The Bastard of Kosigan Series Revelations and Blood and Tears Episodes 3 and 4 Episodes in The Bastard of Kosigan Series


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The Bastard of Kosigan Series



Blood and Tears
Episodes 3 and 4

Episodes in The Bastard of Kosigan Series
Exile of the West

The Bastard of Kosigan

Revelations Introduction


Blood and Tears

By the Word and the Blade (not translated yet)
System Requirements
HoTU and SoU 1.68
SYSTEM: Be sure to get the latest drivers for your video card as the games require substantial resources.
Recommended configuration: 2.5 giga processor, powerful video card (ATI 9600), about 512 ram) ... Otherwise you run the risk of a slowdown, especially in the “Kosigan-The-Fair” area.
Because Revelations is a relatively short, fairly linear module, we’ve combined it with Blood and Tears and added an Introduction. Therefore, this module consists of three .mod files that must be put into your modules folder.
Revelations Introduction.mod


Blood and Tears.mod

In addition to the haks listed on the module page, you’ll also need the following three haks from previous episodes in the Bastard of Kosigan series:




Just a small detail for the LINUX version of the’ll need to rename any haks that start with a capital letter because the game can’t find them: for example, "Vêtements.hak" should be "vêtements.hak".

You’ll need to put the kosigan.tlk file into the override directory. Make sure you remove any other .tlk files that are already in there. When you’ve finished playing these modules, remove the .tlk file from the override directory; otherwise, you could run into problems when you play other modules.

Known issues:
- In Revelations, the portrait of Mireille disappears from the list of henchmen. I have no idea why, but it doesn’t pose any problem for the rest of the adventure.
- It may happen that the game crashes when you reload. If you encounter such difficulty, please, get out of NWN and try again at least twice. (the module requires important memory ressources).

Although it’s possible to play Revelations and Blood and Tears without having played the previous two modules (Exile of the West and The Bastard of Kosigan), it’s strongly recommended that you play the other two modules first. If you’ve played these other modules, please use your Saved Character because of the placeholders that indicate the decisions you made in the previous modules. You will, however, have an opportunity to change these decisions in the Revelations Introduction or replace them if you’ve lost them or are playing with a new character.
Unlike the previous two modules, Revelations is extremely linear (It's a lot easier to build!...) As its name suggest, it’s intended to give the player information and answers to many questions... Therefore, don’t expect an anthology of hak packs, sub-quests or treasure… At the end of Revelations, Blood and Tears will automatically be launched. As in my other modules, any henchmen in these modules are just there to assist in combat. They won’t have much to say to you and they don’t have back stories. This is a deliberate design decision, so please don’t downgrade your vote because of this…

The battles are sometimes very difficult…don’t forget to buy healing potions in the basilica.... Remember to also use items that provide damage reduction… Something against death magic might be useful ... And you'll probably need a good distance weapon at some time or another ...

If you encounter any bugs or problems, I’d appreciate it you send me a detailed description of them at

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to vote!!!... This is the only reward that builders who peer through their glasses at a computer screen for hours on end receive… It only takes a few minutes and it’s really important to me!

If possible, play this module with a human or a half-elf character who enjoys conversations as least as much as encounters... Due to the setting and plot, your character must be MALE. It's best, of course, to play a character that you've created and gotten attached to... This scenario doesn't work well for a paladin or a barbarian. More generally, this module is focused on role-play (hence the need for having recently played the other 2 modules)... Some of the conversations are very long, so if conversations over 7 sentences bother you, continue on your way...

This module was designed to be played with a character that’s level 15 or 16. If your bastard is higher than level 16, the central battle would probably lose its entire interest... However, there should still be some fighting challenges for a level 15 character... Let me know if you find it too easy or too hard ...

WARNING: A number of conversations are linked to sex. If this offends you, remember that you can easily avoid them ... But curiosity, after all, is human nature…

Don't attack any creatures that aren't hostile and don't leave in the middle of conversations. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting stuck before the end and not being able to finish the game.

The Setting

The Bastard of Kosigan modules are set in an alternative medieval Europe…but one with lots of fantasy inside… They’re set in the XIIIth century, but a XIIIth Century where you can still find old elven cities in the depths of ancient forests and dwarven kingdoms hidden in the northeastern part of Germany... The Inquisition of the Holy Roman Church is hunting down magic users and a New World is about to born... But the forces of the Old World, with its magic and its legendary creatures, are still there...trying to survive.

The richness of the dialog provides for realistic role-playing for all alignments, and the choices your PC makes affect not only the outcome of this module, but also everything that happens throughout it, and also in the modules that follow. This module contains adult content, but it’s completely avoidable! You’ll only see it if that’s the path your character decides to follow. The many choices available allow you create your own unique “Bastard of Kosigan”.
Revelations and Blood and Tears are episodes 3 and 4 in the Bastard of Kosigan series. It’s possible to play them even if you haven’t played the previous episodes (Exile of the West and The Bastard of Kosigan), but you’ll miss out on a lot of choices, options, information and fun! The previous modules have placeholders that carry over to these modules, based on the choices you made.

