The Book of Esther On Purim, we read the story of Queen Esther, one of the adjective

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The Book of Esther

On Purim, we read the story of __________________ Queen Esther, one of the


bravest __________________ in all Jewish history. This is her story:

plural noun

In __________________, the capital of ancient Persia, King __________________

city nonsense word

wanted to choose a new queen, so he __________________ed a beauty pageant to


help him decide. The winner was the Jewish orphan named Esther, and she was

brought into his royal __________________. Meanwhile, Esther’s uncle,


__________________, refused to bow to Haman, the King’s evil ________________ .

Jewish celebrity Job

Haman was so __________________ , he decided to destroy all the Jews, and


__________________ Esther’s uncle on a gallows. So he told the King that all


the Jews were different, disobedient, and __________________ ... and the King


agreed Haman could have them __________________ed! Esther’s uncle learned of


the villain’s __________________ , and told Esther she must convince the King


to spare the Jews. Gathering her courage and __________________ , she


approached the King and __________________ed him the truth— she wasn’t only


Persian, she was __________________ . Furious, the King __________________ ed

adjective verb

that Haman should hang on the __________________ he had prepared for Esther’s


uncle…and that the Jews would be allowed to live in Persia with freedom and

__________________ ! To this day, we __________________ Esther for her

noun verb

bravery and read her amazing __________________ on Purim.


Purim Party!

My __________________ has a Purim party every year!


I like to __________________ up in different costumes. Sometimes, I’m the wicked,


__________________ Haman, sometimes a hero like __________________ .

adjective Jewish celebrity
My little sister likes to go as Queen Esther, wearing a big gold __________________


on her head. When they read the book of Esther, I make a lot of __________________


at Haman’s name by shaking a __________________. Or I just yell


__________________ as loud as I can, over and over! I can’t believe Haman would try

Hebrew word

to __________________ all the Jews. Thank goodness Esther and her uncle


__________________ were there to stop him! After the reading, the party

Jewish celebrity

__________________! I stuff myself with yummy cookies called _________________

verbs silly word.

They have __________________ corners and are filled with __________________ .

Number food

Some say they look like Haman’s hat, or maybe his __________________

plural noun.

But they remind me of __________________. The kids in my __________________

plural noun place

also put on a Purimshpiel play. They act out the story of __________________ and


make fun of everyone and everything. I laugh and __________________ so hard, I fall


off my __________________! Have a happy, __________________ Purim!

Noun adjective

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