The Bone Collector


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The Bone Collector

  1. What was unique about the victim’s body found by the railroad tracks?

  1. What was the purpose of the dollar bill laid by the footprint at the crime scene?

  1. What was determined by the evidence found at the steam pipe crime scene?

  1. Before the woman by the steam pipe is killed, what piece of important key evidence is shown?

  1. Why did the dead woman’s hands need to be cut off at the wristline?

  1. When the young man gets into the taxi, what is suspicious about the driver?

  1. In the slaughter house, what piece of evidence was with the match box?

  1. Why was the taxi driving the old man and girl pulled over by the taxi police officer?

  1. When Amelia, Lincoln, and Lincoln’s nurse put all the pieces of (paper) evidence together, what do they discover?

  1. In the bookstore, Amelia browses through an old Gothic Stories book; and, realizes where the next victims will be found. Where is the next location?

  1. In the old subway station next to the pier, what number is found on the subway car? What is the significance of the number?

  1. What does Lincoln find suspicious about Richard when he visits at night?

13. Why does Richard want to kill Lincoln?

Some answers…
Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information
Bone Collector, The
Why was Lincoln going to have a doctor-assisted suicide? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Eventually, a seizure would turn him into a vegetable.. He said to his doctor, "I don't want to be a vegetable, Barry."
Who was Thelma? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Lincoln's home health care nurse. Played by Queen Latifah.
Who was the first victim? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Alan Rubin. Amelia found him buried under stones near a train track.
Who took over the Police Department after Lincoln's injury? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Cheney. He threw it in Lincoln's face many times.
Who figured out the vital clue for deciphering the location of the second crime scene (with the boy and the rats)? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Eddie Ortiz. Part of the staged clue discovered at the first crime scene was old earth (or so it appeared). When analysing the 'earth', Eddie Ortiz discovered that it had an unusually high nitrogen content. He remembered that old manure has a high nitrogen content, so this suggested an old stockyard or slaughterhouse.
Who directed the film? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)

Phillip Noyce. A "Universal Pictures" release.

Which state did Lincoln's sister live in? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Arizona. She lived in Phoenix; Lincoln cut himself off, so he wouldn't be a burden to her.
Where is the setting for the film? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
New York City. "The Bone Collector" is set right in the heart of the Big Apple.
Where did Rhyme deduce that Lindsay Rubin was being held captive? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Woolworth Building. This was made apparent by the ground oyster shells found at the first crime scene. According to Lincoln's research (dating from when he was a forensics cop) this particular area of New York used ground oyster shells in the foundations of some of the buildings (which is how Pearl Street got its name).
What was the series of numbers left for Amelia in the old subway tunnel? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
78499. It was the number on Lincoln's placard.
What was the name of Amelia's boyfriend? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Steve. He wanted to get serious; she wasn't ready.
What was the education level of Lincoln's parents? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
8th grade. He tried to encourage Amelia that destiny is what you make it.
What was Paulie's last name? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
Sellitto. Played by Ed O'Neill.
What was Lincoln Rhyme's Christmas gift from Amelia? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
His Family. Rhyme had cut himself off from his family after his accident. Amelia made contact with Rhyme's sister and invited her to come and see him.

What unit had Amelia wait-listed to get into? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)

Youth Services. Lincoln called it a "cushy desk job."
What toy animal did the killer have hanging on the rearview mirror of his cab? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)
A monkey.
What nickname did Lincoln give to Thelma, his aide? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Queen of Puzzles. Thelma was the one who was able to rearrange the scraps of paper found amongst the staged clues into the shape of a lady's head. This was the publishing logo on the book 'The Bone Collector'. In the book, Amelia found depictions of all the crimes they'd found so far. By looking at the final image in the book, Amelia was able to deduce where the old man and the little girl were being held.
What is the first crime scene encountered in the movie? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Murdered Cop. We are shown this crime scene as a flashback to the day when Lincoln Rhyme was paralysed by an oak beam falling onto him and breaking his spine at the C4 vertebra. It is the only time we see Denzel Washington (who played Lincoln) walking in the whole movie.
What does Amelia NOT do at the crime scene, where she discovers Alan Rubin's body? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Buy a camera. Amelia delegated the job of buying the camera to the kid who called the cops (Chris). She then went on to stop the train while he bought the camera, and when he returned she took photographs of the scene. She used a dollar bill to identify the size of the perp's footprint, and she bagged up the staged evidence left on the track because it was close to dripping water which could have ruined it.
What did Amelia say about asbestos? Famous71's "The Bone Collector" Quiz (Famous71)

"It kills hard-working Americans everyday.". The asbestos found at the first murder scene was being analyzed.
The perpetrator of the murders appeared in the film as Richard Thompson, the technician who dealt with Lincoln's monitors. What was his former name? The Bone Collector (Slow_Banana)
Marcus Andrews. Marcus Andrews used to be a cop in Syracuse. He had planted false evidence to ensure the conviction of suspects who he thought were guilty. He was bitter because Lincoln Rhyme had written an 'expert opinion' which ultimately led to his own imprisonment.


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