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Guard And Reserve RSO

Human Resources Command, St Louis, MO, office serving all Guard and Reserve Retired Soldiers and their Families.

1-800-318-5298 ext 4  (314) 592-0123  sheila. or


Army Retirement Services:

Army Echoes:

Address Change: See boxes on pg. 11. DON’T send to Echoes.

Armed Forces Retirement Home: 1-800-422-9988; 3700 N Capitol St, NW;

Washington, DC 20011-8400;

Army & Air Force Exchange Service:

Army Career & Alumni Program:

Army Emergency Relief: 1-866-878-6378; (703) 428-0000;

Army Homepage:

Army Knowledge Online:

Combat-Related Special Compensation: 1-866-281-3254;; FAX –877-368-9208 (or 703-325-2956)

Concurrent Retirement & Disability Payment: 1-800-321-1080,, under “Retired Pay”

Death – Report a Retired Soldier’s Death: Call local Installation Casualty

Assistance Office or HQDA Casualty Operations Center, 1-800-626-3317;

from overseas, call (703)325-7990 collect.

Arlington National Cemetery: (703) 607-8585;

DEERS: 1-800-538-9552; (831) 583-2500

ID card records update in case of death or divorce: Contact nearest ID card


Defense Commissary Agency:

Dental Plan: 1-888-838-8737;

Gulf War Homepage:

Health Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinator:, or contact nearest military medical facility.

Records – Replace DD Form 214, awards:

National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records); 9700

Page Ave.; St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

Retired Army decal and pin: Can be purchased at the Retiree corner of your nearest AAFES stores or online at, click on “Exchange Online Mall”, choose USPT Gear, then choose Retired Gear. You will need to log on.

Space-available travel:

Pay/SBP Inquiries

Pay inquiries and update of pay or SBP records in case of death, divorce or remarriage:

Retiree Defense Finance and Accounting Service; U.S. Military Retirement

Pay; PO Box 7130; London, KY 40742-7130

1-800-321-1080, (216) 522-5955

SBP/RSFPP annuitant Defense Finance and Accounting Service;

U.S. Military Annuitant Pay; PO Box 7131; London, KY

40742-7131 1-800-321-1080; (216) 522-5955

Pay Center FAX numbers: (Retiree) 1-800-469-6559;

(216) 522-5955 (SBP/RSFPP annuitant) 1-800-982-8459

Online account access:

Online contact info (includes e-mail link):

myPay customer service:

1-888-DFAS411 or 1-888-332-7411, Commercial 216-522-5096,

or DSN 580-5096.

Social Security; 1-800-772-1213

(If overseas, contact the American Embassy/consulate, or go to or FAX 410-597-1800.)

Medicare; 1-800-633-4227

MAY -AUG 2010

(requires Army Knowledge Online login)

Reserve Benefits: 1-800-318-5298; (314) 592-0553

Application for Reserve Retired Pay: (You should receive packet at age

58.) Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis; ATTN: AHRC-PAP-T; 1

Reserve Way; St Louis, MO 63132-5200

Retiree Mobilization: Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis;

ATTN: AHRC-PLM-O; 1 Reserve Way; St Louis, MO 63132-5200;

(314) 592-0000, ext. 3030


Regional Offices: 1-800-827-1000 (Retirees overseas should contact the

American Embassy/consulate); TDD (Telecomm. Device for Deaf)


Insurance: VA Regional Office and Insurance Center; PO Box 7208 (claims

inquiries); PO Box 7327 (loans); PO Box 7787 (payments);

Philadelphia, PA 19101; 1-800-669-8477

Health Care Benefits: 1-877-222-8387

Grave Information: 1-800-697-6947

GI Bill: 1-888-442-4551

TRICARE Information

TRICARE North: 1-877-TRICARE; home; CT,

DC, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, VA, WI, WV, some Zips in IA, MO, TN

TRICARE South: 1-800-444-5445;

htm; AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, SC, TN (except 35 TN ZIP codes near Ft

Campbell), and TX (except the extreme SW El Paso area)


(except 82 Iowa ZIP codes near Rock Island, IL) KS, MO (except the St. Louis

area), MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OR, SD, SW TX, UT, WA, WY

TRICARE Overseas: 1-888-777-8343;

TRICARE for Life: 1-866-773-0404; (TDD for hearing impaired


TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy: 1-866-363-8667;

