The Autobiography Benjamin Franklin

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The AutobiographyBenjamin Franklin

Study Questions

1. Describe Franklin’s writing style.
2. What does the excerpt from the Autobiography tell us about life in the 18th century?
3. What is Franklin’s purpose in writing the Autobiography?
4. What problem does Franklin encounter in his search for moral perfection?
5. Why does Franklin decide he needs a method for checking his progress at mastering his virtues?
6. On page 133, in the first paragraph at the top of the page, what simile does Franklin use to illustrate his system of attending to each virtue? How does the simile help the reader understand the system?
7. What is Franklin’s purpose in keeping a daily record?
8. Describe how the story of the speckled ax reflects a search for perfection.
9. What is Franklin’s final message to readers?

10. Make a list of virtues that you feel you should/could live by. Have a minimum of 5 virtues.

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