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Thrilling Adventure Stories


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Thrilling Adventure Stories

1. cover: Ernie Colon (Feb. 1975)

1) Tigerman And The Flesh Peddlers [John Albano/Ernie Colon] 10p

2) The Sting Of Death [John Albano/Leo Summers] 8p

3) Kromag The Killer [Jack Sparling & Gabriel Levy/Jack Sparling] 9p

4) The Films Of Alistair Maclean [Ric Meyers] 7p [text article w/photos]

5) Lawrence Of Arabia [Jeff Rovin/Frank Thorne] 8p

6) Atlas Comics Ad [Ernie Colon] 2p

7) Doc Savage [?] 3p [text article w/photos]

8) Escape From Nine By 1 [Russ Heath] 8p

9) Devilina Ad [Ric Estrada] 1p

Notes: Publisher: Charles ‘Chip’ Goodman. Editor: Jeff Rovin with Richard aka Ric Meyers as assistant editor. $.75 for 64 pages. This comic focused, as the title states, on adventure stories. Colon’s cover is a rather muddy looking college and not too interesting. ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ was intended as a series until publisher Martin Goodman became uneasy about a series that promoted a Pan-Arab Union. The best story here is Russ Heath’s excellent WWII prison escape tale. Tigerman was a preview of the upcoming color comic and, frankly, much better done than the color book.

2. cover: Neal Adams (Aug. 1975)

1) Robbery! [Bernard Michaelson] 2p [text article]

2) The Temple Of The Spider [Archie Goodwin/Walt Simonson] 111p

3) The Kromag Saga [Gabriel Levy/Jack Sparling] 8p

4) Tough Cop [John Albano/Russ Heath] 8p

5) The Towering Inferno [Carl Macek] 6p [text article w/photos]

6) Town Tamer [Steve Mitchell/John Severin] 8p

7) A Job Well Done [Ric Meyers/Alex Toth] 7p

Notes: Final issue. $1.00 for 64 pages. One of the best single B&W issues ever published! Adams’ cover of Kromag is very good, marred only by an inserted segment advertising the ‘Towering Inferno’ movie review. All of the stories are top notch and are beautifully complemented by art from the likes of Heath, Severin, Toth & Sparling, all at the top of their form. However, the best story here is the little known samurai classic ‘The Temple Of The Spider’ by Goodwin & Simonson, done just after their excellent run on Manhunter. Two masters at their best. Hunt this one down and buy it!


1. cover: Terry Pastor (Nov. 1977)

1) Editorial [Jeffrey Goodman] 1p [text article]

2) Diana [Raoul Vezina] 4p

3) Baby [Gene Day] 15p

4) Easily Amused [Buzz Dixon/Judy Hunt] 3p

5) Gasm [Mark Wheatley] 12p [color]

6) Corny And Zorn [Buzz Dixon] 9p

7) The Hunter [Arvell Jones & Connie Harold] 6p

8) untitled [Seaton ‘Chuck’ Hancock] 7p

9) Visit [John Workman] 1p

10) The Mere Fact Of An Atmosphere [Ben Katchor] 4p

Notes: Publisher: Myron Fass & Irving Fass. Editor: Jeffrey Goodman. $1.50 for 64 pages. Myron Fass was a Golden Age artist who became a publisher in 1956 with the MAD magazine knockoff Lunatickle. By the 1970s he was publishing about 50 different pulp magazines, generally of the lowest common denominator, including the Eerie & Stanley horror magazines as well as magazines focusing on UFOs, skin pictures, gun collectors, men’s sweat books, movie & TV tie-ins and more. This magazine was an effort to produce an all-original comic magazine {unlike the Eerie/Stanley product, which featured a lot of retouched 1950s reprints}, and as it appears here, is somewhat of a descendent of Web Of Horror. Like Web, it used many artists just stepping out of the fanzines and into the professional arena. Like both Warren & Heavy Metal, it also featured a decently done color section. The back cover features an ad with Ken Kelly’s artwork for the Kiss album ‘Love Gun’. Raoul Vezina had worked on Michael Gilbert’s fanzine New Paltz Comics. Gene Day had done work for Skywald & Star*Reach as well as apparently dozens of Canadian fanzines, some of which he self-published. John Workman had previously appeared in Star*Reach and had just joined or was about to join the staff at Heavy Metal. Buzz Dixon {who is not the same guy as writer Chuck Dixon!} makes his professional debut as both a writer and artist. His artwork looks somewhat similar to Phil Foglio. The editor, Jeffrey Goodman, had started out writing porn novels and graduated to editing dozens of Fass’ magazines. Arvell Jones’ story contains no dialogue or captions. Best art here goes to his story as well as the artwork by Gene Day & John Workman. Best story is Gene Day’s ‘Baby’ although I rather liked Ben Katchor’s odd little tale as well. There is an extremely funny ad on the inside back cover for a bong and some ‘perfectly legal’ imitation hashish & opium mixtures made from wild lettuce that was apparently supposed to help your sex drive. The fake stuff was called Lettucene. As the ad slogan goes—‘Relax…Smoke Lettucene with your lover and feel your bodies smile at each other.’ What a horrific image!

