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The Compound

Thematic Unit Packet

An Anticipation Guide is a set of statements rated before reading to introduce you to the conflicts and themes you will confront in your reading. In the pre-reading column, agree or disagree with the following statements based on your beliefs and opinions. There are no right or wrong answers here—this serves to stimulate your thinking as you begin reading the work.
1. Siblings should be kept together if at all possible.
2. Twins have a special bond.
3. I’d love to live in a world where there was no money.
4. Your first instinct/hunch is usually correct.
5. Pets, although very important, are not family members.
6. Parents cannot love an adopted child like they would a biological one.
7. Gentleness is the same as weakness.
8. The more a person lies, the easier it becomes.
9. My parent is my “hero.”
10. I take it as a compliment when someone says I am just like one of my parents.
11. There are no absolutes, such as it is wrong to lie, cheat, and kill.
12. Without a belief in God, all morality is relative.
13. It is wrong to clone a human being.
14. Everyone needs physical touch now and then.
15. A person must have a reason to survive.

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Vocabulary: The Compound

Chapters 1-5

Word (pg. #) Definition Example from text

intricate (3)

having many complexly interrelating parts or elements

Eli describes the structure as having “curved walls

. . . made of long beams; the same type that crisscrossed over our heads in an intricate pattern" (3).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

emblazoned (11)

to inscribe or adorn; to inscribe on a surface

Eli says the family wore “t-shirt[s] emblazoned with [his] [d]ad’s company’s logo, YK, the biggest computer manufacturer and software developer in the world” (11)

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

innately (18)

existing in, belonging to, or determined by factors present in an individual from birth

Eli had been reading research “[a]bout twins raised separately who end[ed] up innately similar” (18).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

illusion (23)

the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled

The Yanakakises tried to stay “as far away from each other while still putting on the illusion of a happy family” (23).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

tangible (27)

capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch

When Eli considers characters in a book, he is envious because they had “cyanide as an option“(27). He says he probably wouldn’t have chosen death over the Compound, but he wishes he had a “tangible option” like the characters (27).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

fastidious (63)

showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care

When Eli is describing the comprehensive media catalogs, he says they are “a product of [his] father’s fastidious nature, listing every item available” (32).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

replica (41)

an exact reproduction; a copy exact in all details

When Eli entered his parents’ room, he saw that it was “an exact replica of the one in [their] mansion on Puget Sound” (41).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

deluded (42)

to mislead the mind or judgment of

Eli wonders if his sister Lexie is “deluded enough to think the ending [of a book she keeps rereading] might change eventually” (42).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

infinite (55)

extending indefinitely : endless <infinite space>

The computers in the compound “were loaded with educational software, all programmed to work at the user’s pace with an infinite level of endless subjects” (55).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

confidential (53)

*marked by intimacy or willingness to confide confidential tone>;

*private, secret <confidential information>

Eli figures his dad had the workers who built the compound “sign a confidentiality agreement and paid them a lot to do so” (53).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

Vocabulary: The Compound

Chapters 6+

compile (66)

to build up gradually

Eli finds his dad in the lab concentrating so deeply that he “[doesn’t] seem to notice [Eli] as he studie[s] the information that complied on his computer screen” (66).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

hoard (67)

supply or fund stored up and often hidden away

Eli says the family members “each learned to hoard” their favorite foods” (67). He has a dozen Snickers under his bed.

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

faction (102)

a party or group (as within a government) that is often contentious or self-seeking

