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Basically Strange

1. cover: Richard Corben (Nov. 1982)

1) T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Ad [? Manna & Rich Buckler] 1p [frontis]

2) Movie Review: Bladerunner [Chris Henderson] 1p [text article w/photo]

3) The Man Who Tried To Kill Death [Marvin Channing/Alex Toth] 5p reprinted from Sorcery #8 (Aug. 1974)

4) Tetragrammaton [Tim Ryan/Rick Bryant] 10p

5) Book Review: Earth Invader [David M. Singer] 1p [text article]

6) Movie Review: Swamp Thing [?] 1p [text article w/photo]

7) The Benefactor [T. Casey Brennan/Vicente Alcazar] 4p reprinted from Sorcery #7 (June 1974)

8) The Ultimate Power! [Wally Wood] 6p reprinted from Archie’s Superhero Comics Digest Magazine #2 (1979)

9) Death Is My Love’s Name [Marvin Channing/Frank Thorne] 6p reprinted from Sorcery #10 (Dec. 1974)

10) The Creator [Bruce Jones] 6p

11) Portfolio [Pepe Moreno, Matthew Staples & Robert Morillo] 3p [pin-ups]

12) Portfolio Bios [?] 1p [text article]

13) Next Issue Ad [Gray Morrow] ½p [The Black Hood is featured.]

14) Red Circle Ad [Rich Buckler] 1p [The Shield, the Golden Age Shield, the Fly, the Black Hood, Jaguar, Comet &

the Web are featured.]

Notes: Publisher: John Carbonaro for John C. Productions {a sister or subsidiary company of Archie Comics}. Editor: Chris Adames. $1.95 for 48 pages. Corben’s cover originally appeared as a Den poster in 1979. This was largely a reprint magazine & was clearly intended to make additional use of the stories produced for Archie’s Red Circle mystery & superhero line from 1973-1975. Regardless of the origins, there were some good stories here, carefully chosen to make the best use of the shading & tones added to the artwork. The Toth story in particular actually benefited from the B&W printing. Both Wood’s ‘The Ultimate Power!’ and Jones’ previously unpublished ‘The Creator’ were done in 1975 and were probably intended for either Sorcery or Madhouse. The lone new story here, Tim Ryan & Rick Bryant’s ‘Tetragrammaton’ was an artist showcase with Bryant trying a different art technique for each page. The entire story consisted of full page or double page spreads and they’re beautifully done, with striking images. The portfolio pages are also quite good. The never published second issue was clearly going to be focused on the Red Circle superhero, the Black Hood. Legend has it that this first issue had only 2000 copies printed and that most of those were destroyed, making it fairly rare. However, if you can find a copy of it, it’s usually not priced too high. Nice little item.

Dragon’s Teeth

1. cover: Frank Cirocco/titlepage: Lela Dowling (Summer 1983)

1) First Impression [Tony Salmons] 8p

2) Inspiration [Lela Dowling] 5p

3) Low Profile [Ken Macklin] 3p

4) Close, But No Encounter [Frank Cirocco] 12p

5) Oolala! [Alex Toth] 12p

6) My Criminal Career [Rick Geary] 5p

7) A Dragon’s Teeth Portolio Profile—Magic On Paper: The Art Of Tony Salmons [Mark Clegg/Tony Salmons] 9p

[text article]

8) Dragon’s Teeth: Talk [Charles Boatner & Jim Steranko/Jim Steranko] 5p [text article, all artwork was from the

story ‘At The Stroke Of Midnight’ that Steranko had done in 1969 for Marvel.]

9) Before There Was Dragon’s Teeth, There Was Tesserae [Mark Clegg/Ken Macklin] 1p [text article]

10) Next Issue Ad [George Barr] 1p [on inside back cover]

Notes: Only issue. Publisher: Mark Clegg. Editors: Mark Clegg & Charles Boatner. $2.95 for 64 pages. Magazine logo designed by Lela Dowling with imput from Tom Orzechowski. This late entry into the B&W magazine market died an early death. Not from lack of talent, however. Toth, Dowling, Geary and Salmons all contributed fine stories & artwork. There were also nice early efforts by Frank Cirocco & Ken Macklin. As noted in the text article on the final page, this magazine rose from the ashes of the independent comic Tesserae {see The Early Independents page}. An update from publisher & editor Mark Clegg reveals that Charles Boatner, while credited as co-editor, “actually had nothing to do with the magazine.”

Globe Communications

Monsters Attack!

1. cover: John Severin/back cover: Walter John Brogan (Sept. 1989)

1) The Boneyard [Michael Delle Femine] 1p [text article, all of Delle Femine’s stories, artwork & articles were

credited to Mort Todd with one exception, noted in #2.]

2) The Sex Vampires From Outer Space [Olivo Vincent/Gray Morrow] 6p

3) George Romero’s Dead: Flower Children Of The Apocalypse [Evan Michelson, Charles Victor & Johnny Zhivago]

3p [text article w/photos]

4) A Monster For All Seasons! [Pat Boyette] 7p

5) Return Of The Golem [Michael Delle Femine/John Severin] 9p

6) Frankenstein 1990: Resurrection [Jon Loring/Rick Altergott] 6p [text story]

7) Pirate’s Plunder Pin-Up [Michael Delle Femine] 1p

8) In Solid [Steve Ditko] 6p

9) Weirdbeard [Rurik Tyler] 8p [all Tyler’s work credited to Madman]

Notes: Publisher: Globe Communications. Editor: Michael Delle Femine. $1.95 for 48 pages. The cover was reprinted in color as a two-page poster on the frontis & inside back cover {the inside color art would remain throughout the series}. Boyette’s ‘A Monster For All Seasons!’ is a rewritten, redrawn rehash of his 1971 Skywald story ‘The Geek!’. The text story ‘Frankenstein 1990’ was intended as a serial but never had a second installment. This was a rather odd effort to apparently put out a somewhat more kid-friendly B&W horror magazine than either the departed Skywald or Warren books but keep to keep the book edgy too. It never quite made its goal but some interesting work did appear here. Both Morrow & Boyette’s artwork was quite good while Ditko’s was a pleasing cross between his Charlton & Warren work. Severin delivered the best art here on his Nazi/Golem story while Rurik Tyler’s odd, gory ‘Weirdbeard’ was the best story. Walter Brogan’s back cover art owed a clear debt to Jack Davis but was still pretty good.