TRICARE Retail Pharmacy: 1-866-363-8779;

Recreation Centers

Cape Henry Inn and Beach Club: (757) 422-8818, FAX: (757) 422-6397

Hale Koa Hotel, Hawaii: (808) 955-9424, 1-800-367-6027;


Eidelweiss Resort, Bavaria: 011-49-8821-9440;

FAX 011-49-8821-944-4135

Shades of Green, FL: (888) 593-2242; (407) 824-3665

Dragon Hill, Korea: 011-822-790-0016; FAX 011-822-790-1576;

Sister Service Retiree Publications

Air Force Afterburner:

Coast Guard Evening Colors:

Marine Corps Semper Fi:, then click on

“Semper Fidelis Online” under “News and Features”

Navy Shift Colors:

Recruiting Command Key Messages

Our new G-1, LTG Thomas P. Bostick, former Commanding General of the Army’s Recruiting Command, suggested that Retired Soldiers could use these key messages when you talk about the Army with your friends and neighbors and particularly when you talk about the Army to young people considering becoming part of our Army. You can find the latest key messages under “talking points” at:

Enlistment Benefits

Active Army

• Enlistment bonuses totaling up to $40,000 for an enlistment of 4 or more years

• Up to $65,000 to repay qualifying student loans

• Up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance while serving

Army Reserve

• Enlistment bonuses totaling up to $20,000

• Mobilization stabilization while in college (ECS)

• Up to $40,000 to repay qualifying student loans

• Up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance while serving

Airborne Bonus (NEW)

There is a $1,000 bonus for qualified non-prior service applicants who enlist for an eligible MOS with the Airborne training option. This bonus may be combined with other incentives. This bonus was introduced in April 2010.

Regular Army First enlistment option (REINSTATED)

The Regular Army First enlistment option allows non-prior service applicants to enlist in the active Army for three years plus training and then complete the remainder of their eight-year service obligation in the Army Reserve or National Guard. (NOTE: This program was suspended in June 2009, but reinstated in April 2010.)

National Voter Registration Act

According to the National Voter Registration Act, Armed Forces recruiting stations will be locations where all U.S. citizens may obtain and fill out voter registration applications. Citizens may elect to take the application home to be filled out or accomplish the task in the RS with assistance from RS personnel. In addition, all prospects will be asked during the initial face-to-face interview if they are registered to vote. (Reference USAREC Msg 10-094.)

U.S. Army Recruiting Command

Fiscal Year 2010 Missions: Active Army 74,500; Army Reserve 17,000 (reduced from 20,000 in Apr FY10)
March 2010 Mission Accomplishments: We recruited (accessed) 6,615 Soldiers for the active Army against a monthly goal of 6,389 (103.5%) and 1,898 Soldiers for the Army Reserve against a goal of 1,714 (110.7%).

Fiscal Year 2010 Accomplishments: As of 26 March 2010, we have recruited (accessed) 36,129 Soldiers for the active Army against a year to date goal of 35,290 (102.4%) and 10,999 Soldiers for the Army Reserve against a goal of 9,360 (117.5%).

Key Messages

• Recruiting success continues in FY 10, but the Army and the nation still face challenges

as we recruit for the All Volunteer Force.

• We are recruiting during a period of persistent conflict.

• We have seen increased youth propensity to enlist; however, parents have concerns

about risk.

• Historically, an increase in unemployment has resulted in an increase in Army


• Fewer than 3 of 10 17-24 year old youth are fully qualified.

• One in five youth fail to graduate high school.

• Increased obesity rates among our nation’s youth – one in five youth 12-19 years old

currently overweight, compared to 1 in 20 in the 1960s. Projected to grow to 1 in 4 by


• Public support to Soldiers remains strong. However, need more Americans to:

• Step forward and serve.

• Support a youth’s decision to join the Army.

• Not just an Army challenge – A challenge for the nation…How can you help?

USAREC Commanding General’s Enduring Priorities

• The command will succeed or fail as a Team.

None of us can do this alone. Teamwork is key to continued success.

Quality of life

The quality of life of USAREC Soldiers, Civilians and Families is every bit as important as the annual recruiting mission. We take care of our people; they take care of the mission and our Team becomes stronger.