When remembering their Christmas Eve parties, Eli recalls that “[t]here simply was no way to tell by looking at them which faction [each guest] might have belonged to” (102).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

deteriorate (108)

to make inferior in quality or value

Eli doesn’t think Terese realizes “how [their] circumstances [might] deteriorate,” making any closeness with the Supplements a problem (108).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

whimsical (128)

subject to erratic behavior or unpredictable change;

a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind

The bedding in the nursery is “in whimsical, primary colors” (128).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

foreseen (129)

to see (as a development) beforehand

As Eli enters the nursery and “[sees] the stacks of diapers, the changing table, and the rocking chair[,] [he] realize[s] this had all been foreseen by [his] father somehow” (129).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

motif (140)

a repeated design or color

Lexie’s redecorated bedroom has “[d]ozens of pillows of various colors, not doubt carryovers from the harem motif, cover[ing] her headboard” (140).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

infirmary (173)

a place where the infirm or sick are lodged for care and treatment

After his father is injured, his mom says, “Eli, go get a gurney. We need to get him to the infirmary” (173).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

sabotage (182)

an act or process tending to hamper or hurt

Eli says that it is ironic that the food supply was sabotaged (182).

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.



to set apart : segregate <sequester a jury>

When Eli is looking for a clue, he sequesters himself in his “[d]ad’s office and look[s] through everything he could find . . . “ (202)

Write a sentence below it, using the word correctly.

List of Characters/Terms:

  1. Eli Yanakakis – the narrator and main character of the story.

  2. Eddy Yanakakis - Eli’s twin brother who was “lost” during the fake nuclear attack

  3. Rex Yanakakis – technological billionaire who takes his family underground

  4. CleaYanakakis- Eli’s mother who breeds “Supplements”

  5. Gram - Eli’s grandmother who was also “lost” during the fake nuclear attack

  6. Lexi – Eli’s older adopted sister

  7. Terese- Eli’s younger sister

  8. Els– one of the family’s cooks from Belgium when they lived outside the Compound

  9. Cocoa –Eli’s chocolate lab dog that he left behind when he went into the Compound

  10. Clementine – Terese’s kitten that she left behind when she went into the Compound

  11. Lucas, Quinn, Cara ­- Eli’s 2 younger brothers and one younger sister, also called “The Supplements,” bred to eat when the food ran out

  12. Phil – Rex’s accountant and co-conspirator of the family entering the Compound

  13. Pugent Sound, Washington (USA) the city where the Yanakakis lived before going to the Compound

Clues in The Compound


What it might mean












Eli Character Chart
Essential Question: How does Eli change throughout the story?


Examples (Quotations)




Thought Provoking Questions

  1. What time of the day was it when the family made it to the Compound? Who were the two people that did not make it? Describe the children’s rooms in the compound. Why were the walls reinforced? How long would they have to stay in the Compound?

  2. How did Eli feel about having to be in the Compound?

Chapter One

  1. How long has the family been in the Compound when Eli begins narrating the story? How old is he? How old are his sisters?

  2. Describe a typical routine in Eli’s life in the Compound.
  3. What does Eli wonder about Eddy, his twin brother? What do Therese and Eli talk about their dad when they are playing basketball?

  4. Describe what happened between Eli and Eddy when they were eight in Hawaii.

  5. Explain what Eli is still hoping for at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 2

  1. It’s Eli’s birthday at the beginning of Chapter 2? How old is he? What major event happened in history on this day? What did he get for his birthday? Why didn’t he have a birthday cake?

  2. What happened to the flour and what does Eli’s mom tell him not to eat?

  3. What was the name of the nuclear bomb? Why did Eli know so much about nuclear war?

  4. Why is Clea still feeding the bread to Rex?

  5. What memory does Eli have of doing at his 8th birthday party?

  6. Why do you think that Eli has so much guilt over his brother not making it into the Compound?

Chapter 3

  1. What did Therese accuse her dad of doing?

  2. List 6 details about the compound from this chapter.

  3. What happened to Eli’s laptop? Whose does he have now?

  4. Where does Eli find his mom in this chapter? What is she doing in there?

  5. What types of books did each sibling like to read?

    1. Lexie

    2. Terese

    3. Eli

  6. What is Eli curious of at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 4

  1. What did every room of the compound have in it?

  2. What was Lexie doing in the dancing room? What do we learn about Lexie joining the family and how she felt about her father?
  3. Describe Clea from Eli’s point of view (ethnic background, physical features, personality, etc.). Describe what Clea’s family was like growing up. What kind of childhood did she have?

