The garden of eden

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GOD had made a beautiful garden for the first man and woman to live in.

The garden, called Eden, was full of many wonderful things.

Flowers as beautiful to look at as they were to smell grew everywhere.

Soft, green grass grew under foot.

The joyful music of songbirds drifted across gentle, warm breezes.

A clear flowing stream gave cool, fresh water to drink, while hanging from the limbs of the many trees were all sorts of delicious fruits.

Tasty vegetables grew free for the gathering.

In the Garden of Eden were also all manner of animals, both large and small.

Adam and Eve didn't have to be afraid of any of the beasts, for all the animals were their friends.

GOD told the man and woman that it was their job to take care of their new home.

He also told them that two special trees grew in the garden.

One was the Tree of Life.

The other was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

GOD told them, "You may eat the fruit that grows on all the trees except for one. You mustn't touch the fruit that grows on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you eat the fruit that grows on that tree you will die."

God did not mean that Adam and Eve would drop down dead the moment they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree. He meant that in time they would die without His Spirit dwelling in them. It is only through faith in Jesus and the gift of God's Spirit that we are able to live forever in His Kingdom.

Remember we learned in a past story that Satan had tried to take away God's power and authority. But God had overcome Satan and cast him and his evil followers down to the earth.

Satan now believed the earth belonged to him. He watched God clean up the mess his wickness had caused. He watched God create life on the earth. And Satan watched God create a man and a woman after God's own image and likeness. Satan knew that if the man and woman ate from the Tree of Life, they would someday be born into the God Family. Satan didn't want God's Family to grow. He wanted to get back at God and keep the earth for himself.

Taking on the body of a serpent, Satan approached the first woman.

"Has GOD told you that you can eat the fruit from all the trees?" he asked, trying to trick the woman, for Satan knew that GOD had told Adam and Eve that there was one tree they weren't allowed to touch.

"GOD has told us we can eat all the fruit except for what grows on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil," Eve told the serpent. "If we eat the fruit that grows on that tree, we'll die."

"You won't die," Satan lied. "GOD knows that if you eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you'll become like GOD and able to chose for yourself what is right and what is wrong."

The woman looked at the fruit and thought how beautiful it was.

She thought how wonderful it would be to be as wise and powerful as GOD.

She believed Satan's lie and took the fruit and ate it.

Then she gave some to Adam who also ate it.

This was a sin because they had done what GOD told them not to do.

As soon as they ate the fruit a change came over Adam and Eve. They became unhappy and fearful of GOD.

Adam and Eve tried to hide, but no one can hide from GOD.

When GOD asked Adam and Eve if they had eaten from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that He had told them not to touch they blamed each other for their sins.

GOD knew that Adam and Eve would be unhappy forever if they ate from the Tree of Life.

Because GOD loved Adam and Eve, and didn't want them to live forever in such a sad state of mind, He made them leave the Garden of Eden.

Then GOD put an angel with a burning sword at the gate to guard the Tree of Life.

Adam and Eve no longer had a beautiful garden to live in.

Because they hadn't listened to GOD they were forced to do things the hard way. The ground grew weeds instead of soft grass, and Adam and Eve had to work hard for their food.

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