The forsyte saga the man of property


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By J.Galsworthy


On the ground that (р. 21)

На том основании, что; по причине, под предлогом

The word Saga might be objected to on the ground that it connotes the heroic and that there is little of heroism in these pages.

Inroad of (beauty, passion)
(p. 21)

Набег, посягательство

The folk of the old Sagas were Forsytes, assuredly, in their possessive instincts, and as little proof against the inroads of beauty and passion as Swithin, Soames, or even young Jolyon.

To glean from
(p. 29)

Тщательно подбирать, собирать по мелочам

In plainer words, he has gleaned from a gathering of this family – no branch of which had a liking for the other, between no three members of whom existed anything worthy of the name of sympathy – evidence of that mysterious concrete tenacity which renders a family so formidable a unit of society, so clear a reproduction of society in miniature.

Tenacity (p. 29)

Цепкость, упорство, стойкость

- // -

Formidable (unit of society)
(p. 29)

Разг. внушительный, значительный;

Вызывающий опасения; грозный, жуткий

- // -

To take precautions (p. 30)

Принимать меры предосторожности

When a Forsyte died – but no Forsyte had as yet died; they did not die; death being contrary to their principles, they took precautions against it, the instinctive precautions of highly vitalized persons who resent encroachments on their property.

Resent (p. 30)

Возмущаться, негодовать

- // -

To be on one’s guard (p. 30)

Быть настороже, начеку

The habitual sniff on the face of Soames Forsyte had spread through their ranks; they were on their guard.

Premonition (of danger) (p. 30)

Предчувствие, предостережение

The premonition of danger put a burnish on their armour.

To have an air of smth (p. 31)

С видом

His (James) grey eyes had an air of fixed absorption in some secret worry.

Perennial youth
(p. 30)

Вечная юность

In the centre of the room, under the chandelier stood the head of the family, old Jolyon himself. Eighty years of age, with his fine, white hair, his dome-like forehead, his little, dark grey eyes, and an immense white moustache, he had a patriarchal look, seemed master of perennial youth. He held himself extremely upright, and his shrewd, steady eyes had lost none of their clear shining.

To hold oneself extremely upright
(p. 31)

Держаться очень прямо

- // -

Shrewd eyes (p. 31)

Проницательные, хитрые глаза

- // -

To have one’s own way (p. 31)

Поступать по-своему

Having had his own(old Jolyon) way for innumerable years, he had earned a prescriptive right to it.

To take arms against (p. 33)

Вооружаться, выступать с оружием

Never had there been so full an assembly, for mysteriously united in spite of all their differences, they had taken arms against a common peril.

An upper-middle class (p. 34)

Верхушка среднего класса

How impossible and wrong would it have been for any family, with the regard for appearances which should ever characterize the great upper-middle class to feel otherwise that uneasy!

To get oneself into difficulties (p. 47)

Попасть в затруднительное положение

This fellow had no money, but she must needs become engaged to him – harum-scarum, unpractical chap, who would get himself into no end of difficulties.

To get a grip of smb’s heart (p. 47)

Завладеть чьим-л. сердцем

Old Jolyon had taken his cigar from under his white moustaches, stained by coffee at the edge, and looked at her (June), that little slip of a thing who had got such a grip of his heart.

To wash one’s hands of smth (p. 48)

Умывать руки; не вмешиваться во что-л

So, he (Old Jolyon) washed his hands of it., making the condition that they should no marry until Bosinney had at least four hundred a year.

To shake smb’s resolution (p. 48)

Поколебать уверенность

He (Old Jolyon) had no notion of giving her a lot of money to enable a fellow he knew nothing about to live on in idleness. He had seen that sort of thing before; no good ever came of it. Worst of all, he had no hope of shaking her resolution; she was as obstinate as a mule, always had been from a child. He didn’t see where it was to end. They must cut their coat according to their cloth. He would not give way till he saw young Bosinney with an income of his own.

To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth (p. 48)

По одежке протягивать ножки

- // -

As obstinate as a mule (p. 48)

Упрямый как осел

- // -

To live in idleness
(p. 48)

Жить в праздности

- // -

To have an eye for smth (p. 49(

Иметь глаз; уметь подбирать

His (Old Jolyion) eye for men, he used to say, had been the secret ofb his success, and the exercise of this masterful power of selection had been the only part of it all that he had really liked.

A man of wealth, a warm man (p. 61)

Богатый человек, человек со средствами

And out of the knowledge that no one could possibly enter his rooms without perceiving him to be a man of wealth, he (Swithin) had derived a solid and prolonged happiness such as perhaps no other circumstance in life had afforded him.

To make one’s own way (p. 61)

Пробить себе дорогу

He (Swithin) had made his own way and his own fortune, and a sense that a man of his distinction should never have been allowed to soil his mind with work.

On no account (p. 61)

Ни за какие деньги, на за что

Between the points of his (Swithin) stand-up collar, which – though it hurt him to move – he would on no account have had altered, the pale flesh of his underchin remained immovable.

Immovable (p. 61)

immobility (n)

Неподвижный, спокойный


- // -

Prematurely (p. 64)


Nicholas Forsyte, cocking his rectangular eyebrows, wore a smile. And whether he died of a miserable old age in his own country, or prematurely of damp in the bottom of a foreign mine, was surely of little consequence, provided that by a change in his mode of life he benefited the British Empire.

Mode of life (p. 64)

Образ жизни

- // -

To inspire (p. 75)


He (Soames) had never met a woman so capable of inspiring affection.

To crown one’s labours with success (p. 75)

Увенчать усилия успехом

He (Soames) had forgotten the day when, adroitly taking advantage of an acute phase of her (Irene) dislike to her home surroundings, he crowned his labours with success.

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