3103 AM.
3074d AM, 3784 JP, 930 BC, 26 SK, 24 NK
499. NK   When Baasha died and was buried at Terza, his son Elah succeeded him.
3075d AM, 3785 JP, 929 BC

500. NK   In the 2nd year of Elah and the 27th of Asa, Zimri destroyed Elah and his entire family. He reigned in Tirzah for seven days. But the soldiers at Gibbethon, a town of the Philistines made Omri, the general of the army, king. He came to besiege Tirzah and Zimri set fire to the king's palace and destroyed it and himself. 1Ki 16:15 18

501. The people of Israel split into two factions, one part followed Tibni, the son of Ginath, the other followed Omri. Omri's side prevailed and Omri became king. 1Ki 16:8,21,22
3077 AM, 3787 JP, 927 BC, 29 SK, 3 NK
502. NK   Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab the son of Omri, as it seems was born 42 years before her son Ahaziah reigned over Judah. 1Ki 8:26 2Ch 21:20 22:2 See Gill on "2Ch 22:2"
3079d AM, 3789 JP, 925 BC, 31 SK, 5 NK
503. NK   Omri began to reign in Tirzah over Israel in the 31st year of king Asa. 1Ki 16:23
3080d AM, 3790 JP, 924 BC, 32 SK, 6 NK

504. SK   Jehoram was born to Jehoshaphat 32 years, before his father took him as viceroy of his kingdom. 2Ki 8:17 2Ch 21:20
505. NK   When Omri had now reigned 6 years in Tirzah, he then moved the capital of his kingdom from Tirzah to Samaria. He built Samaria in the hill of Samaria, a place which he had purchased from Shemer. 1Ki 16:23,24
3086 AM, 3796 JP, 918 BC, 38 SK, 1 NK
506. Omri died and was buried at Samaria. He was a poor father but Ahab the son who succeeded him was much worse. Ahab reigned 22 years. 1Ki 16:28,29
3087 AM, 3797 JP, 917 BC, 39 SK, 2 NK
507. SK   In the 39th year of his reign, Asa was diseased in his feet. He sought for help from the physicians and not from God. 2Ch 16:12
3090c AM, 3800 JP, 914 BC, 1 SK, 5 NK

508. SK   In the end of the 41st year of his reign, Asa died and was buried in a sepulchre which he had prepared in the city of David. The tomb was filled with sweet odours and spices. 2Ch 16:13,14 He was a good father and an even better son succeeded him called Jehoshaphat. In the very latter end of the 4th year of Ahab's reign, he started to reign over Judah and ruled for 2ears. 1Ki 22:41,42 2Ch 20:31

3092c AM, 3802 JP, 912 BC, 3 SK, 7 NK
509. SK   When Jehoshaphat was established in his kingdom, he began by removing the high places and the groves. In the 3rd year of his reign, he sent out the Levites and other chief men into all cities to instruct the people. God gave him peace. 2Ch 17:7 10
3097 AM, 3807 JP, 907 BC, 8 SK, 12 NK
510. SK   Athaliah the daughter of Ahab, king of Israel, married Jehoram the son of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. This union resulted from the marriage alliance Jehoshaphat made with Ahab. 2Ch 18:1 She had a son named Ahaziah, who at the age of 22 succeeded him in the kingdom. 2Ki 8:18,26,27 2Ch 21:26 22:2
3099a AM, 3808 JP, 906 BC, 9 SK, 13 NK

511. SK   The eleventh Jubilee.
3103c AM, 3813 JP, 901 BC, 14 SK, 18 NK
512. NK   Benhadad, king of Assyria, assembled his army together and with the assistance of 32 petty kings besieged Samaria. He was defeated by Ahab and fled. 1Ki 20:1 43
3104d AM, 3814 JP, 900 BC, 15 SK, 19 NK
513. NK   About a year later, Benhadad came up a second time as far a Aphek to fight with Israel. He was badly defeated and surrendered to Ahab. Ahab received him with all courtesy and honour and after a while let him go in peace. Ahab made a league of friendship with him. For this act, God pronounced judgment upon him by his prophet. 1Ki 20:1 43 However as a result of thieague, there was 3 years of peace between the two nations. 1Ki 22:1
3105 AM, 3815 JP, 899 BC, 16 SK, 20 NK

514. NK   When Ahab could not get Naboth to sell him his vineyard, he was depressed. Jezebel his wife, using false witnesses had Naboth condemned to death and stoned. Ahab got possession of the vineyard. For this wicked deed, the prophet Elijah told him of the destruction which was to befall him, Jezebel and all his posterity. When Ahab trembled at this and by a timely repentance, he obtained a respite of this judgment. 1Ki 21:1 29

3106d AM, 3816 JP, 898 BC, 17 SK, 21 NK
515. SK   As Ahab had done, Jehoshaphat made Jehoram his son, viceroy of the kingdom. Jehoram the son of Ahab succeeded his brother Ahaziah 1Ki 1:18 as king over the Israelites in the 18th year of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. 2Ki 3:1 He is said to have begun his reign, in the 2nd year of Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat. 2Ki 1:17
516. NK   Ahab in the 17th year of the reign of Jehoshaphat, made his son Ahaziah viceroy in the kingdom. 1Ki 22:51
3107d AM, 3817 JP, 897 BC, 18 SK, 22,2 NK
517. SK   Jehoshaphat visited Ahab at the very end of the third year of peace which Ahab had made with the Assyrians. He was invited by Ahab to go with him to the siege of Ramothgilead. After being entreated he went but barely escaped from there with his life. 1Ki 22:1 53 2Ch 18:1 34 When he returned home, the prophet Jehu, the son of Hanani reproved him for helping such a wicked king. 2Ch 19:1,2
518. NK   After Ahab convinced Jehoshaphat to go with him, he went to besiege Ramothgilead. Before he went, he asked what the outcome of the war would be from the 400 false prophets and from Micaiah, the true prophet of God. They all told him he would do well but Micaiah foretold his defeat. Ahab disguised himself but was slain in the fight. He was buried in Samaria. 1Ki

