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Just wanted to send you a short note on our History Month event yesterday which was very successful. The event was organised by PRISM, the LGBT staff group in collaboration with EHRG. The Chief Medical Officer spoke along with Surinder Sharma, Justin and Marguerite McLoughlin form the Metro Centre in Greenwich. Sir Nigel Crisp also attended for part of the event.

Copies of the speeches will shortly be placed on the DH website at:
Below is the news story on the DH website today (if you look at the website you'll see that we have a photo of lesbian family on the front page - that must be a first!)

One of the things we launched at the event yesterday were the LGBT patients / service users photographs that were collected at the Taster to Health Open day on 11th February. The photos are great - and will shortly be placed on the NHS photo library.

Celebrating Diversity published: Thursday 23 February 2006.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) History Month offers gay and lesbian communities the opportunity to have their heritage recognised and celebrated.

Now in its second year, a number of events across the UK have taken place throughout February to mark LGBT History Month.

The Department of Health held its own lunchtime event earlier today to celebrate History Month.

Hosted by the Department's own LGBT staff network Prism, the day featured an exhibition and speeches by a variety of DH and NHS speakers including the Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson.

“It's essential that we recognise an individual's sexual orientation and gender identity,” Sir Liam Donaldson said, speaking at the event. “An individual's identity is a core part of who they are and continues to be throughout their life. It is therefore essential that we recognise the impact of an individual's sexual orientation and gender identity across the health and social care services.”

The Department of Health continues to be a leading employer of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and was recently ranked number 18 in the lesbian, gay and bisexual equality organisation, Stonewall's 2006 Workplace Equality Index.
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