The Story So Far
Warning: Contains major SPOILERS if you haven’t played Exile of the West and The Bastard of Kosigan yet

After the death of his father, Count Gregor of Kosigan, the Bastard of Kosigan (your character) was exiled from his homeland by the new count of Kosigan…his Uncle Borogar…who has always hated him. As long as his father was alive, the Bastard was somewhat protected...but after Gregor’s death, Borogar made it clear that he was no longer welcome in Kosigan. The Bastard had the option of going into exile or going into...a coffin...and he prudently decided on exile!

Although Gregor never took on the role of a real father, he arranged for his bastard son to be educated by Slynt Carrayan, the head of Kosigan’s mysterious Gray Guard. The Bastard is a clever and resourceful man, and he’s become a mercenary adventurer, wandering from place to place. He’s renowned for his daring exploits and rare courage, and in some circles, he's equally renowned for his...exploits with the fairer sex. Rumors about the Bastard abound …some says he's kind...others say he's cruel. The Bastard is a man who walks his own path and shapes his own destiny. His fame is unparalleled...his name cursed by those he thwarted and revered by those he saved.

His travels eventually led him to the principality of Germany and the city of Cologne, where he was caught up in a web of intrigue and deceit involving the Inquisition of the Holy Roman Church and a coven of local witches (Episode 1: Exile of the West). He soon learned that the stakes were higher than he thought, that things weren’t always what they seemed to be, and that his choices weren’t necessarily black and white.
Cardinal de Las Casas and the witches had learned about an ancient ritual that would reputedly bestow incredible powers on whoever carried it out. However, the ritual did no such thing… Instead, it summoned a strange man who called himself a Lord of Chaos. He performed some sort of test on the Bastard and proclaimed that the Blood of Chaos also ran in the Bastard’s veins!
The Bastard learned that Armand du Prince and his band of mercenaries who tried to kill him in Cologne were somehow connected with Kosigan. He also encountered a mysterious half-orc named Mordred who was working for Armand du Prince…who was also somehow connected with Kosigan.
Concerned about what might be happening back in Kosigan, the Bastard returned there after many years of exile...only to discover it to be a veritable cauldron seething with political intrigue. Count Borogar was on his deathbed...stricken with a rare, lingering, undiagnosed "illness"...and there would soon be a new successor to the throne of Kosigan.

Borogar had two sons...Vlad and Alexis. Vlad was a sadistic, vicious thug…but as Borogar’s oldest son, he was next in line to be the new Count of Kosigan. The sins of his youth returned to haunt Borogar, however. Some years earlier, he had dallied with a female orc prisoner…with rather unfortunate results… Mordred, the half-orc the Bastard met in Cologne, is actually Borogar’s oldest son, but he’s also a bastard! Borogar not only refused to acknowledge Mordred as his son, but he even tried to have him assassinated... Unfortunately for him, Mordred had a nasty tendency to want revenge!.

The King of France, Charles V, who was also known as Charles the Cunning, came by his name honestly. He saw an opportunity to regain Kosigan at little cost to himself... So he hired Armand du Prince to do some…work…for him in Cologne, and Armand du Prince hired Mordred to help him.
One of the members of the Gray Guard in Kosigan had also been working as an agent for France for a number of months... This agent was none other than Alexandra de Velan, the Bastard’s childhood sweetheart! Alexandra had been instructed several months previously to slip a rare Indian poison into Borogar's drink... This poison made it appear as though the count was suffering from a serious illness!...
The King of France's plan was to arrange to recover Kosigan through the lines of succession... In order to do this, there were two possibilities. The first was to make it look as though Borogar had died of natural causes... Then he planned to have Mordred assume his place as Borogar's legitimate heir... However, in order to do this, he first needed to eliminate Borogar’s oldest legitimate son Vlad, as well as Vlad's entire family!...
The second possibility was to arrange for Alexis (the younger son) to marry the Frenchwoman, Catherine de Lyss, who was also a spy in his pay... The Bastard was able to prevent the marriage between Alexis and Catherine de Lyss from taking place (Episode 2: The Bastard of Kosigan), but he was, more or less, manipulated into becoming involved in Borogar's death... And Alexis either became yet another victim of love or disappeared...

Regaining Kosigan was only one part of the French's plan... The King of France very generously offered to open negotiations with Duke Philippe of Burgundy...ostensibly to discuss permanently recognizing the borders of Burgundy... He was actually using this as a diversion to allay the Duke's suspicions while he and his men were secretly plotting!... His real plan was to launch a vast military campaign with the goal of re-conquering the entire region of Burgundy!...

While the negotiations with Burgundy were still taking place, the king's troops invaded the Duchy of Burgundy, taking it completely by surprise!... Within a few hours, the county of Albret had also fallen and a battle was raging in Arcourt!...
Depending on the choices you made in the previous module, upon Borogar’s death, you became the Count of Kosigan, the Regent of Kosigan, or the Baron of Avalon. You also had a choice to turn down your family responsibilities and remain a mercenary adventurer. You’ll be given a chance to change the choice you made, though, in the Revelations Introduction.

