The Beach House The passage is mainly about…

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The Beach House

  1. The passage is MAINLY about….

  1. a day at the beach

  2. two kids getting a surprise from their dad

  3. a big blue tent

  4. a box in the backyard

  1. What caused Matthew and Emma to go in the backyard?

  1. They heard a loud noise outside.

  2. Dad said, “I have a house for us.”

  3. They saw something out the window.

  4. They heard mom in the backyard.

  1. How are Matthew and Emma alike?

a. They are both girls who are neighbors.

b. They are in the same class at school.

c. They like the color blue.

d. They are both excited to sleep in a tent.

4. What is the setting of the story?

a. Matthew and Emma’s house

b. The park

c. The beach

d. Edna’s house
5. What was the author’s main purpose in writing this story?

a. to inform the reader about the beach

b. to entertain the reader with a story about kids getting a surprise

c. to persuade the reader to buy a tent

d. to entertain the reader with a story about swimming in the ocean.
Vocabulary Quiz:

  1. Read the sentence from the passage below.

“Have you got a house for us at the beach?” said Emma.

In the passage, the word beach probably means….

a. the ocean

b. a house along the ocean

c. the shore along the edge of the ocean

d. a shell found in the sand
Extra Credit:

1. How is a tent like a house? (use a venn diagram)

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