The children’s story by: James Clavell Setting: an elementary classroom somewhere in the use author

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By: James Clavell

Setting: an elementary classroom somewhere in the USE
Author: James Clavell\
Characters: Miss Warden (the old teacher)

The New Teacher

Johnny (the skeptic)



Theme: Trust…Manipulation…Questioning…Authority

Problem/Goal: America has been defeated in a war. A new teacher from the country that defeated us is sent

to Miss Warden’s classroom to “reteach” the children

Solution: The new teacher manipulates the thoughts of her students so that they accept the belief of her


Terms: Metacognition – thinking about one’s own thinking….an awareness of personal thought
Propagandainformation, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person

group, nation, institution, etc.

Theme: a recurring idea, thought, or act that is woven throughout the reading
Skeptic: someone who questions the actions and words of others and who is not easily


Author’s Message – a moral or lesson the author wants the reader to learn. This learning comes

from the characters actions or failure to act.

Length of Story: 25 minutes

Why is this important? (It shows how fast we can be mislead if we are not being metacognitive)

Be able to explain and discuss the following statements from the text:

  • Each according to his age group. Each according to his need”

  • Dad had said…”Don’t be afraid, Johnny. If you fear too much, you’ll be dead even though you’re alive….”

Be able to discuss how metacognition helped you as a reader to better understand this book. Give an example from the text.
Be able to show how metacognition can help you to better understand all other novel readings and even school textbooks.
Be able to provide examples of propaganda used in the text by the new teacher
Be able to discuss the author’s message…what did he want the reader to leave thinking about?

Be able to connect the Pledge of Allegiance activity we completed to the reading of this novel
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