Historical Background
In each country in medieval Europe, there were a few great lords under the theoretical authority of the King. In France, for example, the Duke of Burgundy, the Duke of Normandy, the Duke of Brittany and the Count of Toulouse each pledged his loyalty to the King...
It didn't cost them very much and actually all of those great lords were quite independent... They were sometimes enemies of each other, or even of the King himself. In The Bastard of Kosigan series, the Duke of Burgundy is one of those great lords…and a vassal of France. Kosigan is one of the Duke of Burgundy’s vassals.

Under the great lords' authority, you could find many lower counts, earls and barons who swore fealty to them. That link was much more solid than the one between the great lords and the King... occasionally a vassal would take up arms against his lord... but in general he didn’t, as his backside would have been seriously kicked!

Although these noblemen who were vassals of the great lords weren't as powerful as their masters, they still owned large pieces of land and had their own vassals...who themselves had their own vassals...all the way down to the least powerful of noblemen: simple noblemen who didn't own any land. As the illegitimate son of a count of Kosigan, your character is one of these landless noblemen.

Kosigan is a very important county located on the frontier between the Duchy of Burgundy and the Kingdom of France. The Duchy of Burgundy, which once belonged to France, has been independent for more than 150 years... And the Duke of Burgundy is at least as powerful as the King himself.
The Kings of France have desperately wanted to get the Duchy of Burgundy back for years. That’s why so many wars have been waged between France and Burgundy...and why the two countries are such bitter enemies.
Kosigan is one of Burgundy's largest vassals...and as such, it has pledged its loyalty to the Duke of Burgundy and is an enemy of France.

Women’s Role in Medieval Society
Women had a secondary role in medieval society. They were closely associated with the Original Sin from a religious point of view...and that society in those days was very religious, indeed.
This doesn’t mean that women were disdained, though…they presided over their own realm…house matters, marriage, children...They were especially important for matrimonial purposes. But they were always under the authority of a man...either their father or their husband...
Through marriage, families negotiated alliances to increase the size of their realm or increase their wealth. That's why many girls were promised as early as possible…usually when they were about twelve years old... They didn't get to choose their husbands, who were often much older than they were...
This adventure was designed for a male character living in these medieval times...and the plot deals with marriage, relationships with women, inheritance problems etc...


Highlight the light text and change to black to read.
I’m ready to fight the Ogres in Kerbuck, but I don’t know how to make them show up.
You need to trigger the start of the fight by using the "battle plan " Father Lafoi gave you… Put it in one of the bottom slots and use it from here ...
I talked to Eudes de Vires and Joffroy de Montfort, but I can’t leave the castle!
You need to give Lieutenant Pierre d'Ombuck his orders before you can leave the castle…
I want to go to the barracks…

First you need to go see “The Little Prince” in the dungeon and then recover the heart of Lodaus’ son. You also need to stop by the city gates to see what’s going on there…

How do I find and get into the secret passage that leads to the second cellar under the castle?...

You need to talk to Lodaus about his son’s heart, and then you need to talk to either “The Little Prince” or “Big John” to learn how to operate the mechanism that opens this passage. Once you’ve done this, go to the torture room and click on the Iron Maiden.

Can I beat Nyrlatothop?
Stop trying, this god is...well...he’s a you can’t kill him...(and please remember you should not attack by yourself non-obviously-hostile creatures).

However, you can make him flee...IF you do the quest he proposes you.

In the Second Cellar, how do I open the gate that the Gorgons are guarding?....
The key is in the remains of the animated armor that was guarding the door.

Where is that blasted heart?...

It’s in a room in the first level of the crypt—take the door (take the door that’s behind various traps that are shaped like a large pentacle (or the secret passage which is located in the entry area of the secret cellar).

Are the spies in the forge immortal?

No, but it’s not necessarily easy to eliminate them.

I’m ready to fight the ogres in Kosigan, but they don’t attack me...

It's up to you to start the battle using the Pennant of Command you were given by Hugh D’Autrey or Tristan of Beaune. You can only use the Horn of Command in the final battle against the French, since it’s too noise...

How do I let Master Lodaus know when it’s time to cast his spell?
You need to use the Pennant of Command to give him the signal. But this can only be done once.

I’ve eliminated all the ogres by myself, but I can’t go to the Western section of the city.
You need to use the Pennant of Command to remind the captain of the guard.
What about the reinforcements?
You can use the Horn of Command to summon them during the last battle (the pennant in the fog isn’t very useful!)

How on earth do I barricade the castle door?!....
Use the beam that’s lying nearby on the floor… However, it’s not always easy to access…through the fighting horde…
Is it possible to save Marie and Erine?.....
Yes, but saving Marie is very difficult ... As for Erine, you must have the placeholder indicating that you were intimate with her before you are given the option to save her. ...

Can I get by the Tyrant Eyes without having to fight them?

Yes ... But there is a man in your army who has a grudge against them... If he starts getting upset, you’ll need to convince him to cal down...otherwise, he’ll fight them.


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