The foundation for His Spiritual Life

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Dr.Marella Sri Ramakrishna, an ardent disciple of Vedamurthy, Taponishta, Yugadrasta, Nishakalanka Prajnavatara Pt. Srirama Sharma Acharya founder of All World Gayatri Pariwar, is a doctor in Chemistry and was a Professor in Bio-Chemistry by profession.

Born on October 14, 1948 in Andhra Pradesh State, India he is the eldest son of Sri Marella Kawarau and Smt.Sakkubai

The foundation for His Spiritual Life:

Benares is the spiritual capital of India and arguably the whole world. It is recognized as the cradle of Hinduism. From his childhood days to the Doctorate days Dr Marella Sri Ramakrishna used every day of his life learning the essence of Spiritualism under many a Master at Benares

Under instructions from Gurudev to spread his message South of India Dr. R.K started his spiritual work in Andhra Pradesh State. Dr. R. K's penance includes his complete surrender to his Master as a celibate

Workshops or Sadhana Shivirs Conducted by Dr Marella Sri Ramakrishna:

  • Panchakosha Jagarana Shivir (the enlightenment in 5 Sheaths of Man:- Anandmaya, Vignanamaya, Manomaya, Pranamaya, Annamaya-the sheath of bliss, the sheath of intellect, the sheath of mental powers, the sheath of Prana or energy, the sheath of food)

  • Pindanda Brahmanda samnvaya Shivir (the fusion of Micro and Macro Cosmic powers in Man)

  • Sri Datta Sadhana Shivir (Dattatreya directs every descent of avatar, teacher or Guru in our Solar System)

  • Savitri Kundalini Shivir (Kundalini Awakening)

  • Sri Mahalaxmi sadhana Shivir (How to worship the goddess of richness)

  • Sai Mahalaxmi Shivir (the male and female powers of richness)

  • Jeevandevata Sadhana - (aradhana sadhana Shivir how to live and enjoy or the art of living)

  • The U.S.A. Shivir (U for Upasana or worship, S for Sadhana or practice, A for Aradhana or praying with love)

  • The art of living as taught in Srimadbhagavatam
  • The art of living as taught in Bhagavad-Gita

  • The Psychology of Richness

  • The importance of Beeja Mantras (single mono syllables of Sanskrit chanted for awakening of related part of the body)

  • The Shivir for awakening Divine forces (devata shakti Jagarana Shivir)

  • The Shivir of Prahlada( how to be an ardent devotee of Logos or Narayana or Fohat)

  • Rishikalpa sadhana Shivir (how to live like Rishis in this Modern age)

  • Govardhana Utthana Shivir (the incident in Srikrishna life where he protected Yadavas from Divine forces by lifting a hillock with his ring finger symbolically explaining how to protect your personal interests from temptations)

  • Divyastra Nirman Shivir(the camp in which he explained how to cultivate the divine qualities in oneself just like Rishis of ancient ages doing the penance for Divine powers)

  • Nirantara Samartha Sadhguru Sparsha Shivir (this camp is for the true disciples who can feel the guru 24*7)

Chanting of millions of Mantra Japa:

Dr Marella Sri Ramakrishna has undertaken hundreds of workshops among the disciples which specialized in the recital of many Mantras. Gayatri mantra, Savitri mantra, Datta mantra, Sai Mantra,  Krishna Mantra, Sri Mahalaxmi mantra, Guru Mantra, Surya Mantra, Siva Panchakshari, Lalitha and other Beeja mantras Hreem,Sreem,Kleem. Anugrahamala mantra, Saranagathi Mantra and the mantra "Om Sai Venkatesha Shriram Om" are his own.

Prajna Mandals (Scientific spiritual temples for experiments for divine works):

Started Canters to train the parivrajakas or wandering monks under the guidance of AWGP and modeling them as Spiritual Scientific Knowledge Centers.

The holistic cure for cancer

Revived the ancient Indian tradition of worshipping the cow as Go-Mahalaxmi as an experimental therapy to cure Cancer. As part of this experiment a Cancer patient spends 40 days in a Goshala (A voluntary home for cows where they are worshipped and nourished) in India serving the Holy cow by feeding it himself and matching his daily routine with the Cows. Dr. Marella Sri Ramakrishna has experimentally guided thousands of patients to get cured of diseases like cancer in the company of cows.

