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532. Ahaziah had a son by Zibia of Beersheba, whose name was Joash or Jehoash. He was proclaimed king at the age of 7. 2Ki 11:21 2Ch 24:1

3120b AM, 3830 JP, 884 BC
533. NK   Jehoram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah went out together with their armies to Ramothgilead against Hazael. He had recently succeeded Benhadad in the kingdom of Syria, as Elisha the prophet had foretold him. In that fight Jehoram was grievously wounded by the Syrians and he retired to Jezreel to be healed of his wounds. 2Ki 8:1 29 Meanwhile a certain son of the prophets sent by Elisha came to Ramoth and anointed Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son the Nimshi, king over Israel. He told him the will of God for the wiping out of the house of Ahab. As soon as Jehu was proclaimed king by the captains and officers of the army, he marched to Jezreel. There he slew both Jehoram and Jezebel.2Ki 9:1 37 Jehu sent letters to Samaria which were responsible for the death of the seventy sons of Ahab as foretold by Elisha. He took with him Jehonadab, the son of Rechab and came to Samaria. There he destroyed all the family of Ahab with all the priests of Baal. Although he destroyed Baal worship, he still maintained the worship of Jeroboam's golden calves and the associated idolatry by the Israelites for all of his 28 year reign. 2Ki 10:28,29,39
3120c AM, 3830 JP, 884 BC

534. SK   Ahaziah returned from the battle at Ramothgilead against Hazael. Later he went to Jezreel to see Jehoram the king of Israel who was recovering from his wounds. When Jehu found many of his family attending him there and various princes of Judah, he slew them all. Then he searched for Ahaziah himself who had escaped and fled to Megiddo. When he caught up witim on the way to Gur which is in Ibleam, in the tribe of Manasseh, he killed him in his chariot. Ahaziah was carried from there by his servants and was buried with his fathers in the city of David. 2Ki 9:2 2Ch 22:1 9 When Jehu was on his way back to Samaria, he met 42 men of Ahaziah's relatives heading to Jezreel. There they intended to greet the king's children but Jehu had them all killed. 2Ki 10:13,14

535. When Athaliah, the daughter of Ahab, saw that her own son Ahaziah was dead, she killed all the royal family of the house of Judah and took control of the kingdom. Jehosheba, the daughter of king Joram, and wife to Jehoiada, the high priest, took the infant Joash who was the son of her brother Ahaziah. Joash and his nurse were hid for 6 years in the temple while Athaliah ruled. Thus she spared him from the slaughter of the rest of the royal family. 2Ki 11:1 3 2Ch 22:10 12
3126c AM, 3836 JP, 878 BC, 1 SK, 7 NK
536. Jehoiada the high priest, brought out Joash at the age of 7 and anointed him king. After he had Athaliah killed, he restored the worship of the true God, destroyed the house of Baal and commanded Baal's high priest Mattan to be killed before his altars. 2Ki 11:4,21 2Ch 23:4,21 Joash began his reign in the 7th year of Jehu and reigned 40 years in Jerusalem. 2Ki 12:1 2Ch 24:1
3140c AM, 3850 JP, 864 BC, 15 SK, 21 NK
537. Amasiah the son of Joash and Jehoaddan, was born in Jerusalem because he was 25 years old when he began to reign. 2Ki 14:2 2Ch 25:1
3147d AM, 3857 JP, 857 BC, 22 SK, 28 NK
538. Joash commanded the priests to repair the temple of God using the poll tax that was gathered for that purpose. 2Ki 12:4 16 2Ch 24:4 14
3148a AM, 3857 JP, 857 BC
539. The twelfth Jubilee.
3148c AM, 3858 JP, 856 BC, 23 SK, 1 NK

540. In the 23rd year of his reign, Joash saw that the priests were quite slow in repairing the temple. Therefore he assigned the task to Jehoiada the chief priest and to others to complete that work. 2Ki 12:6 16

