The Civil Rights Movement Newspaper Project

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The Civil Rights Movement Newspaper Project

Wanted!!! Talented Writers
Many events have taken place during the Civil Rights Movement. Your assignment is to research two events of the movement and write a brief news article and editorial. In addition, each person will include their own personal story about a time they were treated unfairly and how they dealt with the situation.
Each newsletter must include the following:

The Emmett Till Case

The March on Washington

Brown vs. the Board of Education

The March on Selma

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Freedom Rides

Little Rock Nine

The Birmingham Church Bombing

Mississippi Freedom Summer Project

Ratification of the Civil Rights Act 1964/Voting Act 1965

  • Make sure while your articles can be humorous and creative, the details surrounding the events remain historically accurate. You should include Civil

Rights vocabulary in both your articles.

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