SriMahalaxmi Sadhana for Global Peace and Prosperity:

Vijayanagara Empire (1336-1646) has a glorious history in South India. The Empire has a glorious Cultural and Spiritual heritage and was one of the powerful empires of ancient South India. The power behind this Empire was thought to be Sri Mahalaxmi Sadhana. Sri Mahalaxmi Sadhana was propounded by Sri Vidyaranyaswami and was the secret behind the abundance of this Empire. In this modern age Dr Marella Sri Ramakrishna has revitalized this mantra as an instrument to direct Global Politics to provide enough resources for all humanity to lead a Happy and Peaceful life. To this end disciples chanted, Sri Mahalaxmi Mantra in billions, under his guidance and conducted many Sahasra Srimahalaxmi Yagnyas

Re-energizing the Temples and making them as Spiritual Centers:

Dr RK explained the importance of

Pradakshina: Circumambulation of a temple bare foot chanting mantra of the deity
Dakshina: The offerings we make for the deity after pradakshina money, flowers, sweets etc..
Teertha: The holy water offered to the devotees.

Prasada: The offerings distributed to the devotees after it was offered to Deity. He has visited many temples of India to reenergize them explaining the importance to the devotees about Pradakshina, Dakshina, Teerdha, prasada and proved its contemporary relevance in modern living. In a series of lectures he explained as to how one can conquer time by doing Pradakshinas and using the divine power of each deity.

Yagnas in thousands:

For the past 25 years Dr. R.K has conducted at least a hundred thousand mass yagnas. He has conducted a 100 Gayatri Sahasra Kundis during which he has given Gayatri and Mahalaxmi mantra Initiations to millions. Gayatri Yagnas, Srimahalaxmi yagna (helping awakening of souls for divine work), Akhanda Bhagavata Yagnas and also Medha Yagnas (where sadhaks surrender all his faculties to the Guru). He has conducted all the Yagnas according to Vedic rituals explaining its current relevance .

In the year of March 3 1996 , a 2400 Kundeeya Yagna was organized in Andhra Pradesh by the volunteers from all corners of the state , who stayed at the venue for weeks to prepare the whole place on their own. The vast acres of fields played host to a most beautiful yagna conducted ever in the history of MissionRK - Andhra Pradesh. The yagna was attended by no less than a hundred thousand people , and Dr. R.K gave a new fillip to the mission to gear up to newer heights.

Akhanda Parayanas:

Akhanda Parayana is the process of continuous reading of life stories of Masters. All gurus/masters had a common Message - To guide the entire humanity and to make them understand that their life message should not be just used to realize their mundane desires only but to follow their footsteps in realizing themselves and their role in the evolution. In making the devotees to read the life stories several times continuously for a year, He guided us to strive to live like the Gurus. Akhanda Sai charitra parayana, Akhanda Bhagavata Yagnya for 365 days are some of the exercises he led in this direction

Dr. R.K’s Innovations:

Meditation: Samartha Sadguru Sparsa Dhyanam (a meditation technique through which a Sadhaka realizes the divine touch of his Master)

Anugraha Mala Mantra- A mantra launch by Dr. R.K Himself which is a combination of Gayatri and Shodasi (SriVidya)
Om Sai Venkatesha Shriram Om" an innovation of Dr. R. K is the essence of 24 books of Master DjwalaKul.

Mahakalachakaravarti Yantram (A yantra wherein Dr. R.K added new dimensions to Sri yantra )

Viswa Ekikarana Yagna ( a yagna performed to realize the global village concept),
Mahakala yagna( a yagna performed to conquer time and space).

Avatar of Synthesis:

Dr. RK worked on the Akhanda Guru Satta (the 14 chosen masters who have made a difference to spiritual history of our planet) synthesizing their preaching to find a connecting link to all discovering the one primary source).

Books and Translations:

Dr.RK has delivered thousands of speeches on a variety of topics ranging in the spiritual arena. His associates have published these as collections of his works based on these speeches.

  • Speeches on Bhagavad-Gita -Essence of all the commentaries printed to date.

  • 7 Volumes of Secret Doctrine Speeches - Gist is secrets mentioned in Secret Doctrine now completely explained

  • The Psychology of Richness

  • The Vedic Style of Living

  • The True Indian Life Style

  • The Science of Meditation and Breathing - gist is the true link between breathing and meditation -essence of all books printed to date

  • 11 booklets for the Dawn of New Era - guidelines to follow

  • Anugraha Mala Mantra- The descent, reason, relevance and history of this Mantra-a combination of Gayatri and Shodasi

  • Universal Mind- Gist is the state of mind maintained by Universal masters clearly explained.

  • Amritatva Vidya - The Science of Immortality.

  • Rahasya Jyotirvidya - The Secrets of Astrology explained for the first time.