22:1 53 2Ch 18:1 34

519. After he was dead, Moab revolted from the Israelites. 2Ki 1:1 3:5 They had been in subjection to them ever since king David's days. 2Sa 8:2
3108a AM, 3817 JP, 897 BC

520. SK   When Jehoshaphat had built a fleet, he send it to Ophir for gold. Ahaziah the wicked son of Ahab went into partnership with him on this venture. At first Jehoshaphat refused the joint venture 1Ki 22:49 but later agreed to it. For so doing, God destroyed the fleet and reproved him by his prophet Eliezer, the son of Dodavah. 2Ch 20:35 37

3108b AM, 3818 JP, 896 BC
521. NK   Ahaziah king of Israel was injured when he fell through a lattice of his dining room in Samaria. He asked Baalzebub, the god of the Ekronites, if he would recover. The prophet Elijah destroyed with fire from heaven 2 captains and their companies of 50 who were sent to capture and bring him to the king. At last, he went voluntarily with the third captain that came for him. He told the king plainly that he would die. 2Ki 1:1 18 The king did die. He reigned two years, partly with his father, partly by himself. 1Ki 22:51
522. When Ahaziah was dead, his brother Jehoram, the son of Ahab succeeded him in the later end of the 18th year of Jehoshaphat and reigned 12 years. 2Ki 3:1
3108c AM, 3818 JP, 896 BC, 19 SK, 1 NK
523. Elijah was taken up into heaven in a fiery chariot. 2Ki 2:1 25
3109c AM, 3819 JP, 895 BC, 20 SK, 2 NK

524. When Edom was still under the control of Judah, the three kings from Israel, Judah and Edom united to subdue the rebellious Moabites. In this war Elisha the prophet, miraculously furnished the army with water and assured them of the victory over their enemies. Mesha king of the Moabites was besieged in Kirhareseth and tried unsuccessfully to break out with the small forces he had left. He captured the firstborn son who would have succeeded his father the king of Edom and is called king of the Edomites by the prophet Amos. Am 2:1 He offered him for a whole burnt offering upon the wall of the city. 2Ki 3:1 27
3112c AM, 3822 JP, 892 BC, 23,1 SK, 5 NK

525. SK   When Jehoshaphat was old, he desired to settle his estate. He gave the rest of his sons, many gifts and fortified cities in Judah. His oldest son Jehoram (whom he had formerly employed as his viceregent) was made consort with him in the kingdom. This was in the 5th year of Jehoram king of Israel and he reigned for 8 years. 2Ch 21:2,3,5,20 2Ki 8:16,17

3115c AM, 3825 JP, 889 BC, 4 SK, 8 NK
526. Jehoshaphat died and was buried in the city of David. 1Ki 2:50 2Ch 21:5 This good king's wicked son, Jehoram ruled alone for 4 years. When he was established in his kingdom, he slew all his brothers and many of the other princes in Judah. 2Ch 21:1 20 The Edomites revolted. They had been under the control of Judah since king David's time. 2Sa 8:14 Although they had been smitten by Jehoram, yet, according to the prophecy of Isaac, Ge 27:40 they shook off Judah's yoke for ever. Libnah, a city of the priests in the tribe of Judah, Jos 12:13 also revolted at this time. 2Ki 18:20 22 2Ch 21:8 10
3116a AM, 3825 JP, 889 BC
527. SK   Jehoram followed the counsel of his wicked wife Athaliah and set up in Judah and Jerusalem the idolatrous worship of Baal just as Ahab, his father in law had done. He forced his subjects to worship Baal and he was reproved by a letter written by the prophet Elijah who foretold what calamities and punishments would happen to him. 2Ch 21:11 15 These events occurred as predicted. 2Ch 21:16 20
3116c AM, 3826 JP, 888 BC

528. SK   First God stirred up against him the Philistines and Arabians. These attacked Judah and took away whatever was found in the king's house, together with his sons and wives. Since all his other sons were slain, he had only Jehoahaz left. 2Ch 21:1 20 He was also called Ahaziah and Azariah and succeeded his father in the kingdom. 2Ch 22:1,6
3117c AM, 3827 JP, 887 BC, 6 SK, 10 NK

529. SK   After this God struck Jehoram with an incurable disease in the bowels, which tormented him for 2 whole years. 2Ch 21:15,18,19

3118d AM, 3828 JP, 886 BC, 7 SK, 11 NK
530. SK   When Jehoram was afflicted with this sickness, he made his son, Ahaziah, his viceroy, in the 11th year of Jorum the son of Ahab. 2Ki 9:29
3119c AM, 3829 JP, 885 BC, 8,1 SK, 12 NK
531. When Jehoram's bowels fell out, he died a miserable death and was buried in the city of David, but without any pomp and not among the kings. 2Ch 25:19,20 After this Ahaziah his son succeeded him in the 12th year of Joram the son of Ahab and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. He followed in the steps of his wicked mother Athaliah and the house of Ahab. He set up and maintained the worship of Baal. 2Ki 8:25,27 2Ch 22:1 4

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