The Cage Chapter Questions Part One Chapter One

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The Cage

Chapter Questions

Part One

Chapter One:

  1. What causes Ruth’s nightmares? (1 mark)

  1. What is Ruth’s revelation? (2 marks)

Chapter Two:

  1. What holiday is the family getting ready for? Why do they celebrate this holiday? (2 marks)

  1. What is happening that changes the mood of the story when spring turns into summer? (1 mark)

  1. What happens to Harry? Why does this happen to him? (2 marks)

Chapter Three:

  1. In what month and year did Germany invade Poland?

(2 marks)

  1. What is the Volksdeutsche? Who is a part of this? (2 mark)

  2. How has Harry changed? (1 mark)

  3. What do Ruth’s mom and Mrs. Gruber argue about? What is Mama’s threat? (2 marks)

Chapter Four:

  1. Who is Saba? (1 mark)

  1. Where are Ruth’s older siblings? Why are they there? (2 marks)

  2. What happened to Ruth and Saba? (2 marks)

  3. What happened to the men, women, and children when the German officers stopped them at the train station? (2 marks)

Chapter Five:

  1. What are some of the problems people living in the ghetto faced? (2 marks)

  1. What is the Judenrat? (2 marks)

  2. Where does Ruth work and what does she do there? (2 marks)

  3. Why is Ruth’s mother so upset? (1 mark)

Chapter Six:

  1. Why does Chapter Six begin with terror and panic? (1 mark)

  1. What happens to Ruth’s mother? (1 mark)

Chapter Seven:

  1. How does Ruth earn a living now? (2 marks)

  1. What is the name of the medical problem Ruth develops? What does this illness do to her? ( 2 marks)

  1. What do Ruth’s brothers do for her that shows their devotion? How did they do this? (2 marks)

Chapter Eight:

  1. What does Moishe do for Ruth? ( 1 mark)

  1. What reason does the doctor give Ruth for her inability to walk? (1 mark)

Chapter Nine:

  1. How is Ruth able to continue working? ( 1 mark)

  1. Why did Ruth decide to write letters to her sisters and brother even though there was no mail going out or coming into the ghetto? What reason did she give to Laibele? (2 marks)

  1. How did Moishele and Motele enable Ruth to start walking again? (1 mark)

Chapter Ten:

  1. What does the women from the Child Welfare Department want to do with the children? What reason does she give? (3 marks)

  1. How is this problem solved? (1 mark)

Chapter Eleven:

  1. When Ruth first hears the knock on the door, who does she think it is? Who does it turn out to be? (2 marks)

  1. Why didn’t Ruth think it was possible for it to be him? (1 mark)

Chapter Twelve:

  1. Why had Shmulek been released from the labour camp? (2 marks)

  1. Why does Ruth not allow him to live with her? ( 1 mark)

Chapter Thirteen:

  1. For whom do the police come looking for? What does Motele tell them? ( 2 marks)

  1. Why are Jewish police looking for him? (1 mark)

  1. What did Shmulek want to do when he heard the police at Ruth’s? How did Henry stop this? (2 marks)

Chapter Fourteen:

  1. What happened to the oak tree? Who did this? (1 mark)

  1. How did Motele get wood? What happened after this? (2 marks)

  1. What ended up being Motele’s punishment? (1 mark)

Chapter Fifteen:

  1. Where is Harry now? (1 mark)

  1. What tragic event happens in the middle of Pesach? (1 mark)

Chapter Sixteen:

  1. What is the Skif ? What does it stand for? (2 marks)

  1. Why did Yulek become angry with Ruth? What did he say she must never do? (2 marks)

Chapter Seventeen:

  1. Why must Ruth and her family vacate their home? Where do they live now (Including the address)? (2 marks)

  1. What is the secret library? Why does Motele suggest that it should be moved to their house? (2 marks)

  1. What is the Bund? What does it stand for? (2 mark)

Chapter Eighteen:

  1. Why does Ruth take the chance of hiding people? (1 mark)

  2. Why did the shop manager, David Berkenwald, give Ruth a job in the cutting room? (1 mark)

  1. Why were the people in the tailor shop angry with Ruth? (1 mark)

  1. What reason did Berkenwald give Ruth for removing her name from the list? (1 mark)

Chapter Nineteen:

  1. What two connection does Ruth see between the first Passover in Egypt and the one that is now approaching? (2 marks)

  1. What did Motele and Moishele have done for Ruth for Pesach? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty:

  1. What news does Yulek give Ruth? (1 mark)

  1. Why doesn’t Yulek take Ruth up on her offer to hide them in the cellar? (1 mark)

  1. What are the last two things Faygele must do before leaving the apartment. Why do these seem useless? (3 marks)

Chapter Twenty-One:

  1. How are the Nazis trying to convince the ghetto people to volunteer to leave? (2 marks)

  1. What message does Hans Biebow bring? (1 marks)

  1. Why does Ruth’s home become a busy place? (1 mark)

  1. How are Ruth, Motele, and Moishele, able to not be found by the Nazis? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Two:

  1. What do Ruth, Moishele, and Motele decide to do? Why did they decide to do this? (2 marks)

  1. Complete this sentence: “If hope is lost, ___________________”. What does this mean? (2 marks)

  1. Why do they decide to not take Ruth’s writings with them? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Three:

  1. Why is Mrs. Boruchowich so upset? (1 marks)

Chapter Twenty-Four:

  1. Why do the Jews think the Nazis are using cattle cars to transport them? (1 mark)

  1. What does Motele tell Ruth they should do if they are separated? (1 mark)

  1. What is the name of the camp they are taken to? (1 mark)

Part Two:

Chapter Twenty-Five:

  1. Trace what happens to Ruth from the time she arrives at Auschwitz until the end of the chapter? (4 marks)

  1. What is the smoke from? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Six:

  1. When the women in the front row are pushed from behind during meal time, what happens to her? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

  1. Why do you think the women are forced to stand outside all night? (1 marks)

  1. What is the first think that is done each morning? (1 mark)

  1. Who are the Kapos? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Eight:

  1. Why is Ruth unable to sleep? (1 mark)

  1. When the bombing begins, what does Dr. Ginzburng tell the women to calm them down? (1 mark)

Chapter Twenty-Nine:

  1. What is Ruth’s dream? (1 mark)

  1. Explain how the ‘selection’ process is done? (2 marks)

Chapter Thirty:

  1. What camp is Ruth shipped to? (1 mark)

  1. What question does the commandant ask when choosing who is to be camp elder? Why is this important? (2 mark)

Chapter Thirty-One:

  1. To what does Ruth compare her bunk? (1 mark)

  1. What happens if a person does not respond when her number is called? (1 mark)

Chapter Thirty-Two:

  1. To where are the women marched? (1 mark)

  1. Why is Ruth rejected from the job of operating the drill? (1 mark)

  1. What new job is she given? (1 mark)

Chapter Thirty-Three:

  1. What does Ruth obtain from Rosa ? Why does she want it? (2 marks)

Chapter Thirty-Four:

  1. Why are Chane and Faige whipped in front of everyone? (1 mark)

  1. What does the commandant make Faige do? What happens to her as a result of this? (2 marks)

Chapter Thirty-Five:

  1. How did Rosa obtain the pencil for Ruth? (1 mark)

  1. What does Ruth write? (1 mark)

Chapter Thirty-Six:

  1. What day do the women realize it is? Why do the Jews celebrate this day? (2 marks)

Chapter Thirty-Seven:

  1. Who is the camp doctor? What experience does she have? (2 marks)

  1. What is wrong with Ruth? What needs to be done? (2 marks)

  1. How is the doctor able to convince the commandant the importance of keeping Ruth alive? (1 mark)

Chapter Thirty-Eight:

  1. How does the guard show that she has a “human” side? (2 marks)

  1. Where does Ruth have to walk? (1 mark)

  1. What happens when they go to the hospitals and clinics? Why? (2 marks)

Chapter Thirty-Nine:

  1. Why do Ruth and the others at the hospital need to hide? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty:

  1. Where does Ruth need to go again? (1 mark)

  1. Who goes with them this time? Why? (2 marks)

  1. If Ruth does not improve. What will need to be done? (2 marks)

  1. What does Ruth fear will happen if this is done? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty-One:

  1. What does Ruth think will help her feel more alive? What does she learn to do to accomplish this? (2 marks)

  1. Who is the doctor’s husband? Why will she never go back to him? (2 marks)

Chapter Forty-Two:

  1. What do the camp workers need to do over the Christmas holiday? (1 mark)

  1. What does the camp elder want Ruth to do? Why is Ruth torn about doing this? (2 marks)

  1. What happens to Ruth after she recites the poem? (1 mark)

  1. What does the commandant say to Ruth? What does she give to her? (2 marks)

Chapter Forty-Three:

  1. Where is Ruth told she must go? (1 mark)

  1. How long has Ruth been sick? (1 mark)

  1. What new job is Ruth given? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty-Four:

  1. What does Katia bring into work for Ruth? (1 mark)

  1. What is Ruth able to do for the first time in years because of Katia? (1 mark)

  1. Why can’t Katia ever go home to Russia again? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty-Five:

  1. Why is everyone ordered out of the barracks? (1 mark)

  1. Where are they being sent? Why? (2 marks)

Chapter Forty-Six:

  1. What words of her Mama’s does Ruth remember? (1 mark)

  1. What “special” day is it? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty-Seven:

  1. What news does a soldier bring to the guards? What do the guards do? (2 mark)

  1. Where had the guards been taking the women? (1 mark)

  1. Where do the women go? (1 mark)

  1. What does the Russian soldier tell them? (1 mark)

Chapter Forty-Eight:

  1. What does Ruth tell her daughter she must learn from this? (1 mark)

  1. Where did Ruth go after she was freed? (1 mark)

  1. What had the Polish woman done with all of Ruth’s belongings? (1 mark)

  1. Who did Ruth manage to locate after the war ended? (1 mark)

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