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The Atlas/Seaboard Titles Weird Tales Of The Macabre


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The Atlas/Seaboard Titles

Weird Tales Of The Macabre

1. cover: Jeff Jones (Jan. 1975)

1) Macabre Mails [written: Jeff Rovin] 1p [text article]

2) The Demon Is Dying! [Pat Boyette] 8p

3) Tales Of The Sorceress Ad [Ric Estrada] 1p [Devilina is featured.]

4) Time Lapse [Augustine Funnell/Leopoldo Duranona] 7p

5) Atlas Magazines Ad [Ernie Colon] ½p

6) The Many Horrors Of Dan Curtis [Gary Gerani] 7p [text article w/photos]

7) Atlas Comics Ad [Ernie Colon] 1p

8) A Second Life [Ramon Torrents] 8p

9) The Cheese Is For The Rats [Villanova] 8p

10) Tour de Force [Martin Pasko/Leo Summers] 8p

11) Speed Demon [Ernie Colon] 8p

Notes: Publishers: Martin & Charles “Chip” Goodman. Editor: Jeff Rovin. $.75 for 64 pages. Rovin dedicated this issue to Warren Publications’ editor Bill DuBay (!) and mentions that DuBay would be doing a comic for them. The comic was ‘Wonderworld’ but it was never published, reportedly due to James Warren being unhappy that his editor would be working for competitors. The editorial and an accompanying ad also stated the Weird Tales’ sister magazine would be entitled Tales Of The Sorceress but it actually was published under the title Devilina. All in all, this is a pretty good issue. Jones’ cover isn’t one of his best but there is fine interior work from Torrents, Summers, Colon, Boyette and Pasko. Best story is the Funnell/Duranona ‘Time Lapse’ with best art going to Ramon Torrents’ ‘A Second Life.’ None of the stories are credited but the credits were given in the next issue’s letters’ page. While the color comics were issued under the company heading of Atlas, all the B&Ws appeared under the company name of Seaboard Periodicals.

2. cover: Boris Vallejo (Mar. 1975)

1) The Bog Beast [Gabriel Levy/Enrique Badia Romero] 9p

2) Dr. Mercurio’s Diary [Al Moniz/Juez Xirinius] 8p

3) Carrion Of The Gods [Pat Boyette] 8p

4) The Films Of Edgar Allan Poe [Karl Macek] 8p [text article w/photos]

5) Who Toys With Terror! [George Kashdan/John Severin] 7p

6) The Staff Of Death [Leo Summers] 8p

Notes: Final issue. If anything, this was better than the premiere issue. Vallejo’s cover of a witch burning at the stake is striking and one of his best horror covers. The accompanying story, ‘The Staff Of Death’ by Leo Summers, had a surprising strong sexual content. It also had the best story & art in the magazine. Still, there are no weak stories here. ‘The Bog Beast’ was a preview of the upcoming color comic, with considerably better art than what actually appeared in that color book. A letters’ page debuted with future Eclipse publisher Dean Mullaney sending in a letter. A next issue blurb on the letters’ page also revealed the intended contents of the never published third issue, which would have included ‘Man Of Magic’, written by John Albano & illustrated by Dan Adkins, an untitled SF story by Skywald artist Jesus Suso Rego, ‘Monster X’, written by Gabriel Levy & illustrated by Howard Nostrand—intended to be the first segment of a series entitled ‘The Monster Saga’ {another segment, written by Levy & illustrated by Walt Simonson, was also produced}, ‘Night Jury’ written & illoed by Mexican artist Juan Berger and, finally, ‘The Were-Hound’, written by George Kashdan & illustrated by Jack Sparling. To my knowledge, none of the stories ever appeared. There were also at least two left over Jeff Jones covers, one of which appeared as a Creepy cover in 1980. Both covers can be seen in the coffee table artbook ‘The Art Of Jeff Jones’.


1. cover: Pulojar (Jan. 1975)

1) The Devil’s Dungeon [Jeff Rovin] 1p [text article]

2) Devilina: Satan’s Domain [Ric Estrada] 11p

3) The Lost Tomb Of Nefertiri [Gabriel Levy/Pablo Marcos] 8p

4) Atlas Comics Ad [Ernie Colon] 2p [most of the Atlas/Seaboard color & B&W characters appear.]

5) Lay Of The Sea [Gabriel Levy/Leopoldo Duranona] 8p

6) Midnight Muse [Michael Cahlin/Ralph Reese] 2p

7) Merchants Of Evil! [John Albano/Jack Sparling] 8p

8) Filmdom’s Vampire Lovers [Gary Gerani] 6p [text article w/photos]

9) William Shakespeare’s The Tempest [Martin Pasko/Leo Summers] 10p

10) Devilina Ad [Ric Estrada] 1p
Notes: Publishers: Martin & Charles ‘Chip’ Goodman. Editor: Jeff Rovin with Richard Meyers as assistant editor. $.75 for 64 pages. Rovin’s editoral is the same one used for Weird Tales Of The Macabre #1. This is basically a knockoff of Warren Publications’ Vampirella magazine. And like Vampirella, the weakest segment is the lead character’s. However, there are some excellent backup stories, including ‘Lay Of The Sea’ and ‘Midnight Muse’. Pablo Marcos delivers beautiful artwork for ‘The Lost Tomb Of Nefertiri’ and the team of Pasko & Summers render a striking adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’. Pulojar’s quite good cover was reprinted in 1982 as the penultimate cover for the Warren run of Vampirella!

2. cover: George Torjussen (May 1975)

1) Devilina: Curse Of The Ra Scarab [Ric Estrada] 12p

2) Vendetta [John Albano/Frank Thorne] 8p

3) The Devil’s Procuress! [Carl Macek/Jack Sparling] 8p

4) Flesh Gordon: The Perils Of Flesh [Gary Gerani?] 6p [text article w/photos]

5) The Prophesy [Jesus Suso Rego] 8p

6) Night Creature [Leo Summers] 8p

Notes: Final issue. Torjussen’s cover is, at best, only fair. Devilina’s story is downright poor. However, the remaining stories are very good. A much stronger sexual content appears in this issue, especially in ‘The Devil’s Procuress!’ {which depicted the letters of the title inhabited by naked women striking poses} and ‘Night Creature’, which featured a fairly explicit rape in a barn. Even the movie review article discussed the X-rated Flesh Gordon, a 1970s spoof of the more famous Flash Gordon. If you don’t mind the sex content, this is a pretty good issue. Best art is by Jesus Suso Rego on his own story ‘The Prophesy’ while the best story is Leo Summers’ ‘Night Creature’.

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