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra - The formulas of Patanjali explained scientifically in Modern Context.

  • The Lifestyle of Sai Devotees

  • Who is Sai? Are you a Disciple? How to be a disciple and worship him?

  • Sai Anugrahaniki Acharana Sutramulu - The fundamental guidelines for the blessings of Sai.

  • My goal and My message  - Master R K's goal and message completely explained

  • Nature is Always Right - How to use commonsense and LIVE wherever you are and whatever you are

  • Sravanamu - Kirtanamu = How to listen to and worship the devas.

  • Swasa Mahavignanamu - The Doctrine of Breathing.

  • Rahasya Kiranamulu – The Secret Rays

  • Neevu Sishyudivi Kagalava - Can u become a disciple?

  • Yogi kulamlo Cherandi - Join the Yogic Religion

  • Buddhi Vikasamu - Intellect and rekindling it

  • Trimukhi Gayatri Dhyana vidhanamu -The three headed Holy Goddess of our Puranas, Brahmi.Vaishnavi and Sambhavi is symbolically explained by Master R K.  Yugasainikula kartavyamu - The primary responsibility of Yug sainiks

  • Budhdhi & Abhivrudhdhi- Intellect and development

  • Sri Chakramu - Architectural Plan designed by Creator before Creation - Shree Yantram the Cosmic plan.

Books by Dr. Marella Sri Ramakrishna:
  • Samanvaya Bhagavatamu - A commentary on Bhagavatam

  • Samartha Sadguru Sparsa - The Divine touch of Guru 24*7

  • Sarvagatha Avatara Darsanamu – A clear explanation of "Re-appearance of Christ"

  • Bhagavad-Gita Deekshalu - The initiations in Bhagavad-Gita

  • Soul and its Mechanism - A commentary on Master Mater DjwalaKuls Book

Books abridged and translated from the works of Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya explaining lucidly in modern context:

  • Gayatri-Kundalini-Savitri - This book was inaugurated by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Rajashekhara Reddy on May -5th - 2005.

  • Jeevan Devata - Sadhana, Aradhana(divine life and practicing it)

  • Vyaktitva Vikasamukoraku Unnata Sadhanalu(Higher techniques of sadhana for Personality-Development)

  • Sookshmikarana Sadhana(The sadhana of micro cosmic nature of human)

  • Kayakalpa Sadhana( a sadhana for whole some eating to prepare one for penance)

  • Upasana - The Samarpana Yoga(the  true worship and surrender)

  • Jeevitamunu Jeevinche kala( The art of living a complete life)

  • Shodasa Samskaramulu(The 16 holy ceremonies of human being)

  • Prana shakti - Oka Divya Vibhuti( Pranic Energy - A divine miracle)

  • Vidayi Sandes - The message given by Pt. Sriram Sharma Achary before leaving Mathura for Haridwar

  • Gurudevula Udhbhodana - Jagruta atmala Bhadyata - (The message of Gurudev Sriramasarma Acharya -the responsibility of Awakened souls)
  • Sarva Saha Matha Bhagavati Devi Divya Charitra - The Divine life story of Mata Bhagavati Devi Sarma)

  • Prithvipy Swargavatarana ( The descent of heaven on Earth)

  • Ashwamedha lectures.

  • Atmakatha (Autobiography of Sriramasarma Acharya)

  • Sarva Saha Mata Bhagavati Devi Charitra (Biography of Mataji)

  • He has conducted 100s of shivirs on Gayatri Maha Vignan. His unique contribution to Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya is the 108 names written highlighting incidents in Gurudev"s life especially for Kundalini Awakening. In preparation to the Ashwamedha yagna in 2001 in Tirupathi A.P he conducted many Sahasra kundiya Yagnas and classes to awaken the people of the importance of Aswamedha for the State.

Other Shivirs

  • Life Divine, Savitri, Synthesis of Yoga, The future role of India and Life of Sri Aurobindo.

  • Upanishads explained by Sriramakrishna paramahamsa, they lived with God and god lived with them.

  • Sai Divya Charitra, Satyam-Sivam-Sundaram, Sai leelamruthamu.

  • Many Mansions (Edgar Cayce), Story of Karma, The life of Jillelamudi Amma.

  • Special classes on Master Dwjalakhul works Esoteric Astrology, Disciple ship in New Age, Reappearance of Christ, Soul and Its mechanism, Initiations human and solar, Cosmic fire and Externalization of hierarchy based on his 24 books

  • Conducted Classes on ‘ Third Eye ‘ the work of T.Lopsang

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