The Da Vinci Code how to respond


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The Da Vinci Code - how to respond...

Salt Shakers is not campaigning against the movie - we need to use it as Paul did in the marketplace and other places in Athens - being able to point out the difference between the false gods that this film proclaims and the true God of the Bible.

The book by Dan Brown has sold millions of copies around the world. The film by the same name is being released in Australia today.

Since it addresses matters relating to Jesus, it is vitally important that we understand what the false messages the film presents as 'fact' so that we can present the FACTS to our friends about the gospel.


We have prepared a website page with links to some great resources (See Number 3a). There are many more. Several speakers are giving presentations you can bring friends to... (See 3c)
Sydney Anglicans have prepared short advertisements that will be shown in cinemas directing people to a special website where they will show the truth about Jesus and the gospel. Their website is at 


There are several issues that Christians should consider relating to this film...


1. Reading the book or seeing the film?

We suggest that Christians do not see the film or read the book.

The first concern is that the film promotes messages that are in direct opposition to the Christian gospel. We don't need to fill our heads with Dan Brown's false messages.

One does not need to gamble or watch pornography to know that these things are bad for us!

Secondly we don't want to give them our money and support such films and books!

Thirdly there are many elements in the book that are morally unacceptable. One particular scene has been highlighted by Ted Baehr of MovieGuide, a Christian group that analyses movies from a Christian perspective. It is a pagan sex scene where this occurs in a ritual with others watching.

[I do not recommend you read the scene he describes but for your reference his report has been published by a Christian News service and is at ]

It is unclear whether this scene is in the film. The Director has said it will be 'faithful to the book' but the film has only been rated PG.

2. The Story itself

The book and movie suggest that Jesus did not die on the cross, and that he married Mary Magdalene. It was their bloodline that is the 'Holy Grail'. It promotes Gnosticism and has anti-Christian messages.

Bill Muehlenberg has written an excellent article about the Da Vinci Code. This is attached and is available on Bill's new website at
In his introduction he lists the problems with the book/film and then goes on to refute these....


3. Speaking to our friends and colleagues - being Equipped

Many Christian organisations have prepared material, booklets, websites to help us discuss this with our friends. 

a) Our Website

We have linked to a number of these on our special website page. It is at <>

The first 'resource' on our website is an excellent page prepared by Westminster Theological Seminary.


b) The Da Vinci Code - A Companion Guide to the movie - FREE!

An excellent booklet has been produced by Campus Crusade for Christ. It is 20 pages, full colour, very well presented.

It is a great resource for understanding the real issues relating to the film. Thousands have been printed and distributed in Australia and the US.

We have 200 of these Guides to give away courtesy of Campus Crusade for Christ.

If you would like one, you can collect one free from our office.

OR please contact us by email or phone or mail .... We would appreciate $2 (in stamps) to pay for the postage.

[Yes, I know it is REALLY hard to send stamps via email - just ask, we will send the Guide and you can send the stamps later by snail mail!]


c) Presentations

Various churches and groups are hosting presentations to deal with the claims of the Da Vinci Code and present the gospel message. Watch put for them in your area...


Two speakers personally known to us.... in Melbourne/Victoria...

In Melbourne, Dr Murray Adamthwaite (an historian and theologian) is speaking on the Da Vinci Code over the next two Thursdays.

Venue: Belgrave Heights Presbyterian Church, Wattle Valley Road - off Mt Morton Rd, Belgrave Heights. Melway: 84 D1

Tonight - Thursday 18 May:    
The Da Vinci Code - some of the claims in the book including the Priory of Sion, the Knights Templar, the Mona Lisa, Gnostic Christianity.

Next Thursday 25 May:          
Gnosticism, the Canon, How we got the New Testament, the Council of Nicaea, New Age-ism.

Both presentations are free. Bookstall available.

Bring your friends. Supper provided.


Rev Dr Peter Barnes is also speaking in Victoria on The Da Vinci Code...

His topic is "Dan Brown, a novel approach to the truth: the Da Vinci Code decoded".
Thursday 18 May 2006:  7.30 pm, Essendon Presbyterian Church, cnr Wilson/McPherson Sts, Essendon.

Friday 19 May:  7.30 pm, Benalla Presbyterian Church.

Saturday 20 May:  7.30 pm, Eaglehawk Presbyterian Church (Bendigo) - Victoria St just off Eaglehawk Road, Bendigo.


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