The Chicken and The Eagle—What is community?

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The Chicken and The Eagle—What is community?

  1. What are some aspects of your community? (positive/negative)

Is it important to have a connection to your community? What happens when you feel connected to your community? What happens to people who feel disconnected from their community?

  1. Why did the eagle think he was a chicken? What is a comfort zone?

  2. Why did the eagle continually jump down to be with the chickens? What would have happened if the eagle had stayed in his comfort zone? What happens to us if we always stay in our comfort zone?

  3. What are some examples of safe risk taking?

  4. What happens to our comfort zone when we expand it to a new experience?

  5. How has coming to AVID been a step towards risk?

  6. What did you learn from this story?

  7. What does it say about the influence a community can have on an individual?

  8. How can you make use of it in your life?

  9. How can a person “re-decide” who they truly are?

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