  4. What fell out of the Bible when Eli opened it? Why was it suspicious?

  5. What was Eli’s job on the compound?

  6. What scares Eli the most at the end of this chapter?

  7. Does Eli love his family? Explain.

Chapter 5

  1. Describe Eli’s education. Also, in what language is he fluent? Does Eli like to be touched? Why not?

  2. Why do you think that Eli’s dad was so angry when Eli came in to ask him a question?

  3. Explain Rex Yanakakis’ childhood and how he met Clea.

  4. What kind of dad does Eli wish he had?

  5. Predict: What do you think Eli has regrets about when he says “The part where I was selfish?”

Chapter 6

  1. What did Eli like to dream about?

  2. What had poisoned all of the livestock in the Compound?

  3. What did Eli hide under the bed to eat?

  4. What were the MRE’s?

  5. Predict: what is the unthinkable that the family has to face when they run out of food?

Chapter 7

  1. Explain what the Supplements are. What was the first reason for having the babies, according to Clea, and when did things change?

  2. What physical condition is Clea in now?

  3. What did Clea comment about when she mentioned the Monet painting? What was she concerned about?

  4. What was odd about Eli’s Cake CD?

  5. What did Eli realize about all of the CDs? What does this mean?

Chapter 8

  1. Why was Eli afraid to talk with his dad?

  2. Rex admits the internet does come on here and there. What does Rex say he uses the internet for?
  3. Why didn’t Rex tell Clea the code? Did Eli believe his excuse?

  4. When is the door’s time clock set to open?

  5. How did Rex make sure the workers and the shuttle driver did not know the location of the Compound? Be specific (see pg. 88-89).

  6. Predict: what other secretes could Rex be hiding from his family?

Chapter 9

  1. At one point at “Tea Time,” what kind of milk did Rex pour for the kids?

  2. What is the fate of the Supplements?

  3. Explain what it was like for Lexi to grow up according to her own words?

  4. What does Lexi say that Eli will do if the food runs out?

  5. What does Eli discover about the internet access at the end of Chapter 9?

Chapter 10

  1. Describe what a Turducken is. When were they served at the Yanakakis home? What was the problem some of the guests who attended the party where the Turduckens were served?

  2. When Eli was hiding with Eddy, what did Phi say about Rex’s power and how he uses it?

  3. What did Eli do on El’s shoes?

  4. What woke up Eli that night he was dreaming? How long had it been since someone had touched him? Why do you think Eli says “A touch like that was not meant for someone like me?”

Chapter Eleven

  1. What did Eli find in the box labeled “Eddy?” What was he doing when he found it?

  2. How did Terese get into Eli’s room?

  3. Where is Terese sleeping in now? What does that room contain?

  4. Summarize what Clea reveals to Eli about her feelings of living in the Compound.

  5. Are Rex and Clea sharing a room still?

  6. Describe Clea’s reasoning and regrets for marrying Rex.

  7. When does Rex say the food will run out?

  8. Why won’t Clea let the kids eat the bread?

  9. What horrific thing does Rex want to do the increase the food supply?

  10. Why does Rex say Eli will go through with it even when Eli denies he will?

  11. Who has agreed to the cloning?

  12. What changes for Eli at the end of this chapter?

Chapter Twelve

  1. What does Clea ask Eli to come and see?

  2. Describe the Yellow Room.

  3. Who is Lucas and who does he look like?

  4. What does Lucas say Eddy is going to do?

  5. What was Lucas’s surprise in the wooden box?

  6. How did Eli feel about being in the room after playing with Lucas?

  7. Who does Eli hold in his arms?

  8. What does Lexi say about the cloning?

  9. Why does she ask Eli to meet her in her room later?

  10. Who is the third Supplement?

  11. Paraphrase, in your own words, describe what Eli’s feelings are on page 138.

Chapter 13

  1. Why does Lexie reveal that she agreed to the cloning?

  2. How does Eli get Lexi to agree to trust him?

  3. Does Rex visit the Supplements? Why?

  4. Who does Eli find online when he connects to the internet?

Chapter 14

  1. What does Eli reveal to Eddy about the details of that fatal night that gets Eddy to believe it really is Eli?

  2. What does Eddy say happened that night (pg 149) instead of a nuclear attack?

  3. Who else starts to IM with Eli?

  4. What does Eddy say about Rex’s biological mom? How does this explain why he brought his family into the Compound?
  5. Rex has been itching for a while. What is his new symptom?