2. cover: John Severin/frontis: Pat Boyette/back cover: Walter John Brogan (Oct. 1989)

1) The Boneyard [Michael Delle Femine] 1p [text article]

2) Aquacarnivora [Olivo Vincent/Gray Morrow] 8p

3) The Mars Attacks Chronicles: The Pulp Paintbrush Of Norman Saunders [Bhob Stewart/Norman Saunders] 5p [text

article w/photos. Saunders’ art reprinted from the various sources]

4) The Cask Of Amontillado! [Charles V. Hall/Walter James Brogan] 7p from the story by Edgar Allan Poe

5) It’s All In His Head! [Steve Ditko/Steve Ditko & Michael Delle Femine] 5p [Delle Femine’s inks credited to E.


6) Radical New Pipe Pin-Up [Michael Delle Femine] 1p

7) The Outsider [Bhob Stewart/Steve Harper] 6p from the story by H. P. Lovecraft

8) ‘Are You Ready For Freddy, The Man Of Your Dreams?’ [Kevin McMahon] 6p [text article w/photos]

9) Abracadaver [Rurik Tyler] 8p [Tyler’s work credited to Madman]

Notes: $1.49 for 48 pages. Severin’s cover of Freddy Kruger was reprinted on the inside back cover. It’s a pretty good rendering too! Better than the first issue with generally good art & story throughout. Bhob Stewart’s article on the Mars Attack cards is very interesting as well. Best story goes again to the odd ‘Abracadaver’ by Tyler, as does best art. Good issue.

3. cover: John Severin/frontis: Gray Morrow/back cover: Rurik Tyler [credited as Madman] (July 1990)

1) Pin-Up [Pat Redding] 1p

2) A Boy’s Life [Michael Delle Femine/John Severin] 7p

3) Godzilla Pin-Up [Michael Delle Femine] 1p

4) Face It [Steve Ditko] 5p

5) Jason’s Body Count: Friday The 13th On Video: An Overview [Kevin McMahon] 8p [text article w/photos. Last

four pages are a checklist of the victims of Jason and methods used to kill them!]

6) Cells [Rurik Tyler] 8p [Tyler’s work credited to Madman]

7) The Wake Of A Monster! [Pat Boyette] 6p

8) The Daemon [John Arcudi/Gene Colan] 8p

Notes: $2.25 for 48 pages. Ten month gap occurs between #2 &3. Severin’s cover portrait of Jason from the Friday the 13th movies was reprinted on the inside back cover. Gray Morrow’s frontispiece painting is beautiful. Ditko’s artwork on his story is a definite step down from the excellent work he did in #1. Gene Colan’s art is reproduced from his pencils {and very well-presented too} and is the best art appearing here. Tyler’s ‘Cells’ is the best story. The letters’ page begins.
4. cover: John Severin/frontis: Walter James Brogan/inside back cover: Rurik Tyler [Tyler’s work credited to Madman] (Sept.


1) Tag Yer Dead! [Michael Delle Femine/John Severin] 9p

2) Goribis [Pat Boyette] 1p

3) Akira The Movie [Michael Delle Femine] [Michael Delle Femine] 4p [text article w/photos]

4) Monster Attack! Bookwork: The Lonely One/Panorama Of Hell [Michael Delle Femine] 1p [text article]

5) Illusion [Steve Ditko] 5p

6) Godzilla, King Of The Monsters! [Michael Delle Femine] 7p [text article w/photos]

7) Circulation: Zero! [Charles E. Hall/Gray Morrow] 8p

8) Darkman Rising!: An Interview With Sam Raimi [Quelou Parente & Sam Raimi] 4p [text article w/photos]

9) Bookworm [Nicola Cuti/Alex Toth] 6p

Notes: Good issue. Severin’s Godzilla cover was reprinted on the back cover. Tyler’s inside back cover work would have made a fine cover as well. ‘Bookworm’ was done in 1975 and originally intended for a Charlton magazine. For some reason, Toth withheld the artwork and the same story appeared at Charlton with art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alcasia. One is tempted to award Toth the best artwork in any comic that he appears in but the best artwork here actually belongs to John Severin. Pat Boyette’s one pager is quite nicely done as well.

5. cover: George A. Bush/back cover: Frank Borth (Dec. 1990)

1) A Job Well Done [Ric Meyers/Alex Toth] 7p reprinted from Thrilling Adventure Stories #2 (Aug. 1975)

2) Monster Trucks Pin-Up [Pat Redding] 1p

3) The Trouble Was [Ron Goulart/Gray Morrow] 7p from the story by Goulart

4) The Frankenstein Legend And Karloff [Kevin McMahon/Gene Colan] 7p [text article]

5) Freak Show [Mary Silverstone/Walter James Brogan] 9p

6) Pin-Up [Pat Redding] 1p

7) The Creator [Steve Ditko] 6p

8) Cellar Jelly [Rurik Tyler] 8p
Notes: Final issue. Editor: Lou Silverstone & Jerry DeFuccio.

Bruce Hamilton Publishing

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