Discipline with Army Values

As the Army’s trusted ambassadors to the American public, recruiters must be disciplined and adhere to the Army Values and Warrior Ethos at all times.

Communicate and enforce standards

Standards must be clearly communicated and enforced at every level of the command. Adherence to standards is the hallmark of a quality organization.


Pinnacle Implementation and the Human Resources Center of Excellence - Developing and integrating best practices in recruiting to move us forward into the future, constantly improving our organization and embracing transformation as a way of life.

USAREC Vision Statement - “America’s Army Starts Here”

An All-Volunteer Team Sustaining an All-Volunteer Army – A Mutually Supporting Relationship with Families & Communities Enabled by a Network of Shared Knowledge Using Leading Edge Technologies & Premier Recruiting Practices.

Did You Know?

• In Fiscal Year 2009, Soldiers completed 1,469 Associate Degrees, 1,591

Baccalaureate Degrees and 962 Graduate Degrees.

• The Army spent a total of $219.5M on higher education tuition assistance in

Fiscal Year 2009.

AAC Public Affairs Guidance on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

We do not address sexual orientation when recruiting Soldiers so we anticipate no impact on Army accessions at this time. Our goals remain unchanged, to recruit the best qualified to serve our Army. Current policy remains the same until the law is changed.

While the commander in chief has made a renewed call to repeal the Department of Defense’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, he has also stated that the military must not ignore the law that now governs that policy.

One of the seven Army values is respect and it is expected that all Soldiers treat each other with dignity and respect.

Puerto Rico Birth Certificates

A new law to become effective July 1 will invalidate all birth certificates issued before that date by the Puerto Rico Health Department, through its Vital Statistics Records Office. Until that date, all birth certificates will remain valid.

On July 1, the Vital Statistics Record Office will begin issuing new birth certificates incorporating state-of-the-art technology to limit the possibility of document forgery. As it currently stands anyone scheduled to ship on or after July 1, will have to have the new certificate. USAREC G3 is advising that all members of the DEP/DTP have a DD 372 submitted so their enlistment (ship) date is not affected. Reference USAREC Msg 10-108.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command on Facebook

U.S. Army Recruiting (USAREC) now has a Facebook page available to everyone at the below address. This is a great tool to keep up with news, resources, events and information about all things related to Army recruiting. Check it out, and become a fan at:
Produced by the USAREC G7/9 Public Affairs Division - April 7, 2010
These key messages are provided to help Recruiting Command personnel respond to questions from the general public and the news media. For current key messages and additional talking points, go to the G7/9 Page on the USAREC Intranet Portal or call (502) 626-0167/0164. This product is also available online at

TRICARE, VA Care Safe under Health Care Reform

You’ve probably read and heard quite a bit about the National Health Care Reform Act. What you may not have seen in the news is whether the new law will affect your ability to get health care through TRICARE or the VA. It will not.

The TRICARE Affirmation Act became law Apr. 26, 2010 to “reinforce that military health care coverage will not be adversely affected by the health reform law,” according to a House Armed Services Committee news release. The release further states that TRICARE meets the minimum requirements for individual health insurance in the recently enacted health care bill, and no TRICARE beneficiary will be required to purchase additional coverage beyond what they already have.

VA Secretary Shinseki issued a statement to reassure Veterans as Congress was voting on the legislation, saying, “Fears that Veterans health care and TRICARE will be undermined by the health reform legislation are unfounded. I am confident that the legislation being voted on today will provide the protections afforded our nation’s Veterans and the health care they have earned through their service.“

Army Echoes is an authorized bulletin published three times a year, IAW AR 600-8-7. Its purpose is to keep Retired Soldiers, Surviving Spouses and Families informed of their rights and privileges, to update them of developments in the Army, and to inspire goodwill and a desire to support the Army in the civilian community. Inquiries/comments about Echoes should be sent to Editor, Army Echoes, HQDA DAPE-HR-RSO, 200 Stovall St. Alexandria, VA 22332-0470. E-mail: Direct all other questions to your Retirement Services Officer (see pg. 13). See pg. 11 for how to change your address for Echoes.
Chief, Army Retirement Editor/PAO: Laura C. Paul LTG Thomas P. Bostick

Services: John W. Radke Council: LTG(Ret.) Frederick E. Vollrath

SMA(Ret.) Jack L. Tilley

Circulation: 980,000

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