The Crucible: a creative Response Choose one of the following options: Blog, Blog, Blog

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The Crucible: A Creative Response

Choose ONE of the following options:

  1. Blog, Blog, Blog: create a blog for a character

    • Write 5 entries for the blog of this character.

    • How much of his/her daily life is he/she willing to share on the Internet?

    • What is he/she good at?

    • Is he/she funny? Serious? Vain?

  2. Gender-Bender: rewrite a scene and change the gender of the characters to show how they might act differently

  1. Fictional Friends: who of all the characters would you want for a friend? Why? What would you do or talk about together? Do you have similarities?

  2. What If: write about or discuss how the story would differ if it took place in 2013.

    • What differences would exist?

    • What similarities would remain?

    • What would be the “problem,” if not witchcraft?

  3. Found Poetry: take the section of the story that you read and, choosing carefully, create a found poem; then read it aloud and discuss it with the class

  4. Twitter: create a fictional Twitter account for one of the characters.

    • What tweets would he/she send?

    • What hashtags would he/she be interested in?

    • Who would follow him/her?
    • Who would he/she follow?

  5. tumblr: create a tumblr account for a character.

    • What would it look like?

  6. Pin it!: Create a Pinterest page for a character.

    • What categories would he/she have?

    • What types of things would he/she pin?

  7. Picture This: bring in original art related to the book; compare, describe, and discuss

  8. Sing Me a Song: write a song/ballad about the story, a character, or an event in the book

  9. There’s an app for that!: create an app for The Crucible.

    • What would it be like?

    • What would be its purpose?

  10. Facebook: create a FB page for one of the characters

    • Create posts for his/her wall

    • Create pictures for his/her wall

    • Create a timeline for his/her wall

    • Create a friend list

    • Have one of his/her friends write on his/her wall

  1. The Real End: What happens after the hangings? Write the next Act of the play.

    • What does Elizabeth say to her kids?

    • What happens to Abby? Danforth and Hathorne? Parris?

    • How does the town start to heal from the tragedy?

    • Set it up like a play (dialogue, etc.)

Use this space to brainstorm your ideas!

Use this table to create your own rubric. How do you want to be graded? Be specific!


Possible Points

Proper Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling*




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