541. NK   Jehoahaz succeeded his father Jehu as king over Israel in the 23rd year of Joash the son of Ahaziah. He reigned 17 years 2Ki 13:1 and Hazael king of Syria cruelly oppressed the Israelites for his entire reign. 2Ki 13:3 7,22 as foretold by Elisha. 2Ki 8:12
3163c AM, 3873 JP, 841 BC 38 SK, 16 NK
542. Joash the son of Jehoahaz, was made viceroy with his father in the latter end of the 37th year of Joash king of Judah. He reigned 16 years. 2Ki 13:10
3164c AM, 3874 JP, 840 BC, 39 SK, 17,2 NK
543. After Jehoiada died, his son Zechariah the priest was stoned to death for reproving the Israelites for backsliding into idolatry. This was done by the king's command in the court of God's house. 2Ch 24:17 22
3165 AM, 3875 JP, 839 BC, 40,1 SK, 3 NK
544. SK   The next year some small bands of Hazael, king of Syria attacked Judah and Jerusalem and killed all the chief of the people. They took away all their spoil to their king. When they were gone, Joash was left very sick. His servants conspired against him and killed him in his bed in revenge for Jehoiada's death at the beginning of the 40th year of his reign. 2Ch 24:1,23 27 2Ki

12:17 21 His successor, Amasiah in the latter end of the 2nd year of Joash king of Israel, reigned 29 years. 2Ki 14:1,2 When he was established in his kingdom he killed the servants who murdered his father. However he spared their children according to the law of God as delivered by Moses. 2Ki 14:5,6 2Ch 25:3,4

545. NK   When Jehoahaz the son of Jehu had reigned 17 years, he died and was buried in Samaria. 2Ki 13:1 9 Shortly after his father's funeral, Joash visited Elisha the prophet who was lying on his death bed. Tearfully he asked counsel of him concerning the state of the kingdom. Elisha foretold that he should have 3 victories over the Syrians. 2Ki 13:14 20

3168c AM, 3878 JP, 836 BC, 4 SK, 6 NK
546. NK   Jeroboam the second, seems to have been made viceroy of the kingdom by his father Joash. He went to war and in three battles overthrew Benhadad, who succeeded his father Hazael in the kingdom of Syria. He recovered from Benhadad the cities which Jehoahaz his father had lost. Hence we may gather, that Azariah king of Judah began his reign in the 27th year of thieroboam. 2Ki 13:25 15:1
3178 AM, 3888 JP, 826 BC 14 SK, 16 NK
547. SK   Uzziah was born to Amasiah by Jecholiah of Jerusalem. He was also called Azariah and was 16 years old when he succeeded his father in the kingdom. 2Ki 15:2 2Ch 26:2
548. Amasiah became proud of his recent victory over the Edomites. In this fourteenth year of his reign, as Josephus, lib 9. Antiquit. ca. 10. states, he provoked Joash king of the Israelites to battle. In the battle at Bethshemesh he was defeated and taken prisoner. He was released when a payment of a large ransom including hostages was made. 2Ki 14:8 14 2Ch 25:17 24
549. NK   When Joash defeated Amasiah, king of Judah he took him prisoner. Joash broke down 400 cubits of the wall of Jerusalem from the gate of Ephraim to the corner gate. When he had taken all the treasure from both the temple and the king's house, he returned to Samaria. 2Ki 14:13,14 2Ch 25:23,24
3179c AM, 3889 JP, 825 BC, 15 SK, 1 NK
550. Joash died 15 years before the death of Amaziah. Jeroboam his son succeeded him and reigned in Samaria 41 years. 2Ki 14:23

551. God used Jeroboam to deliver Israel. He recaptured Damascus and Hamath which rightly belonged to the tribe of Judah. 2Sa 8:6 2Ch 8:3 He restored the former borders Nu 13:21 from the entrance into Hamath to the sea of the plain. This fulfilled the prophecy of the Lord which was spoken by Jonah the prophet, the son of Amittai. 2Ki 14:25,27,28