2. cover: Terry Pastor (Dec. 1977)

1) Or… [Jeffrey Goodman] 1p [text article]

2) Pin-Up [?] 1p

3) Rogue World [Gary Winnick] 11p reprinted from Venture #5 (1976)

4) Gasm, part 2 [Mark Wheatley] 8p [color]

5) Killing Time With Speedy, Flip…And Duke [Buzz Dixon] 12p

6) War Mind [Matt Howarth] 6p

7) Nymphs [Fred Bobb] 2p

8) The Jar [Buzz Dixon/Judy Hunt] 5p

9) The Arrival Of A Guest From Another Solar System Will Long Go Unnoticed [Ben Katchor] 4p [color]

10) Le Valise [Jeff Goodman/Ned Sonntag] 9p [first four pages in color]

11) Girl Named Sexx…The Original Belle Baldwin [John Workman] 2p

Notes: A better issue than the first with ‘Rogue World’, ‘The Jar’ ‘War Mind’ and ‘Le Valise’ providing solid entertainment. ‘Rogue War’ was a reprint from Frank Cirocco & Brent Anderson’s fanzine Venture. Best art came from John Workman with the best story honors going to Ben Katchor.

3. cover: Steve Hickman/back cover: Bob Aull (Feb. 1978)

1) Gasm Comics [Jeffrey Goodman/Ned Sonntag] 1p [text article]

2) B. J. Butterfly [John Workman] 1p

3) The Triad [Horizon Zero Graphiques/Frank Cirocco & Steve Leialoha] 11p reprinted from Venture #5 (1976)

4) Terminal Geeks [Jeff Goodman/Ned Sonntag] 10p [color on pages 1-8]

5) The Adjutant [Gene Day] 10p

6) Cyborg 28-H [Don Lomax] 9p

7) Piece Of Cake [Buzz Dixon] 6p

8) The Cotillion Borealis [Ben Katchor] 4p

9) Black Hole [?] 3p [signature on last page appears to read Lamont]

10) Gasm, part 3 [Mark Wheatley] 8p

Notes: Like ‘Rogue World’ in the previous issue, ‘The Triad’ was a reprint from Brent Anderson & Frank Cirocco’s fanzine Venture. The author for that story listed himself {or themselves} as Horizon Zero Graphiques. The magazine continued to improve, with a much better cover than the previous two issues and decent stories & art throughout the book. The story ‘Black Hole’ is uncredited and has a strong sexual content. The titlepage lists Judy Hunt as a contributor but she is not credited for anything on the actual pages. Perhaps she had a hand in inking ‘Black Hole’. Best story & art go to Gene Day’s ‘The Adjutant’, despite the fact that the title is so ornately lettered that you can’t read it. Good issue.
4. cover: Jim Burns/back cover: Richard Corben (Apr. 1978)

1) Editorial [Jeffrey Goodman] 1p [text article]

2) The Buy [Don Lomax] 10p

3) Gasm, part 4 [Mark Wheatley] 8p [color]

4) Incident On Planetoid 7 [James O’Barr] 9p

5) Twilight Of The Dogs [Richard Corben] 10p reprinted from ?

6) The Long Goodbye To Everything! [Gene Day] 13p

7) Horrible Harvey’s House! [Richard Corben] 11p [pgs 4-11 in color] reprinted from ?

8) Passions [John Workman] 2p

Notes: $1.95 for 64 pages. The cover says this is a ‘special super Corben issue’. Both Corben stories, however, are reprinted from 1970 & 1971. James O’Barr makes his professional debut here with some very crude artwork. John Workman’s story is set in SF author Edgar Pangborn’s ‘Davy’s World’ storyline and is dedicated to the (then) recently deceased writer. The positioning of the color pages forced some odd splits between pages in the B&W stories. Best art & story goes to Gene Day’s excellent SF tale. Good work also appeared from Workman, Lomax, the Corben reprints & Mark Wheatley. Jim Burns’ cover was also quite striking. The classic Corben artwork for recording artist Meat Loaf’s album ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ appears on the back cover.

5. cover: Ned Sonntag (June 1978)

1) Editorial [Jeffrey Goodman] 1p [text article]

2) Downed… [Don Lomax] 5p

3) Gasm, part 4 [Mark Wheatley] 9p [color, except for page one]

4) Ah Rilly Ount Nuh! [Marc Hempel] 1p

5) City Ship [Gene Day] 18p

6) To Meet The Faces You Meet [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 16p reprinted from Fever Dreams #1 (1972)

7) Bondlord [Gary Winnick] 8p [color]

8) Heads Up In Bugtown [Matt Howarth with Mark Kernes] 4p
Notes: Final issue. As in the previous issue, Corben’s artwork for recording artist Meat Loaf’s album ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ appears on the back cover. ‘City Ship’ is printed sideways. Another good issue with fine artwork. Mark Wheatley concludes the ‘Gasm’ serial. Best art & story go to the Strnad/Corben reprint.


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