The celtic cross: a vampire journal


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By Douglas Gosse, Review from The Gazette (Nov. 30, 1995)


A fascination with gothic fiction and vampire stories led Douglas Gosse to write a novel in this genre set in Newfoundland. Weaving Newfoundland folklore and Celtic

mythology into the lives of a family in the fictional community of Bond Cove, Mr. Gosse creates a gripping story of supernatural fear.

It all starts when Geoff Pierce, a teacher in St. John's, returns to his home community to help his sister, who is in the midst of marital conflict. That conflict soon turns to

terror as his sister reveals that she left her husband after discovering him in bed with a young woman - sucking her blood!

One of the strongest characters in this novel is the grandmother, whose past turns out to hold the key to the terrifying events. She is a descendant of the Nynrrthu, who

practised the ancient religion of Wicca, and she fascinates Geoff with her tales of Celtic magic.

Mr. Gosse, who teaches at Macdonald Drive Junior High and is pursuing a master's degree at Memorial, wrote The Celtic Cross in his spare time over the past three years.
"Once I got the characters written the story almost wrote itself," he said. The hardest part was finding a publisher, but he finally settled with Jesperson Publishing and is

pleased with the job they have done.

The Celtic Cross is Mr. Gosse's first novel and he has no intention of stopping at one. In fact, he's already completed another book, this one written for teenagers. He said some of

his students at Macdonald Drive Junior High have read his vampire tale and enjoyed it, so he's sure they will like the new book, which is a murder mystery based on a Romeo and

Juliet kind of theme.


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