3194c AM, 3904 JP, 810 BC, 29 SK, 15 NK
552. SK   When Amaziah discovered a conspiracy against him at Jerusalem, he fled to Lachish where he was murdered. From there he was carried to the city of David and buried. 2Ki 14:19,20 2Ch 25:27,28 Uzziah, or Azariah succeeded him in the 27th year of Jeroboam, king of Israel as reckoning from the time that he began to reign as co regent with his father as noted in 3168 A.Me reigned 52 years in Jerusalem 2Ki 15:1,2 and under him the kingdom of Judah prospered as much as Israel did under Jeroboam the second. As long as he followed the advice of the prophet Zechariah, he applied his heart to religious matters. God prospered him and he subdued the Philistines and his neighbouring enemies. He became mighty in his kingdom. 2Ch 26:2 16
3197a AM, 3906 JP, 808 BC 4, SK, 19 NK
553. SK   Now was the 13th Jubilee held under two most prosperous kings, under whom also lived various great prophets in either kingdom. In Judah, lived that evangelical prophet, Isaiah, the son of Amoz, Isa 1:1 and Joel, the son of Pethuel. He prophesied before Amos, as Codamanus observes because in Joe 1:20 he predicted a coming drought which Amos in Am 4:1 13 said had happened. Amos lived in Judah, among the herdsmen of Tekoa and was called to be a prophet to the kingdom of Israel two years before the earthquake which happened in the days of these two kings Uzziah and Jeroboam the second. Am 1:1 Zec 11:5
554. NK   At the same time, Jonah the son of Amittai and Hosea the son of Beeri prophesied in Israel.

555. Jonah was from Gathhepher, 2Ki 14:25 a town of the tribe of Zebulun,Joh 7:52 in Galilee of the Gentiles. Isa 9:1 This is referred to by the Pharisees who spoke with Nicodemus. Joh 7:52 "Search and know that out of Galilee, never arose any prophet." It seems that at the time the Syrians oppressed Israel, and all were vulnerable to their invasion, that they took great spoil, and no one was able to deliver them. He foretold that Joash his son Jeroboam, would deliver Israel out of their hands and avenge them of the wrong they had endured. 2Ki 14:25,26 Jonah was later sent to Nineveh, the capital city of Assyria. By his preaching he brought both the king and people to repentance .Jon 3:1 10 Mt 12:41

556. When Jeroboam was successfully ruling Israel, Hosea foretold the ruin and desolation of it. He also lived to see its ruin as he continued as a prophet to the time of Hezekiah. Ho 1:1 In the 6th year of his reign came the desolation of Israel. 2Ki 18:10

557. Amos was a third prophet taken from Judah as he kept his flocks. He was sent to prophesy to the people of Israel. Am 1:1,7,14,15 He was accused by Amasai the priest at Bethel, before Jeroboam, who commanded him to return into Judah. Amos pronounced judgment against Amasai saying ``Thy wife, shall play the harlot in the city and thy sons, and thy daughters shall fall by the sword. Thy land shall by divided by line; and thou shalt die in a polluted land. (viz. of Assyria)''
558. when Israel shall be carried away out of her own land.Am 7:10,12,13,17
3207 AM, 3917 JP, 797 BC, 14 SK, 29 NK
559. In Lydia, Ardysus of the clan of the Heraclidae, reigned 36 years (Euseb. Chron.)
3210 AM, 3920 JP, 794 BC, 17 SK, 32 NK
560. The kingdom of Macedonia, was set up by Caranus, a man of the clan of the Heraclidae.
3213 AM, 3923 JP, 791 BC, 20 SK, 35 NK

561. SK   There was an eclipse of the sun, of about 10 digits this year on the 24th day of June, during the feast of Pentecost. (12 digits indicates a total eclipse, 10 digits would be 10/12 of the sun's disk was covered.) Another eclipse occurred of almost 12 digits, 11 years later, on November 8th 3933 JP, during the Feast of Tabernacles. A third eclipse of over 11 digits happened the next year on May 5th, 3934 JP during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. (3943 and 3944 in original document) The prophesy of Amos, Am 8:8 10 is referenced as he states:

``the sun shall set at noonday and I will bring darkness upon the earth in a clear day. I will turn your festivals into mourning and all your solemn songs into lamentations.''
562. Up to this time, the early church fathers took this prophecy to refer to that darkness which came during the Feast of the Passover at the passion of our Saviour. In these three dark eclipses which came during each of these feasts, in which all the males were in Jerusalem before the Lord, that prophesy was thought to have been literally fulfilled. Among the Greeks, Thales thstronomer thought Amos was the first to predict eclipses of the sun. (June 24, 791 BC, JD=1432685.1171, middle of the eclipse in Jerusalem   18.89 hours GMT (for Babylon   19.13), maximum   0.92 Babylon   0.63. Data taken from "Solar and Lunar Eclipses of the Ancient Near East from 3000 B.C. to 0 with Maps" by Manfred Kudlek and Erich Mickler, published in Neukirchen in 1971. Unable to confirm data using Canon of Lunar Eclipses", ( 2002  

2526), Jean Meeus, Herman Muche, 1979. Editor.)

3220 AM, 3930 JP, 784 BC, 26 SK, 41 NK
563. NK   When Jeroboam died, the kingdom seriously declined. Tumults arose which headed them toward their ultimate destruction beginning first with Jeroboam's own family and then the whole kingdom. This was foretold in Am 7:1 8:14. All was reduced to anarchy among the Israelites for eleven and an half years and there was no king during this time. This is deduced when the times of these two kingdoms are compared. In Israel we understand that the 6 month reign of Zachariah the son of Jeroboam occurred in the last 6 months of the 38th year of Uzziah. The one month that Shallum reigned was the first month of the 39th year of Uzziah. 2Ki 15:8 13
3221c AM, 3931 JP, 783 BC

564. SK   Uzziah, king of Judah and his wife Jerusha the daughter of Zadok had a son named Jotham. When Uzziah was quarantined because of his leprosy, Jotham ruled in the king's house and judged the people. When Uzziah died Jotham succeeded him as king when he was 25 years old. 2Ki 15:5,33 2Ch 26:21 27:1,8 From this we can deduce that a short time later when Menahem, took over the kingdom of Israel, that Uzziah was an old man. It was at this time as he aspired to take the office of a priest that he was stricken with leprosy. This is contrary to what the Jews and Procopius Gaseus affirm, from Isa 7:1 25 that this overtook him about the 25th year of his reign. The earthquake occurred in the days of Uzziah and Jeroboam, Am 1:1 Zec 11:5 It ilear that when Jeroboam died, Jotham had not yet been born.

3224a AM, 3933 JP, 781 BC
565. SK   Eclipse of the sun, see note on 3213 AM
3224c AM, 3934 JP, 780 BC
566. SK   Eclipse of the sun, see note on 3213 AM

3228c AM, 3938 JP, 776 BC, 35 SK, 9 NK
567. In the summer of the year 3228, the first olympiad took place (according to Greek chronologers). Choraebus of Elis won the race. The Iphitean account dates it the 28th. As Julius Africanus shows out of the writings of Aristodemus Eleus and Polybius (as in the Greek edition of Eusebius by Scaliger, p.13 & p.216) states: And here ends that interval of time which by the learned Varro (as in Censorinus' book, "de die natali", reports is termed mythological because many mythological things are said to have happened. From this time on Greek history begins.
3232a AM, 3941 JP, 773 BC, 38 SK, 1 NK
568. NK   Zachariah the son of Jeroboam, began his reign in the 38th year of Uzziah king of Judah. He was the fourth and last of the family of Jehu as was foretold by God. He reigned for 6 months. 2Ki 15:8,12,10,30
569. At the end of those 6 months, he was murdered by Shallum the son of Jabesh, in the sight of the people. 2Ki 15:10 At this time the calamities foretold by Amos the prophet took place. Am 7:1 17 9:1 15
``The high places of Isaac shall be desolate and the sanctuaries of Israel made a wilderness, when I shall arise with a sword against the house of Jeroboam.''
570. Shallum the son of Jabesh, reigned one month in the 39th year of Uzziah king of Judah. 2Ki 15:13

571. When Menahem the son of Gad, was going from Tirzah to Samaria, he killed Shallum and destroyed Tiphsah with its borders. He also violently slaughtered all the pregnant women. 2Ki 15:14 16

