The Cage Final Project

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The Cage Final Project

Below are is a list of assignments you may choose to do. Each assignment has been given a point value. You will select enough assignments to reach the point total that you want. Here are the grades for each point total.
100 - 85% - 8 points

84 - 70% - 6 points

69 - 50% - 4 points

49 - 0% - 2 points

Remember to get FULL points for the assignment they need to be completed FULLY. Written works needs to be typed and EDITED. Activities need to show effort and creativity has been put in.
* You can only do 2 from each section unless otherwise discussed with Ms. Egeto.


These are to be 3/4 page typed, double spaced, and edited.

  1. Write a journal entry about the struggles of immigrating to another country before, during, or after the war. (2)

  2. Write a journal entry from the perspective of a Jewish child who was smuggled out of a German occupied country. (2)

  3. Write a journal entry from the perspective of a Hitler Youth Group member? (2)

  4. Write a journal entry from the perspective of Harry while fighting on the front lines. How does he feel about what he’s doing? Does he think about Ruth and her family? (2)


These are to be 3/4 page typed, double spaced, and edited.

  1. Who or what do you think is to blame for the Holocaust? Why do you blame them? (2)

  2. If you were a German during the war what do you think your actions would have been? Would you have helped the Jews? Would you have turned a blind eye to it? Would you have followed along because you were afraid for your own life? (It is okay to be completely honest) (2)

  3. Analyze German propaganda used during the war. What is it like? What do you notice about it? Is any of it true? (4)

  4. Why were the Nazi’s orders followed? Why did no one stop it? (2)

  5. What 3 events/people do you think helped Ruth survive the war? (2 marks)

  6. Do you believe that an event the Holocaust could happen again? Why or Why not? What can we as a society and you as an individual prevent this from happening? (2 )


These are to be 3/4 page typed, double spaced, and edited.

  1. Write one of the letters Riva wrote for her siblings. (2)

  2. Write a letter from Mama to her children after she was taken away? What do you think she would have said to her children? What do you think happened to her? (2 marks)

  3. A German Soldier writing to their loved ones during the war. (2)

  4. Write a letter to your Jewish family in another country just prior to Germany invading your country. (2)


These are to be 3 pages typed, double spaced, and edited.

  1. Research a Jew who lived during the Holocaust. Write their biography. (8)

  2. Write a research paper on ONE of the following topics: (8)

    1. Dr. Josef Mengele. Be sure to include his experiments on twins.

    2. Resistance Fighters.

    3. Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

    4. Kristallnacht.

    5. The Nazi Eugenics program.


These are to be 1.5 pages typed, double spaced, and edited.

  1. Write an article about what it was like to be liberated from the camp. (4)

  2. Write an article about what it was like to liberate a camp. What did you see? (4)

  3. Write an article from the perspective of an underground newspaper. What is happening? What do you think will happen? What is it like in the ghetto or camps? (4)

  4. Interview Adolph Hitler. (4)

  5. Write an article from a Canadian or German reporter’s point of view? What is happening? How do you feel about it? (4)


This should be at least 1.5 pages typed, double spaced, and edited. Make sure the story is realistic.

  1. Put yourself in the place of a Jew in Europe during the war. Write your story about what your life was like during the war. (4)


Creativity and effort need to be shown in these projects.

  1. Create a collage that represents the Holocaust and life as a Jew. (4)

  2. Create a power point of Holocaust Images. (4)

  3. Write a poem about the Holocaust. (Your feelings about it, images, events, characters, ect) (2)

  4. Create a Cage character web. Include pictures of what you believe they will look like and a description of each character. Include some creativity and pictures. (2)

  5. Draw a picture that represents the Holocaust. (2)

  6. Research a Jew who either lived through or died during the Holocaust. Write an essay about them and create a memorial for them. (8)

  7. Create a toondoon or hand drawn comic strip of one of the chapters. If the chapter is really short do two chapters. (2)

  8. Draw a picture the represent the characters or events of The Cage. (2)

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