The Boy with Two Eyes

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The Boy with Two Eyes
Way, way out in space there is a planet just like plant Earth. The people who live on that planet are just like us except for one thing, they only have one eye. But it is a very special eye. With their one eye they can see in the dark. They can see far, far away, and they can see straight through walls.

One day a strange child was born. He had two eyes! His mother and father were very upset. The boy was a happy child. His parents loved him and enjoyed looking after him but they were worried because he was so unusual.

As the child grew up, he had more and more problems. He couldn’t see in the dark and he couldn’t read as well as the other children. Sometimes when he walked home from school he felt very lonely. “Other children see thinks I can’t see,” he thought. “I must be able to see thinks they don’t see.”
And one exciting day, he discovered he could see something that nobody else could see. He didn’t see in black and white like everybody else did. He told his parents and friends about his discovery. He told them wonderful stories. He used words they had never heard before.. like red and yellow… and orange. He talked about green trees and purple flowers. He told wonderful stories about the deep blue sea and the high mountains. They all loved to hear his stories. He became very famous. People came from all over the planet to hear him talk.

One day he met a girl with one eye. They fell in love. They didn’t mine that they were different. Eventually they had a son. He was just like the other children on the planet. He had only one eye.


  1. What do you think it is like to have two eyes on a one-eyed planet?

  2. What difficulties do you think the boy with the two eyes had? Why?

  3. What other sort of differences in their abilities do people have?

  4. Would you be “different” if you lived somewhere else on Earth? Why?

  5. How would you like to be treated if you were “different”?

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