572. This Menahem, is by Supitius Severus in his 1st book of "Histo. Sacra", goes by the name of Manes. This person is also called Manichaus later known as the heretic, in that his name means "a comforter"
3233c AM, 3943 JP, 771 BC
573. Boccaris Saites, reigned in Egypt for 40 years. (African.)
574. NK   While Menahem spent 11 months fighting to take over the kingdom, God stirred up Pul king of Assyria to invade the land of Israel. 1Ch 5:26 2Ki 15:19

575. Pul seems to have been the father of Sardanapalus, from whose name he called himself Sardan pul just as Merodach king of Babylon, from Baladan his father, was called Merodach Baladan. Isa 39:1 The following chronologers agree that he is the samerson, but call him by different names. Jul. African. calls him "Acracarnes". Eusebius, calls him "Oceazapes". Stephanuysantinus calls him "Cindaraxes". Strabo, Arrian and Suidas, call him "Anacyndaraxes". By others, (as we find in Atheneus, l. 2eiphosoph.) he is called "Anabaxares". Furthermore, I considered the number of years assigned by Africanus and Eusebius, the reigns of him and his son. I then counted the years backwards from the beginning of Nabonassar to the end of Sardanapaluseign. I believe both lived at the same time. This man named Pul seems to have been the same man who was converted anrought to repentance by the preaching of the prophet Jonah. This means that the men of Nineveh may have risen in judgmengainst this nation. God here raised up a repentant, heathen man to take vengeance on the unrepentent Israel.

576. Menahem gave Pul a thousand talents of silver to help settle and confirm him in his kingdom. 2Ki 15:19,20 In reference to thisome refer to Ho 5:13

``When Ephraim saw his sickness and Judah saw his wound, then Ephraim went to the Assyrian and sent to king Jareb, who shoulefend or uphold him.''
577. When Menahem was thus confirmed in the kingdom, he was established in the latter end of the 39th year of the reign ozziah. He held the kingdom for 10 years. 2Ki 15:17
3237 AM, 3947 JP, 767 BC, 44 SK, 5 NK
578. Sardanapalus held the kingdom of the Assyrians for 20 years, according to Jul. Africanus. and Euseb. In his Epitaph (which is contained in Atheneus l. 12 out of Clirarchus and in Strabo, l.14 and in Arrian, 1.3. of the acts of Alexander) he is said to have built two cities in Cilicia in one day. These cities were Anchialus and Tarsus.
3242 AM, 3952 JP, 762 BC, 49 SK, 10 NK
579. SK   Ahaz the son of Jotham, was born in this year. He was 20 years old, when he started to reign 2Ki 16:2 2Ch 28:1 and reigned for 16 years. After his death, his son Hezekiah, is said to have been 25 years old, when he began to reign. Otherwise, Ahaz would only be 11 years old when his son was born. Hence, Tremelius understands that Ahaz was 20 years old not when himself reigned, but when his father Jotham began his reign.
3243c AM, 3953 JP, 761 BC, 50 SK, 1 NK
580. NK   Pekahiah succeeded his father Menahem, who died in the 50th year of Uzziah, king of Judah and he reigned for 2 years.2Ki 15:22
3245c AM, 3955 JP, 759 BC, 51 SK, 2 NK
581. SK   Habyattes the elder, reigned in Lydia 14 years, (Euseb. Chron.)

582. NK   Pekah, the son of Remaliah, killed Pekahiah in his own palace in Samaria. He then reigned in Pekahiah's place for 20 years reckoning from the 52 years of Uzziah king of Judah. 2Ki 15:25,27

