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The Bhopal Tragedy

The India Together website. Contains links to important sources on the tragedy which include other websites, news articles and a list of books on the tragedy

Union Carbide Site

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation website.

This site not only tells the story of the tragedy but also gives details about the city

Business and Human Rights Research Site

Corpwatch India website. It contains a chronology, a fact sheet, links to other NGO websites as well as links to articles covering various aspects of the tragedy.

Global Policy website: Bhopal gas tragedy

The Geocities website examines the economic and legal side of the tragedy

Government of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief & Rehabilitation Department, Bhopal website. Contains among other things a profile of the tragedy and information on the facts and the figures, the rehabilitation, the immediate relief, the awarded claims as well as a photo gallery
The Look Smart website

Including pictures by Pablo Bartholomew of the aftermath.

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