  6. What worries Eli about the “updated” computer Rex promises to give Eli?

  7. Predict: what will Eli do to get back in touch with Eddy and Gram?

Chapter 15

  1. When Eli tells his mother everything, what is the first thing she says that the family should do?

  2. Does Clea believe that Rex is crazy or just plain evil?

  3. What does Lexi say about the relationship she has between her mother and Eli?

  4. Eli challenges Rex to give him the code. What does Eli reveal that he found out?

  5. What does Rex reveal about why he left Eddy behind? What does Clementine (Tereses’ cat) have to do with it?

  6. Why does Rex say that he himself poisoned the feed and wore out the hydrobulbs?

  7. Explain Rex’s rationalization for putting his family in the Compound (pg 168, 171)

  8. Who punches Rex in the face? Why? Who tries to stop him?

Chapter 16

  1. Where does the family take Rex?

  2. Summarize Eli’s confession. Why is it his fault that Eddy and Gram were left behind?

(Hint: Eli tells Eddy there’s a surprise back home.)

  1. How does Eli break into his dad’s office?

  2. List some of Rex’s symptoms from his illness.

  3. What is Rex’s disease? How did he get it?

  4. What poem do Eli and his dad recite together?

  5. Did Rex want to give them the code? What was the last word he said?

Chapter 17

  1. What did Rex say he would leave for the family in case something happened?

  2. Why was Lexie taking care of Cara and the other kids?
  3. Why does Eli let Lexie cut his hair? How did he feel afterwards?

  4. What was Clea doing in Rex’s office when Eli found her?

  5. What happens to Clea at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 18

  1. Where did Eli carry his mom to when she fainted?

  2. Who makes the plan for Clea to stay in bed? Who will take care of the young children?

  3. Why was Clea in such danger for being pregnant? What did the doctors say after she had Terese?

Chapter 19

  1. What do Terese and Eli say about their relationship to make it better (pg 203)?

  2. Who has the clue? What was it written on?

  3. What does hautbios mean? Where did that lead Eli? What did he find inside of the oboe?

  4. How can Eli find out what is written on the parchment?

  5. What does Eli say about his dad’s faith in him figuring out the code (pg. 207)?

  6. What 2 chemicals could reveal the secret code?

  7. Who did Rex have in his arms? What was he threatening to do to him?

  8. What did Eli do so Rex would let Lucas go?

  9. PREDICT: How will Eli get the parchment back? How will he figure out the code?

Chapter 20

  1. Why couldn’t Eli go check on his mother?

  2. Who figured out the code? What numbers was the code made out of?

  3. What memory does Eli have when he opened up the vacuum seal?

  4. Who grabbed Eli as he tried to open the hatch? How does Eli say he cracked the code? And how does he get away?

  5. Who gets Eli’s hand unstuck and squeezes through the hatch?

  6. What happened to Lucas when Eli stepped out?
  7. Predict: how will Eli save his family at this point?

Chapter 21

  1. Who lands out of the helicopter and opens the hatch for Rex? Where does Rex say that the family is going?

  2. What will the remote that Phil has in his hand do to the Compound? Once the detonator was set off, how long does Eli have to get his family out?

  3. Phil says he is starting the helicopter in 10 minutes. What does Eli do?

  4. How does Eli get everyone out? What does Rex go back in to save?

  5. Did everyone make it out alive? Explain.

  6. When the helicopters landed who came running towards Eli?


  1. What 2 agencies came to save the family? How did they know where to find them?

  2. What did Phil tell the reporters?

  3. What does Clea say about the future of her family at the press conference?

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