3246a AM, 3955 JP, 759 BC
583. SK   It was during the 14th Jubilee when Isaiah saw the glory of the Lord sitting on his throne. God was surrounded with a guard of angels singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth." The Jewish people grew more and more obstinate and blind every day lest they should understand the words of the prophets sent to them and be converted and healed. Isa 6:1 13 Joh 12:40,41
584. Isaiah's vision came in the last year of king Uzziah. Isa 6:1 He was buried in the city of David in the burying place of the kings, but apart from the rest because of his leprosy. Jotham his son succeeded him in the 20th year of Pekah, king of Israel. He reigned 16 years in Jerusalem, 2Ki 15:7,32,33 2Ch 26:23 27:1,8
585. Jotham fought a battle against the Ammonites and overthrew them. They became his tributaries for three years. 2Ch 27:5 He had two successors, Micah the Morasthite and Isaiah. Hosea executed the prophetic function. Mic 1:1 In his time also, as Josephus l. 9. Antiq. c. 11. or 12. affirms, Nahum the prophet foretold the subversion of the Assyrians and of Nineveh. This came to pass 115 years later. By that reckoning, Josephus understands that Nahum prophesied in the time of Ahaz, the son of Jotham.
3252c AM, 3962 JP, 752 BC, 7 SK, 7 NK

586. In this year Hezekiah the son of Ahaz, was born by his mother Abi, the daughter of Zachariah. He was 25 years old when he began to reign. 2Ki 18:2 2Ch 29:1
3254c AM, 3964 JP, 750 BC, 9 SK, 10 NK

587. Two towns were built in this year. Ardus was one of them. It was constructed on a very small island as Mela notes. The whole circumference of this island was taken up with this one town. Cyzicum was the second town located in Propontis.

588. Arbaces the governor of Media, scorned the effeminate ways of Sardinapalus. He conspired with Belesus the governor of Babylon by sending a battalion of 400,000 men of Medes, Persia, Babylon and Arabia. He was overthrown in three battles, but in the fourth the Bactrian soldiers defected over to him. He attacked his enemies by night and unawares and drove them from theiamp. When Sardanapalus put all the command of the army into the hands of Salaemenus, his wife's brother, he was also defeated twice by the conspirators. As a result he was almost killed and all his army. When Nineveh was besieged, Sardanapalus sent three of his sons and two daughters into Paphlagonia with a great treasure. They gave it to Cotta, governor of that province. With this treasure Cotta dispatched messengers and commissioners throughout the land to conscript soldiers and provide all the necessities needed to endure a siege. (Diod. Sic. l. 2.)
3256c AM, 3966 JP, 748 BC, 11 SK, 12 NK
589. SK   Rome was founded by Romulus according to the reckoning of Fabius Pictor, the most ancient of all Roman writers. This date is confirmed according to the account of the secular games held by the ancient Romans most religiously. This happened shortly before the beginning of the 8th Olympiad, on the feast of their goddess Pales, on the 10th day of April. However the feast of Pales, according to Varro's account, was a full 5 years earlier than it is according to Fabius. The poet Ovid said of this day: ``Urbs oritur (quis tunc hoc ulli credere posses?) Victorem torris impositura pedem.'' Fal. 4.
590. That is: A city is born,

(which who then would have thoughthat since the worlas in subjection brought.

3257 AM, 3967 JP, 747 BC

591. In the 3rd year of the siege of Nineveh the river overflowed with continual rains. It flooded a part of the city and undermined two and one half miles of the wall. When Sardanapalus knew this, he made a huge pile of wood in his palace court and set it on fire, which burned himself, his concubines, his eunuchs and all his riches. The palace itself was also burned to ashes.
592. The conspirators entered by the breach in the wall made by the water, and took the city. They proclaimed Arbaces as their king. (Diod. l. 2. and Athena. l. 12 from Ctesias.) Therefore the kingdom of the Assyrians was destroyed. From the beginning of the reign of Ninus, they held all of upper Asia for 520 years as Herodus (l. 1. c. 95.) affirms.
593. After the kingdom fell, it was divided. Arbaces, whom Strabo calls "Orbacus" and Velleius Paterculus named "Pharnaces" freed his countrymen the Medes from the Assyrian yoke. Later, he enabled them to live according to their own laws. Herodotus, in the book previously mentioned, affirms this. Belesis, is called Baladan in the scriptures. Isa 39:1 2Ki 20:12 Agathias (l. 2. Historom Bion & Alex. Polyhist.) calls him "Belessas" or "Beleussus". Nicol. Damascennus, in his Eclogs, set forth by Hen. Valesius, Naminybrus. By Hipparchus, he is called "Ptolomaus". Censorinus is called "Nabonassarus." He held the kingdom of Babylon for 14 years.

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